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Dr Sam Responds to Quackwatch

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During the Sam's lawsuit [if you do not know about the trial, you need to read our introduction to Dr Sam], Quackwatch was working closely with Cedar Sinai. One of the things they (Cedar Sinai) brought up during the trial (that Quackwatch quickly glommed onto and posted at their site though the x-rays are no longer there) was that, in one case specifically, the before and after x-rays Sam used as evidence couldn’t possibly belong to the same person. The reason was quite simple: the after x-ray showed no scar tissue from the cancer.

Sam laughs when he recalls this story, because a few years earlier when he first pitched his therapy to Cedar Sinai, names of patients were on the x-rays, placed there when the x-ray was taken. Sam’s no fool. He’d gotten permission from his patients to use their names. He flashed the before and after x-rays in front of them and . . . .

“‘Oh, no,’ cried Cedars,” Sam relates. “‘You can’t use people’s names on your x-rays or they’ll sue you.’” Sue “you” meaning “us,” is how Sam took this.

Sam removed the names to placate the people at Cedars, and when these same x-rays appeared in court a few years later, they had no names on them, and therefore they couldn’t possibly belong to the same person, as they had in the initial presentation.

Before Picture: Lung
BEFORE: Right lung surrounded by cancer.
  AFTER Lung cancer
AFTER: Resolved after six weeks of therapy. Note that the ribs have no scar tissue.

It was all quite laughable, especially in light of the fact that he also had x-rays of this same patient’s liver, before and after. Even without the name on these x-rays, it was quite obvious that the liver, with a metastasis in the first x-ray, had to be the same liver in the second, without the metastasis, because this woman had also had a cyst on her liver. The cyst was there before and after. However, the liver was a bit larger on the after x-ray, and this too was pointed out.

BEFORE: Liver metastasis in a 42 year old female. The benign congenital cyst is circled at the top.
AFTER: Cancer is gone after two weeks of therapy, but the cyst is still there.

But they were right, to a degree. There was no scar tissue from the cancer on the after x-ray, and that got Sam thinking. In earlier cases, with his earlier formulae, he would find scar tissue after the cancer shrunk. Why wasn’t there scar tissue now in the after picture? And why did the liver look a little bit larger?

It turned out that some of the sera Sam had been using were not just acting in an immune fashion to attack the cancer, but that they were acting on a DNA level to repair the cancer cells and turn them back into normal cells. And that would account for no scar tissue and the liver looking a tad larger.

But this got Sam thinking and he recalled that some of the best work he’d ever read on cancer was by a guy called Dr Lewhison, back in the late twenties (or thirties). Lewhison basically had proposed that if there’s a damaged yeast cell, human DNA could repair it. For example, if we were to damage a yeast cell with x-rays to the point where it could no longer reproduce, we could repair that yeast cell using human DNA.

This is quite significant because Lewhison was working long before we knew much about DNA. We knew about genes, but still very little. And since yeast reproduces asexually, in a process called budding [in which a perfect copy “buds” or grows off the original as seen in the photograph to the right], the DNA of the original yeast must be the exact same DNA in the progeny (descendents).

So, Lewhison experimented and found that he was right; that damaged yeast that was unable to reproduce could be repaired by adding in human DNA, which was significant because any damage that would make a yeast cell infertile would be extensive throughout its DNA, and repairing it with human DNA meant that the human DNA could repair multiple loci on the genes.

This is even more significant because, before Watson and Crick had described the structure of DNA in the early fifties, Lewsohn, because of this experiment, declared that human DNA must be similar to that of yeast. And it turns out, years later, he was right. They vary by only a couple percent.

“Then this guy did something amazing,” Sam told me.

Lewhison said something to the effect of: What if this similarity isn’t just that human genes are so much better or so complex that they have the repair capacity for the lower life forms . . . and what if the lower life forms are so similar that not only can human genes repair them, but that they can repair human genes as well?

When yeast reproduces, there has to be good “fidelity,” meaning you need a “good copy.” Yeast cells haven’t changed for millions of years. Their offspring are always perfect copies.

Whereas with humans, sexual reproduction brings in two sets of DNA and in every reproduction our human cells change by half; the mother supplying half and the father supplying half.

Lewhison then hypothesized that yeast cells, in order to maintain their structure for millions of years, must have some sort of repair capacity. Taking it one step further, he asked, what if that repair capacity could repair human cells?

To test his hypothesis, he performed this brilliant experiment in which he fermented yeast in the presence of human cancer cells.

It failed. So he tried again using a different strain of yeast. Eventually he isolated a strain of yeast that would turn cancer cells back into normal cells.

Then Lewhison disappeared from medical history.

However, a few years later, on a different continent, on the outskirts of Germany, a brewing company shows up that makes a beer that cures cancer. [Yeast is used to ferment beer.]

Legend has it that this brewery was one of the first things Hitler blew up when he decided to rule the world.

Sam, in his research, had begun isolating various organisms, fermented them with cancer cells, and sure enough, they repaired the cancer.

And as it turned out, Sam’s therapy not only worked by stimulating the immune system to destroy the cancer, it also worked at the DNA level, repairing the cancer cells and making them normal again.

Keep in mind that his theory that he first presented at the age of 18 on tagging cancer cells (and viruses) in such a way as to make them visible to the immune system, is still a part of his therapy, and works best with huge, late-stage tumors. However, as he admits today, repairing the cancer cells is just so much more effective in getting rid of the cancer for good.

Pardon the Digression

At the Quackpot site mentioned above (Quackwatch), you’ll find the following sentence:

Chachoua portrays himself as a conspiracy victim whose work has been undeservedly ignored and/or suppressed by the medical profession.

While on his way to court, after he’d won his case already, but was being appealed by Cedar Sinai because of their deep pockets, Sam was arrested at the border by Mexican authorities, and shoved into a jail cell where he was stabbed. While he was in the hospital, the arresting officer visited him telling him that they had paid him $40K to have him arrested and that for just $10K he’d let Sam go.

Then, a few months later, Sam went out to start his car and it exploded in a ball of flames. Sam suffered 3rd degree burns over most of his body. His neighbor’s house burned down killing the head of the household.

While still making his recovery from the burns, he gave a lecture and afterwards, while meeting with members of the audience, someone came out of the crowd and tossed acid in his face.

It’s official: there is no conspiracy to stop Dr Sam because this could happen to anybody. Right?


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