Our ancient ancestors had a rough life in many respects.

They had to hunt for their food. When things went wrong they faced starvation, and they were often hunted themselves by large, deadly predators.

But they had many qualities we would envy.

Like "super-human" strength, perfect skin and teeth, a carefree disposition, and a potent sexuality... just to name a few. 

And for the most part, they lived free of disease.

If you're a regular reader, you know I've written to you many times about their remarkable feats of strength and vitality.

But today, I'd like to show you something I've only hinted at in the past.

How YOU can regain the kind of power and prowess our ancestors had.

Of course, I don't expect you to go "back into the jungle," and in previous letters, I've given you steps you can take to become mentally sharper, physically stronger, and decades younger. That's my primary mission.

But I'm moving into new territory now.

Over the last year, I've made real progress in identifying and bringing together the exact nutrients that gave our ancient ancestors the kind of power and freedom we don't have in our modern world.

And that's why I'm writing to you today. To let you know about a personal discovery that has huge potential for you and your family.

Give me a few minutes, and I'll show you what I mean.

Did Our Ancestors Really Have Super Powers?

You won't read about this in the history books, but many Native Americans enjoyed a kind of power and vigor that is hard for us to understand or believe.

Early European settlers described natives as "tall and muscular with superior endurance and strength. They healed quickly and were hard to kill." 1

Back in the 16th century, Cabeza de Vaca was one of the first Europeans to explore what is now Texas and the Southwest, and he lived with the Native Americans for eight years.

During his time with the Indians, De Vaca witnessed amazing feats.

Here are just a few excerpts from his journal: 2

  • "One Native American ran down a buffalo on foot and killed it with his knife as he ran by its side."
  • "Traversed by an arrow, he does not die but recovers from his wound… the men were happy, generous, with amazing physical prowess… they go naked in the most burning sun, in winter they go out in early dawn to take a bath, breaking the ice with their body."

What's more, sickness and disease were practically non-existent among native tribes. Dr. Romig, a former missionary doctor, spent 36 years with primitive Indians in Alaska. He wrote in his reports that during the time he spent with these people, he never saw anyone come down with a deadly disease.3

Archaeologists confirmed many of these stories when they discovered the skeletons of North American hunter-gatherers rarely exhibited cavities, arthritis, or bone problems. All the evidence pointed to large, broad jaws, and strong, powerful bodies.4

To our modern ears, it sounds like these Native Americans were supermen. In reality, their power came from a handful of key nutrients that have all but disappeared from our modern diet.

One of them is a powerful "activator" found in the organ meats and butter fat they ate on a regular basis.

It's only in the last 10 to 15 years that researchers figured out the true identity of this mysterious nutrient. Before then it was known simply as "Activator X."

Here's what happened.

A Real-Life Indiana Jones Makes a Startling Discovery

When Dr. Weston Price left his Ohio dental practice in the 1930s to explore native cultures like a real-life Indiana Jones, I bet he never imagined he would make a discovery that could help you and your family live a stronger, longer, and more youthful life. 

By analyzing the diets of native people, Dr. Price discovered a fat-soluble vitamin he called "Activator X" that activates or "switches on" vitamins A and D, making them stronger and more effective. He also found this Activator X binds to the minerals from your food, making them easier for your body to use and absorb.

As a dentist, he first noticed the influence of this unknown nutrient on bones and teeth. In his now-famous case studies, he photographed native people before and after they started eating Western diets.

In just a single generation, they went from being strong and vital to being born with bone deformities and crooked teeth full of cavities.

Not only did they lose their perfect teeth and wide smiles, they became victims of diseases like cancer, heart disease, and bone loss.

In one of Dr. Price's groundbreaking studies, he showed that rats given this Activator X were cured of rickets, a bone disease common in children with vitamin D and calcium deficiencies.

During his field work, Dr. Price was able to treat children with bone and heart diseases, even mental disorders, like extreme anxiety. All with this mysterious Activator X.

Over time, Dr. Price came to realize...

Natives with the highest levels of this vitamin had the strongest, leanest and most attractive bodies, along with the most powerful immune systems.

I Saw This With My Own Eyes During
My Expedition into the Peruvian Amazon

In many ways, I'm following in the footsteps of Weston Price.

I travel over 20,000 miles a year to visit and study the last remains of the world's hunter-gatherer cultures. And when I was in the Peruvian Amazon about 10 years ago, I was able to witness the last of the Ashaninka tribe while they still lived in their native habitat.

During more recent trips, I discovered the Ashaninkas no longer hunt in the jungles like their ancestors did. They've been moved out of their homeland by large corporations who want their natural resources.

Like Dr. Price, I watched as tribes like the Ashaninkas became "Westernized" and started wasting away. Cut off from their native diet and left with cheap, processed food and sugary sodas, these former Amazon dwellers became fat, sick, and slow. Almost overnight.

It's happening to us, too. We just don't notice as much because the changes happen more slowly. As Americans, and transplanted Europeans, we've been cut off from our native diet for thousands of years.

But that doesn't mean you or I have to give up the strength and vitality Nature intended for us.

Getting potent nutrients like Dr. Price's "Activator X" back into our lives is just the beginning of the story.

There are at least half a dozen other nutrients that make up the powerful elixir our ancestors could access, and I'll share more of that in just a minute.

First, I want to show you what this "Activator" can do.

Revealed: The True Identity of Activator X

When Weston Price lived with native cultures back in the 1930s, he discovered that people with the highest levels of the unknown nutrient he called "Activator X" had attractive features, incredible stamina, and an iron-clad immune system.

Today, we know this activator is a form of vitamin K2.

There are three primary forms of vitamin K2, but the one I use with my patients—and the one I'll share with you today—is the kind that gave our ancestors this amazing advantage.

And the lack of this crucial, fat-soluble vitamin in our modern diet is just one of the reasons we no longer enjoy the kind of robust lives our ancestors did.

Here's why.

This particular form of vitamin K2 performs dozens of critical jobs in your body. And when it's missing, bad things happen.

Most doctors don't even realize this, but there's a curious connection between your bones and your heart.

And the common link is vitamin K2.

Forget Calcium: Here's the REAL Secret to Strong Bones

Americans consume more calcium than any other nation on Earth, yet we have the highest rates of bone loss and osteoporosis.

We also eat foods that have little to no trace of this particular form of vitamin K2. That's a problem, because you need vitamin K2 to build strong bones.

Without vitamin K2, it's impossible for calcium to "stick" to your bones or make your bones stronger. Here's why.

  • Your body has dozens of proteins that need vitamin K2 to "activate" them.
  • If you don't have vitamin K2 in your blood, these proteins float through your blood in their "inactive" form.

And that's bad news for your bones.

You see, one of the proteins dependent on vitamin K2 is osteocalcin.

Osteocalcin is a bone-regulating protein, and it's controlled by vitamin K2.

When osteocalcin is "activated" by vitamin K2, it binds or "sticks" calcium to the mineral portion of your bones, making them strong and resilient.

But when vitamin K2 isn't there, osteocalcin stays "inactive."

And when osteocalcin stays inactive, two things happen:

One, your bones become weak and brittle, because the calcium is not sticking to your bones. And two, the inactive calcium floats through your blood and "sticks" to places it doesn't belong... like your arteries and blood vessels.

And here's the kicker: The "plaque" that clogs your arteries is actually the inactive calcium that should have been used in your bones. That's why it's often called, "hardening of your arteries."

The facts are clear: When you're missing vitamin K2, your bone strength plummets, leaving you with a high risk of fractures, bone loss and osteoporosis.

Just look at these studies:

  • A landmark study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research discovered that people with the highest levels of "inactive" osteocalcin have a 500% higher risk of bone fracture.
  • In a seven-year study, researchers found that elderly men and women with the highest intake of vitamin K2 had a 65% lower risk of hip fracture than those with the lowest intake.
  • A two-year Japanese study found vitamin K2 lowered spine fractures by 52% in people with osteoporosis.
  • Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a 10-year study that followed over 72,000 women found that women with the lowest intake of vitamin K2 had a 30% higher risk of hip fracture than women with a higher intake. 
  • Experimental studies on animals revealed vitamin K2 improves bone architecture, increases bone mass and mechanical strength, stimulates the deposition of calcium and boosts resistance to fracture.

It's clear vitamin K2 plays a central role in bone health. By protecting against bone loss that happens with age, and ensuring that calcium "sticks" to your bones, vitamin K2 is the "unsung hero" that keeps your bones strong-as-steel as you age. And it does it naturally, with no side effects.

Now that you know vitamin K2 keeps calcium out of your arteries, can you see the connection to your heart?

Let me show you something even more impressive.

"Activator X" Keeps Your Blood Vessels
Soft and Flexible As You Age

This particular form of vitamin K2 I use with my patients may be the one nutrient your body needs to clear away years of artery-clogging plaque.

Let's look at the evidence.

In the same way vitamin K2 "activates" the protein that makes calcium stick to your bones, vitamin K2 activates another protein called matrix GLA-protein (MGP).

The job of MGP is to stop the buildup of calcium.

If you don't have vitamin K2 to activate MGP, the "inactive" form allows for a rapid buildup of calcium in your blood vessels, which blocks the flow of blood to and from your heart.

In animal studies, mice genetically bred to lack the MGP protein develop a wild and unrestrained buildup of plaque in their arteries that's so powerful they die within a few weeks of birth.

You need vitamin K2 to activate MGP and put a stop to the buildup of plaque in your arteries.

Vitamin K2 also activates two other proteins that play a key role in plaque buildup and heart health. One is called gas6, the other protein S.

When activated by vitamin K2, these two proteins clear away the dead cells and other debris that combine with calcium to form the deadly plaque that clogs your arteries.

Modern Studies Back Up My Own Experience
With My Patients

The most important study to link vitamin K2 to heart health comes from the Netherlands.

The Dutch trial followed 4,800 people for seven years and it's considered a landmark study because it's one of the first large-scale, well-controlled clinical studies to show a clear connection between vitamin K2 and heart health.

The results, published by the American Society for Nutrition, revealed that people with the highest levels of vitamin K2 experienced a 57% reduction of death than those with the lowest levels.  

Overall, the researchers found vitamin K2:

  • Boosted coronary artery health by 57%
  • Lowered the risk of severe calcium buildup in your arteries by 52%
  • Lowered all-cause mortality by 26%

Look at that last number. Vitamin K2 lowers your risk of dying of ALL CAUSES — not just heart trouble — by an amazing 26%.

But that's not all it can do.

Researchers from the University of Maastricht recently showed vitamin K2 can actually reverse the buildup of plaque that is already in your arteries.

In this promising animal study, researchers showed for the first time that plaque buildup in your blood vessels is not just preventable, it's reversible.

The reason is the vitamin K2-dependent protein I mentioned earlier, MGP.

MGP is responsible for the reabsorption of calcium so that it doesn't "stick" to places it doesn't belong.

By "activating" MGP with high doses of vitamin K2, this reabsorption process kicks into high gear.

Hardening of the arteries, a condition once thought to be "irreversible," is now reversible with the power of vitamin K2.

This is an important first step, but there's more to restoring the power of our ancient ancestors than simply taking vitamin K2.

Let me explain.

Vitamin K2 Is a Powerhouse ... But It's Only the Beginning

In my quest to restore the kind of physical and mental power we were designed to have, I've engineered a new formula that includes the full scope of my research with native cultures, and my own medical practice.

And the active, therapeutic form of vitamin K2 is just one of these powerful nutrients.

There are others that are just as important.

And it's the combination of these nutrients that gives your body the opportunity to reach its full potential. This is the key. To re-create the conditions our ancestors had when they were at the peak of their physical and mental powers.

If you're a regular reader, you know I pioneered a way of getting DHA—the most powerful omega-3 fatty acid—deep into your cells by combining krill oil and calamarine (squid) oil.

Omega-3 fats are another piece of the puzzle, and I brought this combination to you in a supplement called Ultra Omeganol.

Those two key omega-3 fatty acids are the starting point for this NEW formula I'm calling Omega Rejuvenol.

I already knew the original formula was the best combination of omega-3s available. It's the fastest, most penetrating way to get DHA into every cell in your body. And it's able to cross the blood-brain barrier, making it the best omega-based brain booster ever made.

But my goal for Omega Rejuvenol was to build on that success and provide you with ALL the nutrients required to rebuild and restore the strength, agility, and endurance our ancestors had in the days when the Spanish explorers first laid eye on these remarkable people.

Adding vitamin K2 is only one piece.

And over the coming months you're going to hear a lot more about Omega Rejuvenol and how it can help you reclaim the level of stamina and immunity that's really possible for us as humans.

To give you one more hint, Omega Rejuvenol also has a large, therapeutic dose of the overlooked and underutilized form of vitamin E called tocotrienols. I wrote to you about them recently, and they're a mighty anti-aging powerhouse unto themselves.

Tocotrienols have such remarkable healing properties—especially to your brain and blood vessels—one researcher recently published a study calling them "God of the vasculature." (Yes, this hardened scientist was so impressed, he admitted tocotrienols have what he called "God-like" qualities.)

Be One of the First to Try Omega Rejuvenol

Today, I'm proud to bring you Omega Rejuvenol.

For the first time, I've found a way to ensure your body has everything it needs to live up to its true potential.

You see, our ancient ancestors gave us a glimpse of what humans are really capable of, without even realizing it.

To them, they were just living their lives. They had no way of knowing our modern times would rob us of something so fundamental to health and happiness.

But their example is a sign to us that these "super human" feats of strength aren't really "super" after all.

This great capacity is something you and I can do on our own.

I consider it your birthright.

Now, for the first time, you have all these nutrients in one place.

It's simple and easy.

And if you respond to this letter, I'll give you the same pricing as the old Ultra Omeganol formula. So you get all the omega power of the original formula PLUS the new "activators" that gave our ancestors their vitality and resilience.

To find out what Omega Rejuvenol can do for you, and to take advantage of this special limited-time offer, the link below.

Omega Rejuvenol


To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD, CNS

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