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Binaural Beats - Amazingly Powerful

One of the newsletters I get regularly (daily) is from a body builder whose program I purchased years ago while researching diet and exercise. His newsletter is one I've not yet cancelled, even though he sends a lot of crap. So far this year, he's tried to sell me over $2,000 in more programs to lose weight, firm my abs, and adjust my attitude.

Here's the kind of stuff he sends me:

One newsletter was a review of the Paleo Diet. He concluded that there are not enough carbs in the diet. Just a few days later, he writes a scathing newsletter about all the damn sugar on the Paleo Diet. A month later, he wants me to make him some money by purchasing the Paleo Diet program.

Then, like everyone else's diet regimen today, his has a "cheat day." This is the day you tell your body you're not dieting so the hormones will not go crazy and your metabolism won't drop so low that you're just wasting your time. In a newsletter he posted some special hints and tricks on how to handle a cheat day, and added at the end: avoid alcohol because it can ruin your cheat day. Not more than two days later he wants me to make him some more money by purchasing the book: How To Drink While Dieting, which is a book of recipes for making alcoholic drinks, supposedly for dieters. I bought it, did a quick scan, and went back to the site demanding my money back. The drinks were filled with SUGAR.

This is what motivated me to create that recipe in the last newsletter for a Healthy Margarita. OH! A reader wrote asking if I knew what she could add instead of booze to make a non-alcoholic Margarita and I told her "Coconut water." She tried it and loved it.

Back to my newsletters: Very recently he sent me a link to one of his affiliate programs, twice. The first time he claimed that the program cured his depression. The second time, he sent a link to the same program saying it was a great way to stop/avoid adrenal overload/adrenal fatigue. You see, if you exercise more than an hour and a half weekly (90 minutes) or you perform bursts/intervals more than three times a week, you can overload your adrenals and screw up all your weight loss hormones. 

The program he sent me is one I had purchased years ago to review. Back then, it was a ridiculous amount of money for some 6 CDs. Though I originally liked the results of the program, what I learned afterwards was that the man who created the CDs was much better at marketing than he was at making his program. I used the program until he wrote to me that he wanted more money so I could progress to a new level.

The program is called HoloSync. They are CD's (mp3s) you have to listen to with headphones because each ear gets a slightly different tone. These tones are called binaural beats which I will explain as we go, and I've even found you a demonstration to listen to. So get ready to get out your headphones (or ear buds).

Here is the original article I wrote in a newsletter back in 2007 (modified for you today):

Introduction to HoloSync

One quick path to peace and wellbeing.


We get a lot of letters here, and one subject we get often is: I CAN’T MEDITATE!

Our society runs at a ridiculous pace. The American Dream has become a nightmare. Most families have both parents working full time, and far too many have to maintain two jobs. Finding a peaceful space (or time) to meditate is difficult. Trying to clear one’s mind seems impossible. This is where HoloSync™ comes in.

As you read this, your brain is sending the words you see through your brain in electrical impulses. The speed at which these impulses travel is called frequency. Brain frequencies are measured in cycles per second, or hertz.

Let’s take a look at these frequencies:

  • Delta: 0-4Hz
    In the Delta state, you are in a profoundly deep sleep. The Delta phase serves as regenerative state.
  • Theta: 4-8Hz
    This is a trance state. If you’ve ever seen someone staring off into nowhere (or have done it yourself) then you know the Delta phase. It is our most creative state. Our thoughts are visual or emotional, rather than linguistic or, as some would say, rational.
  • Alpha: 8-12Hz
    When you open your eyes and passively view your surroundings, without much thinking, just observing, you are at the Alpha state. When you listen, you simply listen. The moment you stray and start thinking of other things, you return to the Beta phase (active state).
  • SMR: 12-16Hz
    When you are doing things automatically without thinking, you are in the SMR phase. Driving a car is mostly done in this phase. Most of the time you don’t have to think about how to steer or use the accelerator or clutch. Only when you reach an intersection or a stop light do you have to think about what you are doing. Or, of course, should you suddenly find yourself sliding on ice, your brain kicks in high gear, and you reach the Beta phase. Professional dancers, skaters, and musicians often perform their art in this state. The rest of us have to think about what we’re doing.
  • Beta: 16-20Hz
    This is your active thought state. We study, learn, and plan in the Beta phase. Pick up a pencil and add a group of numbers, and the Beta phase kicks in.

It is possible to alter your brain frequencies. We do this by finding a quiet place and entering a meditative state. However, as most report to me, they just can’t do it.

In meditation, we try to focus on nothing. Many techniques tell you to focus on your breathing. When something comes into your mind, acknowledge it, push it to the side, and continue to focus on your breathing.

Meditation slows the brain waves and synchronizes both hemispheres. (Yes, one side can be running at a different frequency than the other.) When you reach a state of consciousness where the Theta phase takes over and both hemispheres are in sync, you reach a place of peace and well being.

However, many people tell me they just cannot do this. The moment they sit down and begin to breathe and center, thoughts of taking the kids to the dentist, getting to the supermarket, the laundry in the basket, a meeting with the PTA, or an upcoming holiday just begin to bombard them.

Again, this is where HoloSync™ comes in.

HoloSync™ is a process used to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain at a desired frequency by playing audio patterns containing binaural beats or tones. Binaural means “two tones.” All mammals are binaural, in that we have two ears.

The secret behind HoloSync™ is that, using earphones, one ear gets one tone, while the other gets another, but the brain hears a third tone created by the two combining. And it doesn't really hear them since some frequencies are below our hearing capability. But the frequency created by the two does register.

For example: if a pure tone of 400 Hz is presented to one ear and a pure tone of 410 Hz is presented simultaneously to the other ear, a wave of 10 Hz, the difference between the two tones, is experienced.

I say "experienced" because we cannot hear tones below 20 Hz. 

The "experience" if accepted by the individual (you) can take your brain to a wonderful place.

Now, if you have earphones and can hook them up to your computer, I have a really neat demonstration for you to hear. Ear buds will work too. They will play a frequency in one ear, then one in another, and then together. The amazing thing is the tone the brain hears is a fluctuating “wawa” sound. This is a great demonstration:

The HoloSync™ CDs aim at bringing you slowly into the Theta or Delta states.

While first using the CDs, I and others with whom I shared the experience, found that focusing on nothing became quite easy. When something intruded our thoughts, they automatically vanished and again we were focused and centered.

I’ve heard reports from a Buddhist Monk who spent years learning to attain higher forms of consciousness that he was absolutely amazed at this recording process that helped so many get instantly what he’d been working on for years.

So, if you are someone who has had trouble meditating in the past, then this sort of program is for you.

HOWEVER: this guy who sent me his link to purchase the program is the same guy who dropped talking about Celtic sea salt when suddenly he found he could get a 50% commission by selling Aztec Sea Salt. I'm sure he has to make a living, but must you sell your soul?

My gift to my readers is this: I will give you links to ALL the major binaural beat programs that are available, including one link to the ONLY person to actually have studied and developed these programs and studied their effects under strict scientific scrutiny.

Here is your link to the HoloSync Program. (I have this program sitting before me as I write. It's called Awakening.)

Here is your link to the Hemi-Sync Program. (Hemi-Sync has many, many CDs, from simple meditation to a cat nap to deeper meditation.) The link is to a 20% discount on their "Unleash Your Full Potential with Brain Stimulating" program.

Learning Strategies (a great company here in
Minnesota) has always published some great programs, and they've incorporated binaural beats into their "Paraliminal" recordings.

Learning Strategies has a series of CDs called Euphoria. Check them out by clicking here: Euphoria. This is a large package with advice from some of the top experts in the field of self-empowerment, including Chunyi Lin, my qigong instructor.

The Paraliminals are also worth checking out. (I ordered them long before they added binaural beats and they were very good way back then.) We've reviewed their Smoke-Free CD in the past (in our article on Quitting Smoking. Others we've been privileged to review are: Deep Relaxation, Ten Minute Supercharge, Ideal Weight, and New Behavior Generator. All of them can be viewed by clicking here: Learning Strategies Paraliminals. They make an excellent gift to yourself or a loved one.

And finally, here is something NO ONE IN THE INDUSTRY would ever do in a newsletter. I am going to send you to a site for one of the most brilliant minds in the industry. He not only has studied binaural beats in a laboratory along with their effects on individuals, he's worked with NASA and has studied sounds found in both outer and inner space and how they affect we humans. In other words, all of the above companies that sell their products have created them off of the research of this man. And this man doesn't have an affiliate program (and nobody would ever send you to his site because they won't make a dime off of your visit).

His name is Dr Jeffrey Thompson. That link is to his bio. His site is just chock full of information on healing with sound. I have spent hours there reading. His store where you can find compact disks is here:

His recordings not only include binaural beats, but the sounds he's researched for years; even the sounds brought back from space by our astronauts. He also sells sound equipment. His site is amazing and worth checking out.

So, if you are exercising heavily and have to meditate to stop adrenal fatigue, you suffer from depression, you have tried to meditate but cannot, or you simply want to experience a state of higher consciousness: I'm sure one of these programs is for you. They're quite amazing. I found that when some distraction came into my mind, by the time I acknowledged it, my mind was still and already back and centered.

All of the above programs are very powerful. And, yes, I have in my CD collection programs from every source I've mentioned above. 

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