First Do No Harm


My first response would be: is “go to!” I mean, why should I have to explain all this over and over?

Okay do I have a bad attitude? Yes. Can I clear it? Yes.

Hi, I’m Barb, one of the players and founders of Immunics, or as we are known on the web: The CureDrive; a movement spawned from the interplay of the many users of Immunics and those who had reportable, measureable cures.

So today I cured something big—you see I don’t really get sick anymore:—no colds, no flus no nothing ( at least nothing that last more than a few hours ) since about 1994 when I started this and started perceiving in a real way, the interconnectivity of all things.

Immunics is medicine based on interconnectivity.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” Chief Seattle

Have you ever been so sick that even the slightest movement from across the room feels like an earthquake?

Have you ever been faced with possible death sentence? Cancer? Some other “deadly” prognosis?

Ye olde Butterfly Effect – Yes Virginia, what you do, think, say, matters.

Puts the fear of God in you doesn’t it? However, better than fearing God (or the Creator or Great Spirit), is knowing God. Appreciate, work with, and walk with your Creator.

Immunics is the practice of letting go of who you think you are and merging with all there is because that is who you truly are and follow threads of signals (information) to navigate your unique path, free of injury with minimal amount of suffering. To do this, you need to know yourself as One; one with all things.

Immunics is Love.

"Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is." - Gary Zukav

Can we agree that even the seemingly “evil in others” on this planet is, on some level, ourselves?

When you can see yourself in everyone —immunity is easy. Immuners don’t get sick. Immuners meet disease, and disease heals. Even when the dis-ease itself is evil: fear, loneliness, cowardice, and even cancer.

You could say Immunics is a religion of love. Apply the vibration of love liberally!

Most religions were based on someone who, supposedly, had a really great connection to the Creator. Immunics is you re-connecting yourself with your Creator with no one standing between the two of you. You then take 100% of your responsibility for all you’ve manifested, even dis-ease. Tall order? Yeah. But, when it comes down to it, this is what healing with love is all about; the only game in town.

Whatever it takes for you to feel real: go for it.

Got sick? Gained weight? Lost your beloved? Went broke? Addicted to drugs? A friend died?

It’s all good. That is the secret. When you connect to your higher power in love, you will know yourself as one who manifests. You can, and will, make/find the good in all things. That is when the healing begins.

Let’s say you manifested cancer. We know that cancer can come from toxins. Toxins are real things.

However, there are other things in your life that are just as toxic: chronic resentment, ingratitude, fear, hatred. All these things are toxic and just as real as a toxic carcinogen. Connecting to your higher power with love is a powerful detoxification program

I plan to be the Erin Brokovich of this movement. Want to join me?

It’s a wild web site we all share, all of us. Ideally, we would love the entire planet to acquire these simple skills. That would involve adopting a whole new value system. Till then, we can use our connection to our higher power and our connection to each other to live fully, infecting others with love.

So what else is Immunics??

It’s a safety web.

In practical terms Immunics is a study, a school on the Internet. It is a community of practitioners who gather around the perfect master (in all of us) to resurrect and feed this skill of self cure which has been long dormant since health and healing was co-opted by well meaning doctors and pharmacologists.

Oh and hey, the truth about science is: you will see it when you believe it. Not the other way around.

We all started out as a bunch of chakras (energy). Then you grew your body from a single cell organism. Those chakras (energy) are your connections to all there is. Don’t believe me? Go for some long walks and test for yourself. We will teach you how to test.

One thing I can say: an immuner knows s/he can align her cells organs with her/his mission and create a harmonious physical environment. And an astute immuner will extrapolate that if you can align your organs and cells for a positive, life giving mission, why not align all humanity. This is our true mission on earth.

Immunics is prayer, much like the 5th kind of prayer the Gnostics talked about. It’s you extending yourself out to the other. Whether the “other” is an offending cancer cell, or evil in the world, you have to see and embrace it all as one and navigate.

Prayer, in this respect, is action.

I’ve made many movies and slapped them up on YouTube. If you go there, you will find hundreds of testimonials of people who’ve cured their incurable diseases. Herpes, is one. AIDS, cancer, heart disease, you name it. They have all made the connection and have learned to read and sense signals from the subtle realms. They, and I, have trained ourselves to follow these signals.

Why do we ask for a donation??

For one thing, anything that is given away freely has no inherent worth. Animal shelters used to give away animals only to find then abandoned again. They now charge so that a value has been placed upon the animal, and no one abandons something of value. Also I like to eat and buy gas. Everyone should get paid for the work they do, and we’ve been giving it away freely for years. But now we have to survive too.

I’m sure what I’ve presented to you must seem very foreign. The only people who get me (and I’ve been dong this since I was kid) are the immuners I met via the CureDrive and Cure team, my inner circle.

If you join us, you will find your inner circle. We start by finding our signal, our source and then extend that outward to attract our inner circle.

Once you become immune to physical disease (it’s relatively easy) you can get onto the more tricky parts, such as what’s in the way of being happy, bonded with others, free, all the time.

The spiritual and emotional aspects of dis-ease are really what this is about and as Jesus of Nazareth said “even the least among you can do as I have done — and even greater things”

Let’s keep that in mind, and love; it is the beginning of all healing.

Sincerely, Barb Retson
A not-for profit Yoga of Cure
Skype 505 5778739


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