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Linda and Randy (Linran58) getting married. Note the arrow pointing to their doggy. Pepper, who was the ring bearer (and flower girl?); the rings were wrapped around his neck.

When Linda underwent chemo, Randy shaved his head too. They got a lot of looks, but hey, who cares. This is called love!

Tom (Golflawman) a two year prostate cancer survivor, and his wife Jodi.

Barbara (BNorris000) and her sister Krystal who past away Feb 12, 1998. at the age of 33 with breast cancer. Barbara is a long time visitor to Cancer Support.

Marlys (LittleElk) and hubby, Will; both are cancer survivors.

Finally got a picture of Jay (Dogwood462) here with Tea in TX.

EILEEN (EME9943) Eight month survivor of lung cancer.

Mandy (SPEEDY431) a Rhabdomyosarcoma survivor who also survived 28 days of radiation, and a year and 2 months of chemo.

Another Picture of Joe (JOE81271).

Frank (Fast 987) has beaten testicular cancer so far. You'll find Frank in the Cancer Support room late at nights.

Martha (Skylady7), a two time cancer survivor, has been cancer free for 8 years now. "My friends in the cancer support room are my family and my support."

Here's Paula (OldBatCar). She's been a regular in the Cancer Support for over three years now, stating that we all kept her sane as her aunt died, followed by her father, and then her husband and mother both died on the same day. She's written a book Orphan of the Heart using the pen name of Emalyn Harris.

Marc Anthony Gambino Jr. (GoalieCup) found out he had cancer after he was run over by a car. He plays the piano better than Elton John.

Polly (DutchyP) at the alter. So far she's beaten ovarian cancer twice and this time we hope it's gone for good.

Shannon (MiZZdaisyB) is battling hodgkin's and will be 17 on the 20th of June.

Sharon (Ldyofglass) with her mother who passed away 14 hours after being diagnosed. She thanks everyone for all the support she's received.

Alicia (BluEys044) began her battle with breast cancer March 98 and hates having her picture taken.

Amy, Alicia's daughter, best friend, and biggest supporter with a friend.

May 2, 2000
Eric lost his two year battle with leukemia and we all miss him.

Bill (Kemos 007), Eric's dad.