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Rox (Cornflwr33) left and above with her brand new husband, Marc. Click on her pic to visit her web site.

Sue (
SusiWeg) is beating cervical cancer.

Jackie (Toopooh2) is a three year breast cancer survivor in Cancun living life to the fullest.

Michael (PENNR12BO and Vet464) is a five year prostate cancer survivor, care giver, and supporter.

Susan (SIy Angel) has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Becky's (Trooper006) mother lost her battle to cancer.

Brian F. Gill (BFGill) and his daughter Diane. Brian left us in 2001 after he picked up a fungal infection in the hospital.


Lisa Fish (Fpond).

Val (Valturtle), with her sister who was getting married. Val lost her battle to cancer in the summer of 2002.

This is Dan, Vicki's (Ourviolet) fiancée and supporter.

Cynthia (RN4Ever5B) has lived with brain cancer 3 years now and, "I'll fight to the very end!"

Betty (Angyl Luvr) in the middle of her husband, Vic and Grannimarg. We lost Betty in the spring of 2002.

Annie (Annar eden) (on the left, with her friend Robin) lost her father to cancer, and is a wonderful supporter.

Sammy Ann had surgery for colon cancer in July..

Jack (TocoTaz) is 13 years old and lives in New Jersey. He lost his friend to cancer the summer of 98.

JoAnn (Rose0TX631) and her daughter, Jennifer, her inspiration. JoAnn will be a breast cancer survivor!

Susan (Susan1546) is in remission after a bout with ovarian cancer.

Jennifer (FJZJ95) and her son Zach who has beaten a brain tumor.

Linda (Alishaff) and Don, her husband, who lost his 9-month battle with lung cancer on October 28, 1998.

Laurie (LMER55) and David. Laurie is a 5-year breast cancer survivor.

Jerry (Toolman), Shirley (Teapot 303), Chuck (MDAPat44), Jack (JusJonesN) and Angela (ArubaAK) at Arlington Hugfest.

Kathy (CancerMircl OR KAEJ), Eric and Jeremy. Kathy is a three-year cancer survivor.