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The Duke and Duchess (DutchyP).

Frank (Nortn111) and his extended family on his 40th birthday.

Ginger (GDesro6589) and her mom; Ginger comes in to give support, having supported many of her relatives with their battles against cancer.

Kathy (KatK668793) says, "Its been a tough year and I want to thank everyone for being so so kind."

Barryann (BSCRC) lost her battle with cancer in 2001.

Terri (TipieToes ) with her sister's puppy.

Danielle (Daniellef) found the Cancer Support room by accident. She lost her dad last year to a heart attack.

Patty (PADO64) (at her computer late at night) has survived cancer two years as of Jan 2000.

Bud (HOBO 1049) lost his brother to cancer and we recently lost bud (fall 2004) to prostate cancer.

Peggy (Wolfoxwmn) isn't part of our Cancer Family, but I just had to include this cute pic.

Carolyn Prescott (Difikult1) was dx'd with breast cancer in February of 99, and has two teenage children. "I found the cancer support room and many friends there. I've learned more there than at my own doctors office. It's a great place to be. Sometimes you forget you even have Cancer :)"

The person formerly here didn't want to be here anymore, so this is me, David (
Ahzoov), you webmaster, trying to tell a friend how to use the digital camera.

Krys (PolishGrl) and her son Scott. Krys is the silent one in the room...just listening.

Tom (Oldokie44) and his wife Linda. Tom was told there was nothing more they could do for his cancer, so he's doing it all himself.

Bobbi (
MYCove2007) at her beautiful front yard in Canada.



Rachel's (MreWildChild) mother passed away in 1992 from leukemia.

Amy's (Slapsht35) mother died of brain cancer in 1997.

Patty (
Megsmeme) just discovered her cancer is back.

Sallie (Mrs Jay521) lost her husband to cancer. This is her with one of her very special students.

Mandy (Mand40) beat ovarian cancer.