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Norma (SMLNALWYS) and her dad, who passed away from prostate cancer and her sis. On the left she's with her boy, Joshua, hubby, Bob, and some ducks.

Bobbi (MYCove2007) and an aerial view of her home.

Jenifer's (Jenn EO Jenn) daughter, Madison. Still clear of cancer and growing like a weed.

Hesina's husband is out of the hospital, feeling much better, and has a very positive attitude.

Gina (FairGina69) is battling breast cancer, has three kids and a boyfriend, Dave, who need her.

Ginger (GDesro6589) and her sister-in-law, Cindy.

This is Sammy (Sumthineals) and her mom who lost her battle with cancer on April 19th, 2000.

Dawn (Sunaleiahwi) is battling her second round of cancer and is real tired of the doctors making her sicker.

CLWWDl III has been around the Cancer Support chat room for over 5 years now.

FrstClassLady1 was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

Onalee (Onalee316) was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996. She has two kids, teaches middle school, and is an advocate for the underdog.

Pat (PJE IMAGE) lost her battle to cancer in 2001.

Monique (Cellobebe1) and her daughter Sadie. Monique is battling cancer and chemo right now.

Emily and her son Jeremy. Emily is battling systemic lupus. Both ask for our prayers.

Shandy and Jason.
We lost Shandy in 2001.

Kristin (Moonmyst15) is in remission from uterine cancer.

Bernice (Mrsrzr40) is battling thyroid cancer.

XxpixiedstxX is beating her cancer.

Phil (TAUNTON1) and his family. Phil has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and is grateful to the Cancer Support chat room for giving him hope.

Diane (DiannDEMS) is in remission from breast cancer.

Jandria (
Jandria349) is battling breast cancer.