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Gayle Deason (StormyGal)
Lost her battle to liver cancer on
May 29, 2000

Eric Heavens
16 Years Old
Lost his two year battle with leukemia on
May 2, 2000.

I'll miss you, Eric. Save some space up there for the rest of us.



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think a healing thought.

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Rick (lost his battle to cancer) and his ex-wife.

Amy's (Peachy5021) aunt passed away in April 2000 from a brain tumor.

Susan (Susan7861) is a new regular to Cancer Support. Welcome!

Paula (second from left Thezfam5) and her family, the two on the right are battling cancer.

Betty (CntryQt121) has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
I had a stem cell transplant in January 2001; I was my own donor. My doctor says I am doing terrific and I am already back to swing and country line dancing. I hope this will give others going through the same thing some hope it--you can beat cancer if you don't let it beat you.

Felisha (Silkytuch) is an RN and a big cancer supporter.

Doug (Splint7438) lost his mom to cancer in 98 and his son in an accident in 97. Loves helping others in Cancer Support.

Eve (Edoganges) is just over a year in remission from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She wrote Eve's Cancer Cure for my other web site.

Sue (Suemar58) who's son Danny (on the right) was 15 when diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma. Danny is now 19, cancer free for three 1/2  years (Nov 1, 2003), and is enrolled in nursing school. 


Laurie (LMER55) and her daughter Sara.

Laurie (LAGCAT) in the middle has carcinoid cancer.

MaTTy (
Cmadisonski), on the right, is 22 years old and has phase 4 nasopharyngeal cancer but refuses to give in. She's graduating from college this year. Click on her pic to visit her homepage.

Kathy (
Kathpar54A) is finishing up radiation treatments for breast cancer. She lives in Franklin, Mass, has three teenage sons, and teaches special education at the high school.

Dawn (Tuf n determined) is on her second bout with cancer, but this time, she's refusing chemo, radiation and surgery. Using the holistic model, she's passed her colon tumors. Way to go! We're all very proud of her.




This Space For Rent

Marcia (
Crystalcavegirl) (left) recently lost Randy, her soul mate, to cancer.

Eileen (ONELEG1ARM) and Fred who lost his battle to lung cancer March 30, 2000.

Mark (CanonHat) is a 19 year cancer survivor.

Ali (Alilshaff) and Jon (Champ7124) are brother and sister. Jon won his battle with a brain tumor in 1971; Ali lost her husband, Don, Oct 28, 1998 after a 9-month battle with lung cancer. Both have been visiting Cancer Support for three years.

Bob, Terri's (Terri0131) husband lost his battle to Neurofibromia and cancer on April 11, 2000.

Rob (Friar Quillnhand) and formerly IM Wojo, is a supporter in our little cancer chat room.