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We recently lost Tom (Oldokie44)
and our prayers go out to his wife Linda and his family.

Tom (Golflawman) passed away 8/31/00 from
complications with his prostate cancer. Our
thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Jay (Dogwood462) passed away on 9/6/00
from a bad heart, and we send our prayers
and thoughts to his friends and family.


I was recently informed that another friend of ours, ChattyOB,
passed away this year. We don't have a picture of her, but I did
get this wonderful write-up on this remarkable lady:

When you see the say a little prayer,
think a healing thought.

Visit our prayer list page.


Tickitgivr and his son. Tickitgivr has squamous cell carcinoma, but so far so good.

Kennette (KENYGRL) has beaten her colon cancer, and comes into Cancer Support to encourage others.

Vickie (PinkribbonVic) has beat her breast cancer and plans on beating anything else that comes along.

Bre (Dollfinluver) has thyroid/lymphatic cancer.

Day (on the right (CDJKB)) is a Hodgkin's Disease survivor, recently married and has adopted two kids.

Cynthia (TaraRose21) (left) is a longtime cancer supporter but needs our prayers. She suffers from chronic, daily headaches.

Kayla (
LiLReDnTexas) supported her hubby thru his cancer, and when he was better…he left her.

Deb (
Skrapydeb) has been recently dx'd with breast cancer.

Gloria (AngelGlo81) has beaten invasive lobular cancer and plans to stay cancer free forever.

Darla (
Ddarla58) is battling breast cancer (and winning!).

Sherry (STARIEZE) is recovering from third stage breast cancer. These are her two kids (before the cancer) and this bottom picture is her chemo/bald picture.

Erin (Ch evil38) is a 19-year-old thyroid cancer survivor, clean for 2 years now.

Sheri's (
Shamrock emt1) mother has gone from Stage IV stomach cancer to...the doctor said "Remission!"

Dana (RasberryRush) is a 19-year-old who is in remission from leukemia and plans on sticking around a long long time.

Yvonne (Cuddle Mouse) is battling breast cancer.

Jean (MZREALTY1) lost her battle to liver cancer in the spring of 2001.

Maria Cristina (McmIntegra) lost her battle to metastatic breast cancer in June of 2001.

Ryan (MAtchbox20JAMS) is 2 1/2 years free and clear of leukemia after a bone marrow transplant. He teaches 2nd grade in California.

Laura (Borgie9) and her niece, Jessica Bucior (inset) who beat cancer as a baby and finally passed on at age 16 when hit with a reoccurrence.

Mark (
GolieCup) and his dad are both fighting cancer.

Allison (SeraphinaG) just got a new puter-cam and thought she'd update her pic. Like fine wine, she's just getting better.

Annalee38 is battling pancreatic cancer and needs our support and love and prayers.

Jen (Dizzybabe536) on the left (her best friend on the right) lost her aunt to cancer and came into our room for support.

Cristy (TALKN4FUN2) has lost many members of her family to cancer and comes to the Cancer Support Chat room to help others.

Dawn on the left and Caril (Rdgrandprx) on the right. Dawn healed her cancer using natural means and Caril is the widow of an American hero, James Elkin, a friend of mine who was killed just one month short of coming home from Vietnam.