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We recently lost Diane Lavoie (Fruity203)
and our prayers go out to her son Bill and her family.


We recently lost another roomie, Shandy. Our prayers
go out to her fiancée and her family.

When you see the say a little prayer,
think a healing thought.

Visit our prayer list page.


Rick (
suave873) and Paul, his bone marrow donor.

Shannon (NURSULI) is an ER nurse and attends medical school.

Diane (
Kachites) and hubby Howie, in front of the CSR Christmas Tree at Marilyn's house.

SmallOwl99 writes: I'm 42. I live in San Diego, CA. I have cervical cancer stage 2. You can always find me in the CSR. The CSR is my family.

Jen (sunkisseed) is a 16-year-old (on the left) and her new friend Deana on the right. Jen has beaten Hodgkin's Lymphoma and has been in remission for 3 months and her friend Deana has just begun her battle at stage 4b. Please pray for her.

Nancy (IMJUSTNANCY) and Jim (JUSTBALDEAGLE). Jim is currently undergoing the process for a stem cell transplant, Jim is his own donor. He is battling Multiple Myeloma with renal failure. He's completed the first round of chemo. Prayers are greatly appreciated.

Ray (JOHN72KCC) and JoAnna (JMY72kcc), parents of Jarrett and Joe on the right. JoAnna says: "There's no substitute for True friendship."

Jarrett (on the left) has beaten his leukemia with the help of his big brother Joe (on the right) who was his bone marrow donor.

We lost Harry (HGM321) to adenocarcinoma, with mets. We miss him in Cancer Support.

Joni (SWTCRTYGAL) from NY, 50 year old, now going through chemo for ovarian cancer. Found it in May, during surgery. It was found in stage 3A, but the prognosis looks good. I am getting ready to have #4 chemo with 2 left to go. Can use our thoughts & prayers.

Bea (Whisperhizname) is battling liver cancer and needs our prayers and support.

Jen (Smuckers1018) lost her aunt to cancer.

Sherry (Kulelady) came to cancer support because some friends were dealing with cancer.

Sue (Samizacat) beat her cancer and is now recovering from the therapy. Here she is where her cow that has the state of Michigan stamped on its side.

Carrie (CARRIOKIE) is a breast cancer survivor. Here she is with hubby Bob.

This is Katie (
QtKatie1325) age 13 and a regular at the Cancer Support Chat. Her mother is battling breast cancer and she lost both her grandmothers to cancer.

She wants people to pray for her mom!



Connie (Raven4222) came into Cancer Support with her sister Mary Eggers who lost her battle to cancer two years ago January.

A future AOLer (it's a boy!) at 22 weeks, this is the son of a good friend, Sue.

LoveNFamily1st writes: "Here is my family! The only one missing is my first daughter who died 6 years ago at the age of 3 months from a heart tumor. She's the angel who inspired me to become an Oncology nurse."

Denise (SouthrnHeart) and Bill. Denise lost her mom Dec. 99 after long battle with breast cancer. Her older sister was diagnosed with it 6 mos. after the passing of her mom, but they got hers in time. She loves going to cancer support room to give support & comfort to others.

Shannon (MiZZdaisyB) and her friend, Barry. Shannon was 1.5 years in remission from Hodgkin's lymphoma on Christmas day, 2000.

Kassie (
KassieAndTJ) is 51 years old, married to and angel, has one mini long haired dachshund and of course a Cat. Dx'd: Breast Cancer, Dec. 1999, Modified Mastectomy, Chemotherapy, and Radiation. Expected to Start Tamoxifin.

Missy Lynn (MissyLynn2938283 and DinkyLynn6708281) from Mississippi fighting and beating cancer (and growing her hair back).

Jeff ( one year in reemission from testicular cancer. His site:

AJ (Aji39) and her sweetie Ralph (will be married soon). She says she couldn't have beaten her cancer w/o him!

UPDATE! They're Married!

Jude (HeyJude957) with her David. She's beaten cancer but still is battling Porphyria. Click on the pic to vist her homepage.

LaNae (LaNae202) visits the cancer support room regularly. She's suffering from a chronic infection that refuses to leave.

Amaggal23 is a hospice worker and a new member to AOL's Cancer Support chat room.