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 Linda Taylor 6-17-50 - 2-19-01
(LYT050, LYT50, and PerkingforPooh)
Lost her battle with recurrent breast/liver cancer
and will be sadly missed by all the kids she's helped online.

Dee's (Hanahandee) husband, Randy passed away
the 4th of March, 2001. 

Fran (Franbosley39) and Art were just married in Sep 2000.
Art passed away April 19th, 2001.

Marilyn (I7KittyKat) went back home on May 27th, 2001.
She had been battling cancer since 1965 and is an inspiration to all of us.



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think a healing thought.

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Hi. I am Nicky (Voiceinacrowd) and I have bone cancer. I come to Cancer Support to get comfort and comedy relief during the darks of my illness.

That little girl on the right is Sarah Elizabeth, my daughter.

I'm the reason mommy fights so hard to get better

Lisa (MRSMOPAR11271) Renal Cell (Kidney Cancer) Survivor & hubby Rocky. Lisa is a newcomer to the room since January 2001.

Michelle (
Luvmykitn4you) is a single mother of these two sweet boys, a melanoma survivor as of Feb. 2001 and has lost her mother to Lung cancer on June 15, 2001. "Our tragedies may be a learning and growing experience for others; so, for that I am grateful."

Debbie (MRAT468) and her husband. Debbie is taking her breast cancer one day at a time, knowing that "This too shall pass." She loves the people in the room and her own support group is comprised of her 4 sons. thing.

Mike (Nec Fido Oz) has been a cancer supporter for about 3 years now. He's from Down Under and single ladies! He even hosts his own internet radio show online, and will give you a link when he figures out how to do that. Click the pic to visit his web site.

Kathleen (Katk668793) beat her cancer, but the chemo left her with systemic lupus. She told me she needed a more up-to-date picture, so I took these with a hidden camera.

Wendy (WDOVE1266) is a friend of Chellcor's and comes in the room to give support.

Front Left: Nancy (Trigli169), Rick (Suave873), Paula (TheZFam5)

Back Left: Barb (BNorris000), Lisa (MrsMorpar) beat her cervical cancer and is now an ordained minister.

This is Sherry (Starieze), her boyfriend, and her two children. Her cancer is back and she'd like a few prayers.

This is Nita (ClssyCwGrl) in the middle of her two girlfriends. She's gonna beat this cancer stuff, no matter what it takes.

Angela (Dreamtime zzz) is from Australia and her 8-year-old daughter is in remission.

Matt (CybropM) is battling cancer all throughout his body.

Back Row (L to R): John (JOHN72KCC), Rick (SUAVE873), Nancy (TRIGLI169), Fab (FABTER48), T.C., Judy

Middle Row: Carrie, JoAnna (JMY72KCC), Maryann (WRRNHOTTUB), Pat (PJEIMAGE), Terry (TIPIETOES)

Front Row: Helen, Barb (BNORRIS000), Gladys (SUGARCOOKIE51), Ruthie (ROAMER318)

Very front Row By herself: Roxanne

Carol ( had cervical cancer after the birth of her angel Cole. She says it's gone and that early detection is the key: Please have annual exams from your gynecologist!

Left to Right: Maryann (WRRNHOTTUB), JoAnna (JMY72KCC), Helen

Left to Right: Rick (SUAVE873), JoAnna (JMY72KCC), John (JOHN72KCC) and Nancy(TRIGLI169)

Taken at Cleveland Hugfest

Every have one of those days?

Anne (Anne5ft240) just got married (maybe someday she'll tell us who her new husband is) and sent me two pictures in a 10MB file. This picture is a thousand times smaller after making a simple adjustment.

Shelly (MistyRainbow1266) had a little cancer scare, but is all right now.

ThomasP1964 and his wife.

Taz (Tazvery bad0069) has just been diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma and will be losing her legs. She's just 20 and has a little girl.

Kathy's (KPritch893) daughter Megan and son Jake. Jake was diagnosed on 2/01 with stage 4 Ewing's sarcoma and is currently in chemo. "He has a positive attitude and a zany sense of humor that keeps us all up here."