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 Jean (MZREALTY) beat her breast cancer, but in May of 2001 lost
her battle to liver cancer.

"My aunt Nancy battled lung cancer for 2 years never saying
'I can't take it anymore.' She passed away June 11th
in a way that can not be described, so quiet and peaceful," writes

Barryann (BSCRC) recently lost her 9-year battle to cancer.

Shelley Jean Mason (Sjm052074),
paraplegic since birth,
lost her battle to cancer on April 24th 2001.


Brian (BFGill) underwent a bone marrow transplant,
but picked up a fungus in the hospital that took him
away from us. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his daughter Diane.



Maria Cristina (McmIntegra) lost her battle to metastatic breast cancer in June of 2001.

Camille lost her long struggle to breast cancer in July of 2001.

We've also recently lost Bunibab29 and Sheryl103 to cancer.
Hopefully we will get pictures of them soon to post.
Our prayers and thoughts go out to their friends and families.

When you see the say a little prayer,
think a healing thought.

Visit our prayer list page.


Laura (AngelBunny1953) has won her battle with breast cancer. She now concentrates on being with family and living each moment to the fullest, usually in here flower garden.

Bobbi (MyCove2007) and Norma (Smlnalways). Bobbi is working hard fighting her cancer, and Norma lost her dad to cancer.

This is Dian (Dian775); she's not from the cancer support group, but I just love this picture she sent us.

Doug (Splint7438 ) and Susan. Doug says: "Susan has come through her surgery and a 3 year battle with depression to once again be light of my life."

Mary (MaryEGK) is on her way to recovery and promises to send a clearer picture some day.

Ree (MjohnTxMn) and Doug. Ree is in remission for breast cancer.

SheCatPrrs is battling colon cancer.

Terri (TipieToes) came to visit and I got this pic of her and her sis's puppy.

Ginger and her daughters. She tells us, "My grandmother is now in full remission from her breast cancer"

Your host (Ahzoov) back from picking wild raspberries (carrying my Willard Water).

Heather (my sister in law), me (MiZZdaisyB) and my friend Patty on my 19th bday. As of June 25th, 2001, I've been in remission for 2 years after being diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Jen (SunKisseed) on the left, was in remission one year this past June (2001). She has one more year of high school.

Grace (XoINTRIGUEMExo) has Hodgkin's lymphoma and is gonna beat it.

Nancy and her husband Ron. Nancy took care of her mother until she passed away April 2 2001.

Another picture of Maria Cristina who lost her battle to metastatic breast cancer.

From left to right, Maria, Barb (Bnoris000), Rick (suave873), Pat (pjeimage), Ruthie (roamer318).

Ida (
Tennida68) lost her battle to cancer in 2001.

Rhonda (Sweetttthingg) says, " I am a breast cancer survivor, been off Chemo for a year and a half. This is my 3-yr. old daughter, Courtney, and she is the part of the reason for fighting this. I love going to the CSR to chat and have a good time and to help anyone else who needs support or advice."

Jeanine (Gina9N) went in for testing but while waiting for the results
she stumbled upon AOL's
Cancer Support Chat Room and
wants to send everyone a big hug.

Tests back: All Clear!!!!


CJ Ritter (Bubby49300807) age 13 diagnosed with high risk Acute Lymphoblastic Luekemia in Feb 2001; now in remission 7 months. Keep praying he stays in remission and continues to grow stronger.

Kelsie (Sweetncute221) with her mom and step-dad (who has colon cancer)

LianMJ is doing a great job in her fight against Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Jen (JenBrat502) comes in the room to give support, make jokes, and keep spirits high. Her mom is Katididb.

Mercruis2y's father and mother. He says his father fought hard for over two years and finally lost his battle against cancer.

Finally! A picture of
Katididb and Michaelcps

Michelle (

NightSmokeOk is 42 and had a Gastrointestinal stromal tumor removed in June/2001. There is not sign of the disease now but he is at high risk for 5 years He says, "I come to the chat room for support. Without the support room I don't know what I would do.

Kennette (
KENYGRLL) wanted to update her pic. Her cancer is gone, but she still needs our prayers as now she's suffering from the results of her treatment.