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Jeff (DNTDKNIGHTJDV) lost his long battle to cancer in the Spring of 2003. He was a good friend to anyone who needed help. He lived his life to the fullest and always had a positive attitude and a smile. We all miss him dearly.


Jenniferr74's mom, Elaine, lost her battle with cancer in the early morning hours of June 12, 2003.  Elaine was a beautiful person, inside and out and was Jen's very best friend.  She will always be remembered as a wonderful wife, mother and friend.  All who knew her are forever changed by her and her memory will live on forever.


Sandy was a fighter. She fought her cancer. She fought for Veterans. She fought for her friends. We all miss Sandy. Her energy was spectacular. 


Marilyn was a friend to everyone. She made the best Italian food you could find in Florida. She left behind a large family and a legacy of love and pasta. We miss you so much, Marilyn.

Glenda (HugMySocks) says: This is my mom. She was my best friend. She died on October 29, 2002. Thanks to the cancer room I found so many wonderful people. They are not only my friends but also my family. I even met my future husband in that room (FrodisTx).  The people in this room have really helped me. I just hope that I have helped them in some small way. May God Bless You All.

We lost our friend Linda on 8 - 14 - 02. 
She was our special friend and Tony's very special friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tony today.

We lost our good friend Rox in August of 2003. She was a long time cancer supporter and friend of all.


Pam passed away from complications with her Multiple Sclerosis on Friday, September 5, 2003. She was a true cancer supporter. She recently donated her hair to making wigs for kids with leukemia. She left behind a 9 year old daughter with autism. We will all truly miss her.

Ric (Ridgeback) left us on October 5th, 2003. He was a good friend to all in the Cancer Support Chat room. 

Carole (Cahgan) left us this October too. She was a great supporter of others. 

Bill left us in November. Agent Orange took him away from Deb who needs our prayers and thoughts. Only death stopped Bill from helping others. 



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Marvin and Janelle (annejan64) from Oklahoma. Marv was dx'd with bladder cancer at age 38, bladder was removed May 99. He is still going STRONG. 

Tammy just lost her mother to cancer. 

Jo (Senecajo) has been a long time cancer supporter with one of the biggest hearts on the east coast.

Rusty (LRUSTYNAIL) beat his colon cancer
but is now fighting mets to his liver.

Debbie (Desertrosebud) (here with her husband Bob) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer right after graduating as a nurse.

This is Debbie's Family (Desertrosebud) who all got their heads shaved in support of their mom. 

Debbie passed away on October 11, 2004.

Jen (SunKisseed) and Travis, her boy friend. Jen is a 3 year survivor of Hodgkin's lymphoma and has been coming to Cancer Support Chat Room (on AOL) since 1999.


Tony wanted everyone to see a picture of him and his beautiful wife before her cancer.

Anne (Mnshadow53) has chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Here she is carrying the Olympic torch 

Justin (AKATito847) who says he's now in remission from Hodgkin's Lymphoma. 

Al (FlyingmanMN) and his gal, Connie. Left is Al and his sister, Debbie, before she left us on Oct 16th 2002.

Phil (BurbankScuba) Bladder Cancer, dx 07-AUG-2002

1st surgery 09-AUG-2002
2nd surgery 18-SEP-2002

All looks about as good as it could.  This pic is about 9 months after surgery, helping out at kids camp.


This space for rent.

Marion (MER26) and her husband. Her father-in-law has esophageal cancer now. 

Marion's (MER26) mother who passed away from colon cancer 15 years ago.

Marion's (MER26) grandchildren, KC and Alyssa (at their Mom and Step Dad's wedding). 

Marion's (MER26) children, Tammy and Tim (also at the wedding).

Jeanette (Jetnanet) is a stage 4 breast cancer patient and is now a permanent fixture in AOL's Cancer Support room.  

This is the sign, Jeanette's granddaughter carried in the Walk for the Cure.

Jen (Jenniferr74) sent us an updated picture.

Ron (SouthernMan) on the left with his twin brother Don who passed away from lung cancer (due to agent orange). Ron says that Don was a father, a grand father, and a good man. 

Jen went to visit Sharaldoll

My name is Stephanie (FiLLiEsFyNeSt69). I have had ALL since Aug of 2002 and have been going through treatment since then. I've been going to the chat for about 5 months now. I really love it there and appreciate everything everyone has done for me. It makes going through stuff like this a whole lot easier.

Sue (Suemar58) who's son Danny (on the right) was 15 when diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma. Danny is now 19, cancer free for three 1/2  years (Nov 1, 2003), and is enrolled in nursing school. 

There were both on page 12 but I thought I'd put their update here too.


Taken November 3, 2003, when  REGCSA ( Ray ), Bobster2U (Bob) and ThomasP1964 (Tom)came to M.D.Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for appointments
Left to right:  REGCSA Bobster2U ThomasP1964

Dolores and Russ (TereinInd1958's parents). Dolores passed away October 11, 2003.