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We recently lost Dan, my brother-in-law to cancer. He had a very slow growing cancer that he lived with for nearly 30 years. He loved life, sailing, and building things. He was the best brother-in-law you could ask for, cuz he loved my sister as much as he loved life. 

We lost Mary Jane in October of 2003. She was a friend to everyone. She beat her cancer years ago, then her husband was diagnosed with it and left us in 2003. I guess Mary Jane missed him so much, that she went to visit him. We miss you, Peg (PegasusN10 was her screen name). 

We had to say Good bye to Corki this year (2004). Here she is celebrating her last Christmas in Hawaii. We all miss her in the Cancer Support Chat Room.

Joel, Deb's (Debmart77) husband, passed away in September of 2003, just after the birth of his grand child Brody. Joel beat his cancer, but the chemo killed him. Deb needs our prayers and comfort.

We recently (July, 2004) lost Nannette (TuesdaySix). She'd been in our Cancer Support Chat room (on AOL) since 1995. We all will miss her dearly. 


We lost a good one. Jerry Nelson, "Toolman", also known as "Snorkums", to Gail (GrannyinVa) and Laura (Itzagizmo), MoodyJudy1's hubby, soulmate, best friend, her hero. They were married for 43 wonderful years. He lost his battle with cancer on October 28, 2004.. Jerry was a 21 year veteran of the U.S. Navy, submarine service, retiring as a CWO-2. He leaves behind, and will be sadly missed, by his wife, Judy; son, Tim; daughters, Tammy and Kathleen and granddaughter, Stephanie.
"Pride Runs Deep."

We lost Deb recently (October 2004) and we all miss her so much. She was a brave soldier in her battle against cancer. Her entire family shaved their heads when she lost her hair due to chemo. We'll all miss the laughter she brought into our lives. Our prayers go out to her family who must be in a lot of pain now.

We lost bud recently (July 2004) to prostate cancer. He's a veteran who did a lot of work for other veterans and was also a member of Rolling Thunder.

We lost Kelly Kenyon December 15th, 2004. She passed away after a long battle with multiple myeloma. We all miss her sense of humor dearly.

We just lost our little friend Jarret on January 9th, 2005. He was a good little soldier and fought a great fight. We're all very sad at his passing and his family will be in our prayers.

Bob Heinmiller fought lymphoma for years. When his doctors told him to go home and get his things together, he just fought harder. Every time a doctor saw him the doctor was surprised to see him alive. Well, pneumonia finally got Bob in the end. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his wife Susan and his daughter Patricia and all who knew and loved him.



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Glenda (HugMySocks) Karen (Cwell68208) and Jason (FrodisTx).

Amelia Lennon-Martin (JC828ALnNC)
Breast Cancer Survivor - 6 yrs
Cervical Cancer Survivor
Still working on Vaginal Cancer - Doing well

Kayla (Randyslilrdntex), who beat her cancer and her daughter ---- >  

Brandi, who has cervical cancer at 18.

Krissy (KrissyW72) found in April of 2004 that I will have to battle Breast Cancer once again. On the right is my complete support group.

Marion (MER26) and Judi (HuggyBearLuv) visiting together.

I thought I'd blow it up so you could actually see them!

Dottie (Rainey1247)

Donna (DZmenak) found me thru my web site. She is one of those rare breeds who plans to handle her cancer naturally. She is not a victim of cancer, but rather, she feels she's been blessed with cancer: her life has changed only for the better. She feels that her health is in her hands: she got sick, not her doctor, and she's going to get herself well. 

Joan (Quiethndr) says:
I love our CSR family...we just keep on


Diane (Speevers) has been diagnosed with lung cancer and would like some payers.

Two cancer survivors: Luke, 8 years-old, diagnosed with neuroblastoma at age 7 months with his granddad, a 20 year survivor of bladder cancer.

Patti (Dangrand4) and Sissy, both breast cancer survivors.

KrissyW72 writes: I am now cancer free!!!!!  With all the support of my family and all my CSR friends I have a second chance at living a normal life.


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