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IrishBreeze (Betty-Ann) lost her battle to cancer on Aug 16,2005. We will all miss her. She never once complained.

We lost Captttdog (Marty) in October of 2005.

We've just lost Patty Ward (PatyPeanut). She was loved by many of our cancer supporters.

Onalee, a 10 year cancer survivor, just lost her husband and best friend, Roger.

Ken ( lost his son Dino to cancer in September of 2006.


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This is my support group.... I would have been lost without them. She lost her mom, but gained a lot of friends in the AOL Cancer Support Chat room. (Is she single?)

Jody was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma Aug 2005,  been coming to room since Sept 2005....without the AOL Chatroom I never would have been able to do this....I want it mentioned how much the people in the room have helped me thru everything

Memorex46 during chemo/ pictured with wonderful daughter (Nikki) night of her Sr prom 6/2004.Diagnosed with lung cancer 12/03 and  am now  in remission 2 yrs as of March 2, 2006.

Phyllis/ Phyllidee  & Memorex46/Liz
we met online in the AOL Cancer Support Chat room.
Phyllis was dx'd and had surgery in 2003 for lung  cancer &  Liz was dx'd in end of 2003 and had surgery in 2004. We became friends and also joined an outside support group through Cancer Care.

Phyllidee on the left and Q Suzi Que in the middle followed up by Memorex46, we had a little hugfest.. Friends meeting friends in AOL CHAT SUPPORT ROOM, it means so much to share with roomies who care for each other.

Kathy (Kathpar54A) has been cancer free for six years. Here she is with her graduating son. Kathy is now suffering from liver failure and is awaiting a new liver.

Ken ( is the one in the yellow.  He is Navy vet and a survivor of prostate and now dx'd with a form of leukemia.  His son, Dino was dx'd with esophagus cancer in the spring of 2006 and passed away in September 2006. 

Mike, on the far right, was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam but is now fighting the biggest battle of his life: cancer.

Marvin and Janelle (annejan64);  Marvin almost 7 yrs into bladder cancer survival.

Glenda Gore
HugMySocks & MissMishaps
I'm Not Gone
Don't cry for me for I am not dead.
For I am with you always.
Don't think of me when I was sick.
Instead think of me when I was young and healthy.
Think of me as being free from all hurt and pain.
Don't waste your tears on me.
Think of all joys and laughter we shared.
Don't think of me as being gone
for I'm only a whisper away.
When you feel the warmth in your cheek
think of me giving you a kiss.
When you feel a gentle breeze blow
think of me giving you a hug to let you
know I'm here beside you.
But most of all please know that
no matter where you are I love you forever
and that I am always with you.

by Glenda  Gore

Dedicated to my mom
Feb. 4, 1953 - Oct.  29, 2002

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