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Don't forget to say a little prayer for the ones with the .


This is Amy. She needs our prayers.

This is Beckey, Amy's sister. She's only 19 and has had 7 breast tumors removed.

Here is Samizacat (Sue) and "Yo Dean." She waited till Dean's birth before beginning chemo.

Sacha456 (Jackie), a breast cancer survivor of 4 years with her boy from Chernobyl. This is his fourth summer with them...healing the effects of the radiation.

Trish (Tkelly7870). Had breast cancer, had surgery.

Wow! Liz was given six months to live, over a year ago. Strong and healthy and treating her body/mind/soul. She is one of the rare ones who help their doctors to help them. Keep up the wonderful work kiddo! We love you!

Lindy (LSchulz521), battling cancer for the second time. Look for her book, Unanswered Lives, by Lindy Lieban.

Valerie (VVaughn712), Marge (Grannimarg), and Tonya. What a rowdy group!

Nancy a breast cancer survivor, who's mother was recently diagnosed with cancer.

FRAG IMG, a two time cancer survivor and supporter/volunteer.

Jerry and Judy (MoodyJudy1), married 37 years! Judy is a cancer survivor since 1985 and is one of the original roomies in the Cancer Support chat room.

Emma (Sybil0037) here is battling cancer and needs your prayers. She's very afraid she's going to leave early, leaving her young daughter behind.

This is Betth, JUDILOVI's daughter-in-law. Betth is a recent addition to our long list of loving cancer supporters in the chat room.

Here's IMSMILEY60, her mother was diagnosed 2 years ago with ovarian and bladder cancer. She says the cancer support room has been a blessing to her: "Thanks so much, all of you in our Cancer Support room."

Judy (JKRRT96), breast cancer survivor 13 years. and a great supporter of others. Married 35 years in Nov 98 and has been coming to the Cancer Support Room since Sep 1996.

Sara pictured here (Ivyee), is one of 6 people in the world diagnosed with Epithelioid sarcoma, a very, very rare cancer. And she's going to be the first to beat it!

Marilyn lost her battle to cancer in 2001.

Brook (booker0402) and Ivyee. Brook is an oncology nurse who visits Cancer Support just to put a smile on everyone's face.