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Don't forget to say a little prayer for the ones with the .


Shandy (who lost her battle to cancer/medicine in 2000) says, "This is me and my support group and another support group from FLA. I am the one on the far left with blonde hair pulled back...short shorts and sunglasses on. We went to the MARCH FOR A CURE in Washington D.C. in Sept." I told her we need one without the sunglasses!

PshunPam, a long time supporter (one of the originals) and RN in the Cancer Support room.

Saffy here (Nutty786), battling cancer and still smiling.
Update! (Sep 2003)
Saffy is now 2 years free of cancer!




This space for rent.

Tammy162 is battling breast cancer, and doing one bang-up job of it.

Sngbrd2 doesn't have a picture, but needs our prayers. She's been battling thyroid cancer and a rare form of breast cancer.

Arden passed away in 2001.

Mellieo0 a thyroid cancer survivor.

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Mark lost his battle with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma on May 8th, 1999.Our prayers go out to his family.

Karen (MsBhav007) here. The docs don't give her long to live, but then again, what do they know? EVERYONE, this one needs our prayers and thoughts. And so do her young children.

Franny (FF179) and Granny (Grannimarg).



This space for rent.

This is a picture of Keith's wife Linda who passed away. Keith is Tm1sw1.

Linda (Babybrats9) and her husband. In May of 99, Linda will be a five year survivor of melanoma.

Well, here's Granny again (GranniMarg), with Omaha0bill and Kirst32313 at HugFest, Memphis.

We all miss Shandy.

And here's Omaha0bill being really spooky for Halloween.

Kristine (EnsKKluna) is being treated for leukemia at Sloan Kettering in NY.

JJones104 was a caregiver to her sister-in-law till she passed away. Today she's one heck of a cancer supporter. 

Tony and Linda (Linton1217) together. Linda lost her battle to cancer in the late summer of  2002.