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Don't forget to say a little prayer for the ones with the .


Here is Mary Ann (WrrnHottub) at the Race for the Cure (hugged by Olivia Newton John). They both need our prayers.

This is Carol (Unice 634) a twelve year breast cancer survivor who comes in to our cancer support room to shine that old guiding light.

Angelia (Blkmajkwmn) and hubby Keith. Angelia is a fighter and will be around a long time to show others the way.

Linda (tbalin) on the left, Tony (linton1217) on the right, line dancing two years before cancer hit. We lost Linda in the summer of 2002.

Ardie (Lostscooby) is a big supporter in the Cancer Support room.

Sandy(Mungo2) and Richard(Shahwk2). Sandy has ovarian cancer, but Richard tells me that she refuses to become a statistic. Both are great supporters.

Rick (Suave873) has cancer. I'll just bet he's a Vet...a Desert Storm Vet. He gave over there, and is still giving.

Finally, a picture of Brook (Booker 0402) all by herself: RN and great supporter.

Valerie (Nibbles345) says: " My personal battle is now over but I will always be a fellow soldier until the final war is won...."

Jinjer (Loyal 35) has lived with osteoporosis for a long time. Her daughter found our room, and now she comes in to lend support.

Here's Ash (Shibetty) with her boyfriend Brodie. She lost her battle to leukemia in 1999.

Here's Val (VVaughn712) and her aunt Stell who lost her battle with cancer.


Cheryl (CBRANN2125) is a two-time cancer survivor and a supporter in our room since March of 97.