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Kathryn (LafingRain) who sings and loves and supports the down trodden. Visit her home page by clicking on her picture.

Margie (GigiGirl40) was treated at UCLA for acute myelogenous leukemia June 1997 to October 1997.

Dor (StudsLuv) and Ed (Rmstud) at the Ocala Hugfest

Fruiti, Cheryl, and Betsy at the Ocala Hug Fest.

Nancy (Trigli 169) is a breast cancer survivor.

Dianne (Di12149) lost her battle with cancer in April of 2000. We all miss her very much.

Hugfest Memphis: Left to right: Duane, Kirst3231, JusJoneN. Kirst just got out of surgery and could use our prayers.

Hugfest Memphis: Top (left to right): Chuck (MDAPAT) JusJoneN, Duane, Teapot, Omaha0bill and Steve Marks, Bottom: StormyGal, Cornflwr, Nosleep01, Kirsten, Twiggy, and Cwells.

Victoria (OURVIOLET ) says she's still battling cancer with extensive chemo and radiation and a great positive attitude.

Loretta (LJ2738) is 61 years young and battling breast cancer. So far, so good!

Here's the whole dang group from the Ocala Hugfest.