Spring 1991 - Spring 2005

Ahzoova means "abandoned" (female form) in Hebrew. She'd been abandoned at a neighbor's house.


Ahzoova with Black Katty. They were the best of buds. They used to go off hunting in the morning, come back and split the booty. Black Katty helped to raise three pups: Ahzoova, Misha, and Bruiser.


This is one happy Ahzoova. We were out walking, and Black Katty (seen partially hidden) had come along. We told Ahzoova to kiss Black Katty, which she did, and this is her dancing off right after her kiss.


Here is Ahzoova with Misha (left) and Bruiser (right) last fall. She'd had cancer for 9 years. We never did a thing about the cancer, knowing that anything we did would shorten her life. She lived a full life filled with unconditional love.


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