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Bookmark this page and come here often to check for updates. As CODEX encroaches on our rights and freedoms in America, we will keep you up-to-date and send you to sites where you can take action.

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Codex is trying to use the World Trade Organization to bring the European draconian laws to America, and the FDA seems to agree. This is from the FDA's own web site:

International Harmonization
The harmonization of laws, regulations and standards between and among trading partners requires intense, complex, time-consuming negotiations by CFSAN officials. Harmonization must simultaneously facilitate international trade and promote mutual understanding, while protecting national interests and establish a basis to resolve food issues on sound scientific evidence in an objective atmosphere. Failure to reach a consistent, harmonized set of laws, regulations and standards within the freetrade agreements and the World Trade Organization Agreements can result in considerable economic repercussions.


What you can do:

  1. Read about the CODEX Spin:

  2. Call the Whitehouse Comments line to complain. Ask President Bush to reign in Christine Lewis Taylor of the FDA who is clearly trying to set us up to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute whereby our dietary supplement laws can be harmonized to this mindless Codex standard. 202-456-1111

  3. Call Congress to complain about the same thing via 202-225-3121, and when they attempt to regurgitate the FDA's spin on the issue (which is that this is a "non issue") tell them you're not buying it. Health freedom is at stake.

  4. Go to the Citizens For Health web site, and click on the Take Action section, and TAKE ACTION!

  5. Learn more about CODEX. Read this on the History of CODEX.

  6. Learn about organizations supposedly fighting CODEX but are actually helping them along (we were fooled too!): Natural Solutions Foundation


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