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Eat Fat for Breakfast

Something I learned from the book Ultra Metabolism was that eating fat for breakfast stimulates fat burning. However, right after this heavy breakfast, I went out to play tennis. It was a real drag.

Every study shows that if you really want to burn calories, don't eat a thing before exercising.

However, and this is a BIG however, if you cannot exercise that morning, and have to run to work, then eating a fatty breakfast is a very intelligent way to get your body to hunker down into a fat burning mode.

Bacon? Sausage? Buttered toast?

No! We don't want to put crappy stuff into our bodies. Most bacon and sausages are processed with nitrates and nitrites. Butter is great, but NOT ON TOAST. NO CARBS in this breakfast.

A cheese omelet. A steak. A salad with a vinaigrette dressing. Put a serving of tuna salad (made with our guilt free mayo) in your salad. How about Eggs Benedict served on a bed of spinach over a salmon steak? Mmmmm.

The Proof

At the University of Alabama, researchers separated mice into two groups. One group got a high fat breakfast and a high carb dinner, while the other group got a high carb breakfast with a high fat dinner.

Do you see what's going on here? Both groups are getting about the same number of calories, but just in a different order.

Editor's Note: The average American breakfast is high in carbs with cereal and toast being the preferred staples. Add in a glass of orange juice and you're raising your odds of type two diabetes. Then, pile on the fats in bacon, sausage, eggs, butter, milk, cream and this stuff is stored away while the body burns off the carbs. The reason I point this out is that we are just like the group of mice getting the high carb breakfast.

The results of the study were very telling

The group that got the high carb breakfast experienced weight gain, an increase in body fat, and showed signs of metabolic syndrome (type II diabetes) and glucose intolerance.

The group that got the high fat breakfast lost weight (and body fat) while all their metabolic markers stabilized: glucose tolerance, triglycerides, insulin levels.

The study's author, Dr Martin E Young, PhD summed it up this way: "The first meal seemed to 'programí their metabolisms very effectively for the rest of the day."

So, if you can't exercise in the morning, try some good fats: a healthy peanut butter, or nut butter, or some fatty yogurt with Omegasentials (or ground flax seed), or some salmon, a small steak, a smoothie with ground flax (or a bit of flax oil).

Let's kick start our fat burning!

For more on how to kick your fat burning in gear, check out our book Rapid Safe Weight Loss.


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