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Medical Fraud 
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Medical Fraud has a different meaning to different people. To the quackpots (quackbusters) anything that doesn't support the moneyed interests is fraud. To the average person it is over billing, unnecessary tests and operations, and malpractice. To us, however, it is any drug, test, or procedure that is being currently used, but has either never been thoroughly tested, or if tested, it has been shown to be either nearly worthless or dangerous or both. Medical fraud is rampant. It is within these pages that we will compile a series of essays that will uncover the fraudulent medicine that you and your family are subjected to when you visit a physician, a hospital, or emergency room.

The History of Quackery - a good article to start your journey.


Cardiovascular Medicine

What's good for your heart or what's good for your cardiologist?

Radiation It kills the good cells, not always the bad cells. It even killed its developers.
Chemotherapy The theory is that we're going to put a poison in your body that will kill your cancer before it kills you. Great theory.