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Gobble de Goop
Probiotics for your drains and septic system.

How Gobble de Goop Works (and how to work Gobble de Goop)

Gobble de Goop will not harm any drain or pipe. Unlike most drain cleaners, it is not poisonous if ingested in small amounts. The material data sheet says this:

No effect if ingested in small amounts. A single dose of this product is rarely toxic by ingestion. May cause eye irritation. Avoid contact with skin and open wounds.

According to the American Poison Control Centers, over 700 children under the age of six are poisoned annually by toxic drain cleaners.

Gobble de Goop is non toxic in small amounts. Some have reported skin irritation. We will send complete instructions with each bottle.

Because of our use of antibacterial soaps today, our drains are quickly gooping up with sludge. Why? The natural bacteria living in your pipes is being killed off. Gobble de Goop will put that bacteria back into your pipes, in a quantity large enough to eat all that goop in a month's time, and go onto clean up your cesspool or city water supply.

When you are ready to clean your drains, youíll need a bucket that holds just a little over a gallon, and a large spoon or stick to stir the bucket. (Some have stirred the bucket with their hands, but if you have a cut or sensitive skin, use a large spoon.)

Take the bottle of Gobble de Goop and gently shake it (turning it upside down) for about ten seconds. The bacteria have settled to the bottom.

Fill your bucket with a gallon of very warm water. It should not be so hot that you cannot put your arm into it. Hot water kills the bacteria.

You are waking up the bacteria. Too cold or too hot is a rude awakening.

Since you will do all your drains at the same time, pour the entire bottle of Gobble de Goop into the water and then put the bottle into the water and swish it around till it has nothing left in it. Then gently stir the gallon of water.

Let it sit for one hour. In an hour, all the bacteria will be active and hungry.

Pour slowly into five drains. If using it on a toilet, just pour into the toilet and flush.

Make sure you apply to all your drains preferable on the same day. We can guarantee the product only if all drains in your home are treated at the same time.

But you are not done yet. Good bacteria require oxygen. So you have to run a little cold water for ten seconds in each drain each day. Many of your drains will be uesd daily, but those that are not used daily, like that drain in the laundry room or that one in the back bathroom that no one uses, will have to be flushed daily with a little fresh water. Running a sink or tub for ten seconds will work just fine.

After applying the product, lines will run smoothly within 10-14 days, max. Day 14 is the key day. If lines do not run freely on day 14, it means that someone killed the bacteria. By day 30, most lines should be completely free of organic waste build-up. At that point, some bacteria will die, some will remain in the lines waiting for more food and some will move down the line looking for food. They are mobile.

If you are cleaning five pipes that lead into a septic tank, that should be enough to clean the tank, though sometimes a second treatment of using one entire bottle should be poured directly into your septic tank.

Household drains should remain trouble-free for three to five years, although improperly installed pipes or pipes which have settled will need more frequent applications. Again, this depends on if youíre killing off the natural bacteria in your system. If you are using antibiotic soaps or bleach, you pipes will start to get buildup sooner than those who donít use these products.

Care for your Bacteria

The bacteria in Gobble de Goop do not like toxins, antibacterial soap, bleach, or really hot water.

If you can shower in the water, itís not too hot. But sometimes in the kitchen youíll be tempted to pour that spaghetti water down the drain. Nope, you cannot do that. Run cold water for a 10 seconds then pour the hot water slowly into the sink. But the simple rule is: Hot water kills the bacteria.

We never recommend antibacterial soaps. I believe that we need to build immunity to bacteria. However, if youíve been using antibacterial soaps, YOU NEED GOBBLE DE GOOP. Why? Because good bacteria live in your pipes naturally.

If youíve killed them off the good with antibacterial soap, your pipes will be clogged with a sludge you wonít believe. Ask any plumber about antibacterial soaps. Plumbers love them. Theyíve never been busier, cleaning out drains everywhere.

Bacteria that cause sludge build up will get into your pipes eventually any way, but using antibacterial soaps kill all the bacteria and sludge builds even faster.

Do not use bleach (or harsh, toxic cleaning solutions) in your laundry for at least 30 days. There are alternatives out there, like the Oxy Clean products. These will actually supply the bacteria in Gobble de Goop with some extra oxygen theyíll need to do their job.

So, letís go over the instructions.

1.     Shake the bottle gently (turn upside down) to wake up the bacteria.

2.     Fill a bucket with a gallon of lukewarm water.

3.     Empty the entire bottle into the water and rinse out the bottle in the water to make sure it's empty of any residual product. (The bottle can be reused after a thorough cleaning.)

4.     Stir thoroughly and let sit for an hour to activate the bacteria.

5.     Pour into the drain (or toilet and flush).

6.     Run fresh water for ten seconds each day for three weeks.

7.     Do not pour the following down any drain for three weeks:

a.      Really hot water (above 140 degrees Fahrenheit)

b.     Toxic chemicals

c.     Bleach

d.     Antibiotic soaps

In about two to three weeks, youíll notice that any unpleasant odor caused by clogged drains is gone. The only problem you might experience is a ďbreak awayĒ clog.

Sometimes, when the drains are being cleaned by Gobble de Goop material stuck to the pipes might break away and stop up the drain. If this happens, a simple plunging should clear it. Itís just loose stuff that is temporarily clogged in the pipes.

It is recommended to do this just once every year, or once every six months as a preventive measure.

Iíve used Gobble de Goop and Iíve passed a bottle or two onto others to try. Everyone loves it because itís good for your pipes, good for your septic system, and good for your local sewers not to mention good for the environment.

In Germany, a bottle of ten applications costs over $80.00, or just over $8.00 per drain. For our readers and everyone you send to us, a bottle of five applications will cost, for a limited time, just $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping, while two bottles (10 applications) will cost $29.95 plus $6.00 shipping. See below for the quantity break down.

All bottles are shipped USPS Priority with guaranteed delivery.

I'm sorry but we do not sell outside the US.

This is a limited time offer with a limit of six bottles per order.


Our readers are the best in the world. If you want to try Gobble de Goop, write to us: [email protected], and tell us how many bottles you need. We will ship them absolutely free of charge. You go ahead and use them, and a month or so after we ship, if we do NOT hear from you, we will bill you thru Pay Pal, or you can send us a check. This is our guarantee: it either works, or you don't pay.



Number of Bottles Number of Applications/ Drains  Cost  Per Drain Price + Shipping Buy Now
1 5 $3.99 $19.95 + 4.00 = $23.95

2 10 $3.00 $29.95 + 6.00 = $35.95

3 15 $2.93 $43.95 + 9.00 = $52.95

4 20 $2.80 $55.95 + 9.00 = $64.95

5 25 $2.68 $66.95 + 9.00 = $75.95

6 30 $2.53 $75.95 + 9.00 = $84.95


As always, we thank our readers for their generous support, and for their love and care for our planet.



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