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Healing Beyond Medicine
Part II

We’ve introduced you to Biophysics, the cutting edge science of subtle energies. Hopefully you’ve already read that, because we’re stepping through the looking glass right now.

Crystals contain energy. This energy is measurable. Ever heard of a crystal radio? The only source of energy to run this radio is a crystal.

In nature, there are innumerous crystals. Some come and go quickly, like ice. Ice forms crystals, they melt into water, and are reformed next year (at least here in Minnesota). Snowflakes form wondrous crystalline figures, and beneath the shapes formed are the tiny ice crystals. Crystals within crystals, is a way of looking at them.

We’ve talked about Dr Emoto’s work, and his Messages In Water. Dr Emoto receives many water samples from around the world. He freezes them and he studies the crystals created by the water in their frozen state.

In our introduction to Biophysics, we said that energy is information (see? now aren’t you mad you didn’t read that article?).

The information that comes to us from crystals could be as profound as the energy of life itself. We just don’t quite know how to interpret it yet. We can interpret acoustical energy with our ears, light energy with our eyes, but this subtle energy is, for the moment, an enigma.


Water is amazing. It falls, because of gravity. Gravity affects everything, right? Water also levitates. How does water levitate? You’ve seen springs? In a spring, water just comes up out of the ground. There are theories, but nothing proven yet. Dr Emoto’s books show the variety of crystals from water that has levitated up out of artesian wells. The water from an artesian well is special water. It’s been underground, gathering up the energy of the earth for hundreds of years and then gushes up to meet us. The photos of Dr Emoto’s crystals are elegant, thought provoking, and simply beautiful.

If you’ve perused this site long enough you’ll find out that we have an intense interest in water. Water is life. Oxygen is life. Without either, life ends. Now here is something new for you. The energy in water is subtle life energy.

Let me explain.

Eighty percent of our bodies is water. Eighty percent of our health is water.

City water has been recycled, cleaned, and chemically treated. It has chlorine and fluoride in it. Were you to conduct a study in which a group of people got city water and a group of people got artesian well water, all other things being equal, you will watch one group flourish and the other group succumb to illness.

We do not need to conduct this study, for one thing, it is a given to biophysicists already and performing studies into known areas are simply redundant (but a great way to get government grants). Besides, a very interesting study along this line has been conducted, and we will show it to you later.

We’ve explored many different waters at this site: Willard Water, Crystal Energy, Electrolyzed Water, etc.

They all have their benefits and sadly, if you send off a sample of these waters to a lab, the results that come back are quite drab. They will say, it has this that and the other, but beyond that, it’s just water.

Send a sample of city water to a lab and a sample of Artesian Water from the Fiji Islands, and they will give you mineral content, chemical content, but they cannot tell you about the energies (or lack thereof) they contain.

So, what is the best water? Starting from the bottom, city water that’s been filtered is a good place to start. But the water is dead. It has no decent energy. We’ve talked of Reverse Osmosis water, but I’ve recently learned that pulling all the "stuff" out of water, pulls the oxygen out also, and the water becomes acidic. I tested my water: from the tap it was 7.0; from the filter it was 6.4. Slightly acidic.

But what of the energy in the water? Emoto’s work shows no crystals in city water, nor in filtered water. Without crystals, you have no energy. The regularity of a crystalline form, according to Biophysicists shows a purer, cleaner energy. In other words, beauty is inherent in quality energy. Here science becomes poetic.

Take a quart of filtered water and put some quarts crystals in it over night. This will revitalize the water. It will give it back some energy. But still, we don’t have the best water you can drink.

The best water is artesian well water. Many will tell you that the Fiji Island artesian well water is the best on the planet. I have no way of telling you if this is true. However, I’ve drunk Fiji water and I’ve felt good.

As I write this, I just got an email from Dr David Williams (his snailmail newsletter is called Alternatives) talking about water. Again, he has the common belief that pure water is the best for you and he sells a water distiller. However, it has no energy in it. Crystals with any regularity cannot be created by distilled water as Dr Emoto has shown.


Salt is a crystal. Examine a table salt crystal under a microscope and you will see an irregular crystal. Why? It has been processed. I love Celtic Sea Salt. It is unprocessed and charged with energetic minerals. Take a hand full of minerals and they probably won’t help you. Charge them with earth energy and they quickly go to exactly where your body needs them. This has been tested.

We discovered a new salt. Himalayan Salt®. It comes in two forms. One crushed into salt that will fit into your salt shaker and one in huge pink crystals. They are simply gorgeous.

We review the salt here (and talk about the study mentioned earlier): Himalayan Salt®.

What’s the difference between one salt and another? Chemically, it is hard to tell. But energetically, they are a world apart.

"We don't live off the food that we eat, we live off the energy in the food we eat!" Dr. Carey Reams — PhD in Biophysics and Biochemistry

How important is this subtle energy? Check out the double blind study. You too can conduct your own test in your own home. I did. (Read about it here.)

Words Have Energy

Here is where it gets weird.

We’ve talked about Dr Emoto’s work. How he took city water, wrote messages on the bottle (facing the water, so the water could read it) and then froze the water and looked at the designs. While reading Healing Beyond the Body, by Dr Larry Dossey, MD, I discovered a section on eating words; eating words that heal.

Distilled water; sat overnight with ,"You make me sick. I will kill you," written on the container.


Distilled water, sat overnight with "Love and Appreciation" written on the container.


In German, there is a word: Esszettel, meaning "eating papers." According to Dossey, the practice of eating words on paper (or carved into something; an apple, an orange) were widespread throughout Europe.

When ill, someone would write healing words or a healing phrase on a piece of paper, and the person would eat it. Dossey demonstrated this by quoting from the journal of one of Napoleon’s soldiers whose life was saved through this practice.

Dossey’s research on this subject is very thorough, and I’m not about to plagiarize it only to mention that if you look real closely, you’ll see places in your life where you eat words or where words become magical. Look around: The Eucharist, pills [historically pills were printed with magical symbols], prescriptions, cakes, cookies. (Oh, and Pringles® now….sheesh.)

Call it superstition, but there is more to heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your pharmacopoeia.

And finally, there is something we’ve mentioned previously at this web site that is again appropriate. Dossey’s book reminded me of it when he wrote out an adage we have in the medical world: "One should use a new medicine as often as possible, while it still has the power to work."

Strange, eh? Not really. Some call it the Study Phenomenon, because in a study, more people respond to a medicine than later in clinical trials, and years later even fewer people respond to it. There is a lot of energy involved in the making of a new medicine. Many people work tirelessly to produce it, test it, and get it to patients needing it. News stories are written about the medicine. Advertising is created promoting it. Brochures are published. Pharmaceutical salespeople take off to spread the news. Lots of human and spiritual energy go into a new medicine. But with time, the energy fades.

If you are on chemotherapy and want to make the most of it, bring as many friends and relatives and even your pastor, rabbi, or priest along. Let their energy boost the chemotherapy. Let them pray and laugh and talk and build up positive energy.

Group Healing

I have witnessed group healings. I've even assisted in them.

I traveled about performing qigong on cancer patients a number of years ago, but the greatest miracle I've ever seen was when we used the energy from friends and family to assist the qigong.

She had been diagnosed with terminal, inoperable lung cancer. She had difficult breathing. I asked her to sit in the middle of a circle formed by her friends and family. I asked everyone to focus on their hand, as if they held her cancer in their hand; and with the other hand, slowly crush that cancer while saying softly, "Go."

As I worked on the subject, she began to sit up. Further and further, she sat up until she was sitting straight. When finished, she hugged me saying she could breathe. For the first time in years she could breathe.

She went to her doctor for a scan and the doctor told her, "I don’t know what you’ve done, but the cancer is contained and we can operate."

The cancer was removed.

However, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. The subject, a very dear friend of mine, never stopped smoking. Her cancer came back 4 years later, and this time, it took her life.

She sent me a letter before she passed away, telling me how grateful she was for those extra years. She told me that she knew that her demise was her own undoing, but that she would rather go as she had lived, a smoker and not a nagging, mean, old non smoker.

One Last Step Through The Looking Glass

I attended a lecture once about energy. I wracked my brains last night trying to recall the meat of he lecture, but all I could remember was the demonstration he gave. He was an architect and martial artist. On the stag in front of him stood a pile of 15 to 20 bricks, one atop the other. He called for a volunteer to come up from the audience. The volunteer job was to choose which brick from the stack the speaker should to crush. The volunteer tossed him a befuddles look. The speaker explained and demonstrated at the same time: "I'm going to hit the top brick," he said bringing his fist down onto the top of the pile softly, "and I'm going to focus my energy on the brick that you choose. It is that brick that I will to crush." The volunteer smiled and pointed at the second to the last brick from the bottom, bending over and touching it to make sure.

Sure enough, "whack" and that brick and that brick only, smashed, while the pile stood there balancing for second and then fell over.

However it was not this demonstration that boggled my poor mind at the time eclipsing the brunt and bulk of his lecture. It was something that happened after the lecture when I approached the speaker requesting a business card (I collect names for the Wellness Directory of Minnesota) and at the same time I gave him a copy of our first directory. I thanked him for the lecture, and was about to leave when he tapped me on the shoulder and motioned me to follow him out into the hall.

When we got there, he told me that in the fifteenth century, monks read book without opening them. They read the energy in them. Everything we create we pass our energy into whether it's a meal, a car, or work of art.

He looked me and paused. He held my book (a copy of the first edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota) flat on his hand and smiled. He looked at me and said, "This book is charged with energy. I've not felt anything like this in a long time. Thank you."

That's what fried my synapses. Though I've forgotten nearly everything else from those seminars, I've not forgotten that moment in the hallway. I'll never forget the guy who told me my book was "charged with energy."

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