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Index of Recipes
For a long time, we've been posting recipes at this site, mainly in our newsletter, and it's about time that we actually index them so that you can find them in a hurry.

All of our recipes ask you to use only the freshest organic ingredients.

Adult Beverages If you're going to drink, make it a healthy one.
Bachelor's Meatless Chili Recipe When you don't have time to measure.
Hawaiian Barbecued Shrimp This one ain't healthy at all, but it's so darn delicious we had to include it. We also include a list of supplements that will battle the carcinogens created in preparing this recipe.
Better than Budwig―Chia Recipes Chia oils contain the most omega-3s of any oil and is more stabile than fish or flax oil.
Budwig Recipe Fight/prevent heart disease and cancer.
Caesar Salad It's hard to find salad dressings with healthy oils.
Cilantro Pesto Cilantro recipe to pull heavy metals from your body.
Cilantro-Pepita Dressing The Heart Healthy Salad Dressing also contains a cup of cilantro. 

Cheesy Quinoa and Broccoli Patties

Gluten-free, with chia seeds for your omega-3s. 
Chicken/Shrimp Palak Once you've made the Palak (sauce) this takes just a few minutes and is super tasty.   New
Chocolate Chocolate Recipes
Chocolate Scones Wheat free, sugar free, dairy free, but not gluten free.
Cocoa Homemade Organic Fair Trade Cocoa. And here is one made with creamy coconut milk.
Coconut Recipes The coconut is called the Healing Plant on the islands. Many new recipes have been added. 
Cookies Healthy, wheat/gluten free, high protein, low sugar cookies.
Creamy Avocado Salad Dressing Can be made with a NutriBullet or in a blender.  New
Creamy Curried Chicken Or pork or beef; a real bachelor recipe that's fun to make, so very, VERY healthy, and just too delicious you'll forget how healthy it is.
Cream of  Tomato Bisque With Basil Our local deli thinks it's even better than their original recipe using whipping cream.
Crustless Squash Pie Better than Pumpkin Pie, high in Beta Carotene.
Eggplant Marinara & Eggplant Meatballs For those wanting a vegetarian and gluten free delight. Your uncle the hunter won't even know there's no meat in this one.
Eggplant Parmesan A very healthy version that is super delicious and easy to make (I buy my sauce).  New
Elixir of Life Used through the centuries.
Focaccia Bread (Gluten Free)
With Sun Dried Tomatoes
A paleo recipe, low in carbs, high in fiber, some good oils, and a bit of protein.
French Dressing The right oils, a sweet onion, and man, this one is tasty...and healthy!

Greek Pasta Salad

You'll have to make our super Mayo first (mock Miracle Whip)
Ham Salad This is a blue ribbon, award winning recipe, made with our Mayo and our Hot Peppers.
Heart Healthy Salad Dressing Filled with your Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids. We have a Christmas Version.
2nd Heart Heatlhy Salad Dressing This one is made with something we normally throw away: Pickle Juice.
Hummingbird Food You wouldn't put white sugar in your body; why feed your hummingbirds that stuff?
Indian Buttered Chicken In India, only the affluent can afford butter. This recipe is fragrant with Indian spices. 
Indian Eggplant The recipe I found called it "spicy," but it's more fragrant.
Ketchup Can now be made with Better Stevia.
Lebanese Garlic Sauce This stuff is powerful, and if you've never had it on a steak or shish kabob, you don't know what you're missing. Updated - Another Version Added
Lamb in Tihini Sauce A very fragrant recipe with exotic spices. Not for everyone. 
Lemonade Alkalizing drink you can sip all day long on a hot summer day.
Lemon Chicken This one is slow cooked, with a tangy (I'm serious...TANGY) sauce. 
Lime Chicken If you like Mexican food, you will love this. 
Macadamia Nut Oil Mayonnaise Probably the tastiest and healthiest mayo you'll ever make. For ever tablespoon of mayo, you get just under a quarter teaspoon of palmitoleic acid, a spectacular anti-inflammatory. New
Margarita A very healthy margarita with no high fructose corn syrup and tart cherry juice (anti-inflammatory).
Mashed Potato Salad A very healthy version of your standard summer picnic salad.
Mashed Potato Salad Surprise Regular potato salad has 358 calories per cup; this recipe has around 50 calories per cup.
Mock Miracle Whip The original is made from Genetically Engineered Foods. Ours is wonderfully delicious, and there are many possible versions at this site. See Coconut Recipes for the second one. Additionally, this article will tell you all you need to know in creating a the perfect mayonnaise.
Moroccan Cold Salads Two simple, cold salads from Morocco. 
NutriBullet Rx Recipes For those of you who've put out the $200.00 to get one, and you want some things that are NOT in the book that came with, here is where you'll find them. New
Oatmeal Cookies Healthy Oatmeal Cookies.
Omegasweets Healthy baking with Omegasentials.
Pickles - Healthy Pickles You can even pickle your own hot peppers and blend up a healthy hot sauce.  We've added the healtieset pickle in the world: The Taste of India.
Pina Colada This is a "healthier" Pina Colada, creamy and sweet and just the treat after a great meal. New
Potassium Broth Great way in the fall to detox and alkalize your body.
Rhubarb Recipes Tasty Cancer killers!   
Saag/Palak Traditional Indian spinach sauce.  New
Salat MedBucha A Middle Eastern cooked salad served cold; dip your favorite bread or our Gluten Free Focaccia in it. 
Shivani's Flat Bread Lactofermenting Grains.
Smoothies If you hate "health food," you'll find that "it" always tastes better in a smoothie.
Sweet & Sticky Chicken A recipe with many options; all of them very tasty.  New
Texas Hot Fudge Cake Ok, just one recipe that will kill you.
Udo's DHA Blend Recipes Our famous Super Mayo (Mock Miracle Whip) and our Cilantro Salad Dressing, made with this Non Fish DHA blend of essential fatty acids. 
Vinaigrette Salad Dressing A very simply vinaigrette using apple cider vinegar, or an optional dressing made with lemon juice instead. New
Weight Loss Recipes Some of our best recipes, made even better, especially for you dieters. All guilt-free!
Whiskey Rebellion Whiskey for the shot it contains and Rebellion for the aftermath the next day if you really spice it up. More antioxidants than blueberries; this recipe is easy to make and very, VERY tasty but NOT for the weak at heart.
Wild Concord Grape Jelly Do NOT throw away the seeds and skins. They fight cancer and heart disease. Oh, and the name of the grape is actually Fox Grape.

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