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Wellness Directory 
of Minnesota
3rd Edition
Cardiovascular Care

The Largest Wellness Directory ever published with 5,000 listings of alternative health practitioners, progressive businesses, and progressive organizations, mostly in Minnesota, but many fine healers (13%) from all around the world. Two books in one: A directory of Practitioners and a guide to Cardiovascular Wellness.

After learning what conventional medicine knows about heart health compared to what we've found in our extensive research, we should have named this edition: 

Heart Health
Everything You Know is Wrong!

If you have a copy of Encarta 2001 (or talk to most physicians), you will learn what's in the column on the left. When you purchase our third edition, you will learn what's in the column on the right (and a whole lot more that can save your life, or the life of someone you love).

Conventional Thought


There is no cure for coronary heart disease. Close: there is no medicine that cures heart disease. All heart medications treat and maintain symptoms. However, the actual truth is, coronary heart disease is curable, but you cannot cure a nutritional deficiency with medicine. 
Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is a natural process that comes with aging.  Then why is heart disease unknown among certain peoples and much of the animal world? 
Atherosclerosis cannot be reversed except through surgery. Only advanced atherosclerosis cannot be reversed, totally. It can be brought under control, stopped, and slightly reversed. If caught early, it can be reversed entirely.
Some of the risk factors for coronary heart disease, such as genetic disposition, are beyond a person's control. As we discovered with cancer*, genetic disposition is overridden by lifestyle and diet.
High cholesterol causes hardening of the arteries. Nutritional deficiencies, chlorinated water (our list is long), etc., cause hardening of the arteries. Cholesterol plays a minor, secondary role in this process, not a causal role. 
An aspirin a day will prevent heart disease.  Aspirin actually increases your chances of hemorrhagic stroke by 40%. 
Aspirin can help you stave off a heart attack. In the studies performed on aspirin, plain aspirin did not work as well as buffered. Aspirin is buffered with magnesium. It is the magnesium and not the aspirin your body needs. 
Deaths due to heart disease are on the decline due to modern drugs. Deaths due to heart disease are climbing to epidemic proportions and deaths due to heart medications are also on the rise. 
Coronary bypass surgery is the only solution to clogged arteries and will extend your life. Actually, it was discovered that prayer alone was better for you than bypass surgery. People who have the surgery live no longer than people who don't. 
Doctors recommend a diet that is low in fat for heart patients. What do doctors know about diet? They don't even study nutrition. They know nothing about fats. It is not the amount of fat you eat but the type of fat. Some fats prevent heart disease.
Hardening of the arteries, deposits, clogging (Coronary Heart Disease) is the cause of heart attacks. Clogging is responsible for only 15 to 20% of all heart attacks. The real cause of 80 - 85% of all heart attacks is Vulnerable Plaque

* The Second Edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota, Cancer/Immune System Special Edition, was published in 1995. The articles are online and kept up to date at this web site. 

Now why would our medical establishment be so befuddled over something as common as heart disease? It's simple actually: as dysfunction in a family is handed down from generation to generation, so too is medical knowledge. Most people go to medical school to learn to help people. They don't go there to force drugs into us, cut us open, and make all sorts of money burying their mistakes. Most actually want to heal us and help us. The problem is how and what are they taught. Doctors are authorities and they believe authorities. The authorities told them that high cholesterol causes heart disease and so they will do anything to lower your cholesterol level. 

Then there are the drug companies. The pharmaceutical industry is the biggest single supporter of medical schools throughout the world. They determine curriculum and even sponsor the writing of text books. Does the pharmaceutical industry want to cure heart disease? Click here to read Dr Rath's take on the pharmaceutical industry.

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