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or the bad guys win

We've been threatened in the past. Steven Barrett threatened to sue us. I've received anonymous death threats over the phone. Arthur Vanmoor threatened us before we even could confirm that it was he who ran the Flu-Fighter's scam taking money from the terminally ill. Vanmoor was convicted of some 18 felony counts because of our investigative report.

Vanmoor sued us for a million dollars. We spent nearly $30,000.00 to have it thrown out of court.

So we are asking for your donations.

Here is how your financial support will be used.

First, all donations will go toward paying our attorneys.

Next, what is left over will go towards an insurance policy protecting the International Wellness Directory against further law suits.

And finally, if there are funds left over, they will go towards paying off our creditors. We are about fifty thousand in debt at the time of this writing. When we publish our books, many copies go out for free to people who need. At this site, we freely give away our research and information so that people may thrive and heal from it.

We now need your support, your financial support, more than ever.

Or you can send your donation to:

International Wellness Directory
36644 Hastings St NE
Stanchfield, MN 55080

Make the check payable to the International Wellness Directory and
note on the check: Donation.

We have recently checked our stats on the server where this site is hosted. We get some three million readers a year passing through here. Perhaps 100,000 of them come back again. Our newsletters have at least five thousand avid readers. Imagine what we could do if everyone just gave a little. Imagine what we could do if you dug deeper to make a difference.

Let's make 2006 the healthiest year on record.

Your servant.



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