Online Friends

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So many times we talk to faceless screen names. Here are some of my friends I've met online, mainly from the Cancer Support Chat room on AOL. Some are cancer survivors, some have cancer, some are taking care of a loved one with cancer, and some we now miss dearly.

Those who need your thoughts and prayers are marked with a .


Some here have web pages of their own, or would not mind receiving email from you. To go to their web pages, just click their picture. To send them email, click their screen name or email address. Keep in mind that people move, leave AOL, change their web page address w/o ever telling me. So YOU will have to tell me if there is a broken link.

 This collection of web pages is dedicated to my little friend, Kyla, who lost her battle with cancer in July of 99.



At 22 months old, Kyla was diagnosed with an inoperable and incurable brain stem tumor (Pontine Glioma). She went through five months of high dose chemotherapy until it became toxic to her body. Conventional medicine then gave up and with two months to live, she went Doctor Stanislaw Burzynski's clinic in Houston, Texas. After extensive, non-toxic treatments, the tumor stopped growing and the activity of the tumor decreased, until the summer of 1999 when it began to grow again and nothing would stop it.

This insurance company paid only for toxic therapies and not for the one therapy that gave Kyla a few years of joy. Her family is over their heads in debt. If you would wish to send a donation to cover their expenses, or clothing for their young children Savannah Lee (born 1/21/91) and Braelyn Margaret (born 3/29/99), the address is below. You may also send Mom (Juliet) an email asking her what she needs by clicking on Kyla's picture above.

The Freitags
P.O. Box 1134
San Antonio, TX 78294

Anything you wonderful people can do or send to help this family will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

This here is lovely Dovely (Sherryl).  Sherryl is a cancer survivor and the first person to send us a picture, Dec 1995.

This is Lee (LeeSail). He's semi retired and sails around the Caribbean half the year. He's always looking for a crew so email him if you want to party on the ocean. Write him if you wish to go sailing with him.

This is Margaret and her family. What a big heart this cancer survivor has!

This is Betsy. A long time visitor to our Cancer Support room, and responsible for the wonderful Hugfest in Atlantic City. Betsy lost her battle to cancer in 2002.

One of the first Hugfests in Virginia: Itsagizmo, Kachites, Camranger, Teapot303, HoneyHD 50.

Hugfest at Atlantic City.

Cindy (SheWolfC) is a breast cancer survivor and great supporter.

This is a picture of my sister and me from Christmas 2001.I'm on the right and my name is Jen (SunKisseed). I'll have been in remission for 2 years in June of 2002. My boyfriend also has Hodgkin's; he relapsed but is doing alright. His name is Mat, so please pray for him.

Kathy (KathEVP) and her husband. She tells us she's been in remission now for 4 years.

Monica (MocLynn) sent along a picture of her puppy.

Sandy (Tangtbit1) and Richard (Shahwk2)

Rick (Suave 873) and his new vet. Rick is in the hospital right now (1/18/02) and needs our prayers for a swift recovery. 

Rick passed away in 2002.

Jodie (Onagain89) and her daughter Grace. Jodie came into cancer support because her brother in law (Matt) and my father in law Doug were both battling cancer. Matt passed away July 20th, 2001. His picture is on Page 19.

Gizmo and Rox at the Hugfest.


If you want your picture here, just send it along, with a short blurb, and tell me whether you have a web page or want to receive mail. Click on the mailbox below to send me something.

Bless You All!