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I am not much of a theologian, but somehow it seems to me that God's greatest desire is for us to experience joy in this life. Not just once or twice, but every day God wants us to experience the joy of existence: a sunset, a snowflake, a dewdrop on a flower's petal.

Too often we feel we are here to experience pain, because it is with pain that we have become more familiar. However, time and again, one of us learns that to give to others, even when bombarded by our own pain, brings us joy, pure, divine joy. When we think of others, care for others, our own pains are diminished, as are diminished the pains of the person for whom we care. Joy breeds joy. Come and visit often, say a prayer, see if a new name has been added, send your love to them through your Creator. Your hearts will be full, joy will conquer suffering, and you will be blessed.

There is one Presence,
one Power in the universe:
a Creator of
Unconditional Love & Healing.


Does prayer work? Many people have been taken off this list because they've recovered.

From this Lighthouse on Lake Ontario, a place that means so much to our friend Rochelle (Roxy), she said a special prayer of thanks for all the people in AOL's Cancer Support Chat Room.

Rox, passed away in July of 2003.

Please pray for our soldiers, for their friends and families. Please pray for peace. 

Please say a special prayer for Georgia Stillwell, and all the soldiers and all the families of soldiers who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Andrew has suffered for years with a very trying, sometimes terrifying, condition that has defied diagnosis. 

Please pray for Violet Richardson who has mitro valve prolapse and shortness of breath.
Ann Foss had surgery, chemotherapy, and now her cancer is back and the doctors say there is nothing she can do. Sadly, she believes them.
Cheri has cancer & many health problems.
Please pray for Jeannine Campos a mother of three who has such a rare cancer (50 in the whole world) that no treatment or protocol exists. 
Please pray for my darling father Richard Patching.

I am requesting prayer for John a dear friend who has cancer and is currently going through chemotherapy.

Juanita Ward (and beloved wife of current minister, Elbert Ward ) has had numerous strokes the past few years.
A special prayer for Thommy.
Brian was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Anderson Rene (13) had surgery for a tumor behind her pancreas.
Please pray for my dad Anthony Santomauro for healing.
Lewis Patton is in the hospital with liver problems.
Marc is very ill and is having a very rare procedure.
Courtney, 16, has skin cancer - melanoma.
Please pray for my uncles Vengtas and Krishna who have stomach cancer.
Victoria McNelly has cutaneous lymphoma.
Dewayne has stage 4 lung cancer.
Maia, 9 years old,  was  diagnosed with a heart condition call right coronary artery anomaly. 
Bernie - Head Neck Cancer metastasized to lungs.
Suzanne Grimes is hospitalized with cancer.

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