For years we have avoided a lot of bells and whistles at this web site to allow for all browsers to visit.

If something does not work on this page, i.e., the scrolling text does not work, or the menu at the top does not show up, or the page just appears like crap on your computer, know that you can navigate anywhere on this web by using the manual links.

On our Home Page, the links are at the bottom. On every page where you cannot find links at the top, or on the side, you will find them at the bottom.

If you go to the Articles page (Table of Contents), there are no bells and whistles there, and you can navigate to anywhere within our entire web from that page.

We hope you enjoy our new look. The text files are easier to read, and you can always find a printable page.

If you need, you may write us and we will try to answer your question as promptly as possible.


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