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The International Wellness Directory
Not Just Minnesota Anymore

We want to help others find practitioners, healers, and resources. 

If you know a a massage therapist, holistic physician or chiropractor, or naturopath, or even a location that recycles things we don't want messing up our environment, like Styrofoam, please tell us.

Any healer, psychic, even astrologer (did you know that for people who believe in astrology, that after a reading their immune system is boosted?), or alternative practitioner: we want her/him in our database. The cost of finding them all is unbelievable. The cost of maintaining our database is ridiculous too, but that's our job.

What will you get in return? You'll be part of the solution, not part of the problem. And if you help out, we help you too by supplying you with names of other practitioners we've found in your area.

So EMAIL US THOSE NAMES, ADDRESSES, AND PHONE NUMBERS. A name, what they do, and a phone number is our minimum request. We'll spend the dime contacting them. And we will not bother these people for advertising.....we list them for free!

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