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April's Story

Manifesting Cancer vs. Manifesting Health

Three years ago when I was diagnosed with advanced small cell lung cancer, the outlook was not encouraging and neither were the Doctors or the statistics on my survival.  My first thoughts were to accept all the beliefs that surround a Cancer diagnosis: I was going to die. 

Accepting that, I had a deep desire to know how and why I found myself in this predicament. What I uncovered went far beyond the fact that I had been a person who had smoked.

I started to read books on how illness is a manifestation of our thoughts and emotions, and how stress could suppress the immune system.  It made perfect sense to me as I looked back over the year before my diagnosis and saw an event for which I had held deep grief and anger.  My view of cancer began to change and I started to see Cancer as a creation I had made with my mind and emotions. Just as I had manifested these thoughts and emotions in my body, so too had I manifested the Cancer. And if I could create it, I began to realize that I could uncreate it. This was my first glimmer of hope. 

I set about doing whatever would facilitate healing.  I began hearing about others who had healed themselves against all odds.  I began treatment for cancer believing in the possibility of full recovery and restored health.

Choosing health daily as a priority, I looked at every choice I made and judged it against one rule: would it lead to health or or illness?  

I changed my thinking and attitude from always expecting the worst, to looking for opportunities in life each day to enjoy whatever came along. I even discovered the benefits to having cancer in that I could learn from the experience and the treatments and pass these on to others who were struggling just as I had in the beginning.  I challenged myself to rise above the painful experience of treatment and realize that we are creators of our own lives, our own futures, whether we are aware of this or not.

I am now fully recovered with no sign of cancer in my body, and I am currently enjoying the best of health I've ever experienced in this lifetime.

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