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The following stories are fully documented reversals of cancer using either alternatives or a mixture of alternatives and conventional therapies. The people in some of these stories, either by choice or by fate (modern medicine could do nothing for them) allowed the natural healing ability of their own bodies to come forth.  

If you know of someone whose story should appear here, please have them contact us either by email: [email protected] or by phone: 763-689-WELL (9355).

Tom's Story - He won....and then lost. 

Jeff's Story - From Hospice to Healed in one week.

Frank's Story - Told to go home and die, he decided to go camping.

Susan's Story - She outlived the physician who handed her a death sentence.

Kathy's Story - From nightmares to snobby oncologists to healing.

Joe's Story - He nearly died for his his doctor and modern medicine. 

April's Story - She learned how to uncreate what she had created.

Debbie's Story - Prayer, Rife, Cayenne and a whole lot of Alternatives.

Beshant's Story - First the doctors ignored me and then they wanted to kill me.

Confession of an ex FDA employee - Prostate cancer and fibromyalgia led him to our site.

Bob's Story - He did everything right.

Susan's Story - She followed her intuition to a healthy life and is cancer clear for five full years.

Nancy's Story - The people at IAT helped her out, and saved her life.

Terri's Story - Told it would come back, and now she's symptom free.

Christine's Story - Her pup was diagnosed with uterine cancer.   New

H F's Story - Successfully Quit Smoking New

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