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Jeff's Story

We received a letter from someone who had been passed a copy of our newsletter on a Saturday night. The next day he went to a friend's house (his friend sold Microhydrin) and asked if he had any bottles of Phycotene (something we talked about in that newsletter). He bought two bottles and took them to his wife who was in hospice. She was having trouble keeping down food and was on a liquid diet (which stayed down pretty much) and he started opening the capsules and dumping them into her food as he fed her. He made her take ten capsules with every meal. By Thursday, she was up and out of bed. By Friday she wanted to go swimming with him (he worked out daily at a pool). Her doctor came and wanted to set up a CAT scan appointment for her, to which she responded, "You gave me a death sentence and I'm finally feeling better and now you want to fill me full of radiation? No way!" So, she settled for a blood test to show tumor markers, which were down to nearly nothing. On Sunday she left the hospice and went home.

I immediately wrote him back asking for updates and permission to print his letter and if he'd keep us all informed over the next few months, but he didn't get back to me until some three weeks later. His letter was really short. He apologized for not being able to help me as he and his wife were leaving for Europe where they plan to vacation for the next two years. 

Bon Voyage!

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