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Frank's Story

Frank was one of your original hippies. His address was Ogilvie, MN. He lived in a trailer house and owned a sawmill. You'd see him in town once or twice a year. He kept to himself and his small family. He lived in the woods. People all knew of him. He was a considered a character. He thought dog biscuits were the healthiest food ever invented. He liked to drink a little, never had that much money, but you never heard him complain. He never went to a doctor, except when he was really really sick, which was just once in the early fifties. Frank was in his forties. He went to the doctor with a terrible stomach ache. It turned out to be cancer. His doctor wanted to do surgery to find out how far it had gone. Two weeks after his first appointment in years with a physician, Frank had surgery. When his doctor visited him after the surgery, he explained to Frank that it took him two hours just to close him up. He had stomach cancer that had taken off, was everywhere, he was afraid to touch it for fear of spreading it further and faster. He told him to go home and get his things together.  

Frank was full of cancer. He asked, "How long?"

The doctor looked into Frank's eyes, "Two months, maybe three." 

Frank went home, but wasn't about to lie down and die. He thought there must be something, and sure enough he found a small pamphlet that said he should eat purple grapes and change his metabolism. Frank hated grapes. He tried, but couldn't eat them. He hated grapes. 

But Frank loved blueberries. Blueberries were like grapes, at least to Frank they were, so he headed north with the blueberries. When he arrived at the border of Canada, he had gathered over 100 quarts of blueberries, not to mention that he'd eaten gallons and gallons of blueberries while hunting blueberries for a month and a half. When he returned home, he ate nothing but the blueberries. When they were gone, Frank was convinced his cancer was gone too.

Frank never went to a doctor unless he was very very sick. Some twenty years later, Frank broke his foot. He went to his doctor who, upon seeing him, said, "You're supposed to be dead." 

Frank replied, "Blueberries, Doc. They cured my cancer. I just love blueberries. Every year me and the wife go blueberry hunting."

Frank lived in a trailer house in the middle of the woods. He had a saw mill. Everyone knew of Frank. He was a little strange. Frank ate dog biscuits and cured his cancer with blueberries. He lived a long life, dying of a stroke in his 80s. Frank loved blueberries.

Today, we know that miracles happen every day. They happen even more often when we allow them to happen and when we help them happen. 

Today we also know that blueberries contain two cancer fighting compounds: resveratrol and ellagic acid, two of natures most potent cancer killers that no one has been able to duplicate. In wild in blueberries, wild strawberries, and wild raspberries, we find greater amounts of ellagic acid and resveratrol, much greater than in their domestic counterparts.


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