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Susan's Story

When St Peter meets me at the golden gates, I will hand him Susan's letter and that will be my ticket through the gates.

Susan sent us a donation for the work at my site. She wanted to send us more, but she was starting her life over at 55 years old. She told me a story that, like many of your stories, touched my heart. 

She was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer at the age of fifty. She had surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. One year later, after she’d lost over 100 pounds, she lost her husband who, unable to handle her illness, had run off. Within a few short months she’d also lost her job, her friends, and her home. The doctors called her in to tell her that her cancer had metastasized to her bones, her brain, her lungs, and there were lesions on her liver. They gave her three, possibly six months to live.

Her only daughter took her in. She was resolved just to die quietly surrounded by her daughter and her two grandchildren. While her daughter went to work each day, she learned the computer and went online under her daughter’s account. She discovered our web site and read the article The ABC’s of Battling Cancer. She wrote that reading that article changed her life. She saw how this curse had actually been a blessing. It got rid of her no good husband and brought her and her daughter together again surrounded by the laughter of her grandchildren. She began reading all the articles at our site starting from the beginning with the explanations of the immune system. She decided to detox the chemotherapy from her liver, and followed the instructions in Cleaning House - The Correct Way to Detox. She said that the more she read, the more sense everything made. She realized her diet was feeding the cancer so she decided, instead, to starve the cancer first by fasting on water alone, and then by living off of organic vegetable juice and super foods. The next thing she noticed was that she had started to gain weight. She marveled that while fasting on juices, for three weeks, she gained two pounds. When she went back to solid foods, she ate mostly raw vegetables and some fruits, especially raspberries. She told me she'd found out all about raspberries and ellagic acid before we did. She said she ate a cup a day, first thing in the morning. She ordered the ESSIAC formula, Pau D’arco, and Jonathan Winter’s Tea. She sold her car and bought some MGN-3, beta glucan, hydrazine sulfate, and Colostrum with transfer factor. She took cayenne with every meal and ate 12 cloves of garlic a day. She told me how one line she had read made more sense than anything else: "Everything works when you do everything." She found a teacher and began learning Tai Chi. She picked up books and tapes on meditation and began meditating nightly. She said that the most powerful meditation she ever did was the Rainbow Meditation. She pictured the rainbow slowly filling her body and pushing the cancer cells out. She said that since I kept making changes to the Alternative Cancer Therapies pages, she opened them daily looking for new things to help her fight the cancer. She said that she ordered 90% of everything we talked about out our site: aloe vera; coffee specifically for coffee enemas; castor oil packs over her chest and liver, you name it.

Last fall, the physician who told her she had three to six months left to live died from a heart attack. In February of 2001, she was given a clean bill of health. Her new doctor told her it was a miracle. She said she laughed right in his face. When the young physician asked her what was so funny, she said she stood up and told him as she was headed out the door, "A camel passing through the eye of a needle. That’s a miracle. Turning water to wine. That’s a miracle. Getting healthy? That’s all attitude."

She thanked me for giving her her life back and for giving her her daughter back. She now has to start over again. She’s thinking of starting a day care center. Yes, the money is tight, but she’s got a lot of time on her hands now, and each new day is a blessing, each new day is a gift.

Needless to say, this letter has made my millennium.

Oh yes, and she sent me a joke; a joke about a woman who prayed every night for a miracle: "Dear Lord, please help me win the lottery." After exactly one year of praying, that night, after she'd said her prayer and had asked for the Lord's help, the room lit up with a bright light and a deep, resonant voice filled the room: "Help me out here. Buy a ticket!"


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