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Anarcha The true Mother of Modern Gynecology.
William Banting An obese London mortician whose name became a verb meaning "to diet."
James Barry Florence Nightingale said of him, "I should say that he was the most hardened creature I ever met." 
Elizabeth Blackwell The first female graduate of an American medical school.
Lawrence Burton His success got him tossed out of America.
Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski He took a very long journey to cure cancer, and no one could stop him.
Rachel Carson The environmental movement began because of her book Silent Spring. 
Edgar Cayce Medical intuitive, psychic, healer, prophet, nut? You make the call.
The Father of Preventive Medicine You'll have to read this to find out. 
Marie Curie Most brilliant woman ever in the sciences, but boy, did she make a huge blunder. 
Victor Herbert Quackbuster Gets Busted
Ancel Keys The man who made FAT and CHOLESTEROL the enemy. Pulled right out of his butt.
Sharon Lane First nurse killed in action in Vietnam
Linus Pauling Vitamin C, and Rock & Roll (and Science) New
Louis Pasteur Fraud? Plagiarist? Or just a researcher trying to get funding? Also included: The Myth of Pasteurization.
Weston A Price Called the Charles Darwin of nutrition.
Dr Marion Sims The Father of Modern Gynecology? or a beast?
Dr Mary E Walker Civil War Surgeon, Spy, Suffragette   

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