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Benefits of Sacha Inchi & Chia Oils

Both of these oils are high in Omega-3s and both have been touted for their external uses. We felt that since their benefits and uses have so much overlap that we should present their benefits and uses together.

Cardiovascular Health

The first thing you'll find when researching these oils is how they help raise your "good" cholesterol and lower your "bad" cholesterol. The problem with cholesterol is that the health industry's focus on it is misplaced, unscientific, and hugely profitable.

However, both of these oils can help to lower your triglycerides and that will help your cardiovascular system. Type two diabetics (and pre-diabetics) have a problem with triglycerides.

Next, these oils are anti-inflammatory which is truly a benefit for your cardiovascular health since inflammation is the main cause of heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, these omega-3s improve circulation.

Brain Health

Our brains need omega-3s, especially those from fish oils (DHA & EPA), but if we just focus on the anti-inflammatory properties of these two oils, then we know our brains also need these because brain inflammation has been recently blamed for a number of problems such as depression, fatigue, and memory issues.


We should all know the benefits of antioxidants. They prevent your body from rusting (oxidation). The sacha inchi and chia seeds contain natural antioxidants to protect the delicate oils within.

When we say delicate, we mean it. Most of you know that flax, once ground, can start to go bad in just fifteen minutes. One of our favorite products is called Omegasentials. It is ground flax, mixed with many cofactors, among which are just enough antioxidants to protect the delicate oils.

However, as much protection as these antioxidants give the oils, if you purchase them, refrigerating them is not a bad idea. The FDA gives these oils a 6 month lifespan. You can extend that a long way (to four years) by refrigerating them.

And yes, our bodies do benefit from the antioxidants in these oils too.


We've already touched upon this but we'd be remiss not to mention that consuming these oils also helps with joint pain. Some report that using these two oils topically also helps with joint pain.

Skin & Hair

Consuming these oils keeps our skin young and elastic, and our hair shiny. Giving them to your pets will do the same for them, keeping their coats healthy.


Our eyes, like our brains, need fats. These antioxidant charged fats help protect the eyes and keep them young, and can improve your vision.

In a study out of India, Chia oil consumption daily has been shown to eliminate dry eye syndrome. Because of the omega-3s and antioxidants, it's probably safe to assume that sacha inchi oil will do the same.

Using These Externally

Massage therapists have discovered these oils and use them as "carrier oils." A carrier oil is simply the main oil used in a massage, but infused with an great smelling essential oil, such as jasmine, or ylang ylang.

For a moisturizing, healing body oil, mix macadamia nut oil (about a quarter cup) with one of these (either chia or shacha inchi) (again about a quarter cup) and add a dozen or so drops of your favorite essential oil (jasmine, patchouli) and use it after a shower.

For your face, just three drops of either of these oils rubbed into your skin at night is all you need.

You can even use these oils as a conditioner for your hair, but make sure you rub it into your scalp well.

Again, because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of these oils, skin specialists recommend using  them on blemishes and rosacea, and your beauty experts report using them under your eyes to eliminate bags. Some also feel they have anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties.

Storing These Oils

Again, we highly recommend storing these oils in a refrigerator. No matter how antioxidant packed they are, refrigeration will protect them longer.


We have some great recipes that use Flax Oil, for which both of these oils can be substituted. Any recipe that calls for flax oil can have that oil substituted with either chia or sacha inchi. Yes, it's a bit more expensive, but aren't you worth it?

Our best heart healthy recipe, at least we think, is our Super Salad Dressing (and Dip), found here:

Simply the Best is thinking of carrying these oils, but will purchase and bottle just small quantities because they will be refrigerating them until they're shipped. You might want to go here and contact them. And as usual, they carry only the best at the best price: Simply the Best


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