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How to Alkalize

We have touched upon the subject of alkalinity in our books and at this web site, but have not really focused on it because there has not been an easy way to maintain our alkalinity. We can talk diet and lifestyle changes all day long, but who among those with cancer have sustained (longer than a week) the diet plan we have posted here (at this web site) for cancer?

Diet regimens are hard to stick to, especially when we crave our favorite foods. Sure, some of you have avoided sugar, but now and then you give in. We’re human.

Humans are weak.

This is why we have not focused on keeping our terrain alkaline: people just don’t want to change their diets. However, after some recent findings, I think that we can all get our health back with just a few minor changes in our habits and some of the helpful products, supplements, and devices we’ve uncovered. And once you’ve reached perfect health, by all means, come Saturday night, go out and have that Double Gut Whomper with Cheese and a bucket of Partially Hydrogenated Fries! Wash it down with a Sam Adams or one of those new alcoholic pops. Have some fun. Because it’s not what you do on Saturday night that counts, but what you do the rest of the week.

Our Regimen (For the Rest of the Week)

One of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet, with one of the greatest attitudes you’ll ever want to attain hangs out in AOL’s Cancer Support Chat Room. His name is Rick. He’s supposed to be dead, at least according to his doctors (or was it his wife?).

He’s using Cesium Chloride.

In our second edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota we made a mention to Cesium Chloride, but we hardly recommend it because of the possible side effects.

Never self-prescribe. Always get a physician or health care professional to monitor and guide you. For one thing, you need to take a lot of extra minerals with Cesium Chloride: potassium, calcium in particular.

Cesium Chloride is a dangerous substance if mishandled. There are a few studies using Cesium Chloride for cancer that showed significant success, but again, there are other options that are not as dangerous and that have fewer side effects. One problem with Cesium Chloride is that it reduces DRAMATICALLY your potassium levels which can lead to a heart attack. This is why potassium must be taken with Cesium Chloride.

Cesium Chloride tastes terrible (very salty) so one of the best ways to apply it is to mix it with DMSO and rub into your legs. Again, you still need extra Potassium, and it's best to not go this alone. Get a naturopath or osteopath to work with you.

We do know one thing about cancer: Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline, oxygenated environment.

(The following list is posted at our site in a separate article called Products To Help You Alkalize. It already has additional products listed, and it will be kept up to date as we research further on the subject.)

Electrolyzed Water

We have just discovered alkaline electrolyzed water. Your author took his pH from 5.8 to 7.0 in just one week on a regimen of this wonderful water. The problem with Electrolyzed Water is that it is NOT stable (no matter what anyone tells you), and it quickly turns back into ordinary water.

The companies selling this stuff have bamboozled people into believing (yes, they got us too) that they have stabilized this stuff; that the pH will stay where it is for years. However, the simple truth is that the pH starts to go down right away. We are still waiting for a company we know of to make a home model that will produce electrolyzed water for you daily. The machines we've found thus far are either A. not very good, or B. expensive.

That is until we discovered Balwell:

One of our readers got one and then I got one and it's just wonderful. Only took one trip to the hardware store to hook it up to my reverse osmosis filter. One problem depends on your water, and that is whether you can produce the powerful acidic water. My water couldn't.

The next best thing is a naturally alkaline water that we've found (and I use personally) called AquaLyte. I've tested the product. You put one sachet (tea bag) in a liter of water, let it sit overnight , then shake in the morning. I've seen it take water that was 5.8 up to 8.8 in just a few hours.

Personally, I realize that minerals are life. This is just one reason I add AquaLyte to my alkaline water. Another reason is, the alkalinity of electrolyzed water begins to drop off right away.

Go to Simply the Best to get some of this excellent water enhancer right away: AquaLyte.

Sodium Chlorite

Sodium Chlorite is a safe, natural substance that is a precursor to chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide releases oxygen into the blood stream and, according to Dr Young (his web and his book) it might also help to clean up foreign materials (toxins) in your blood stream.

With chlorine dioxide flowing through your body, the oxygen is released slowly which can slow and stop the growth (and spores) of candida.

One minor problem with Sodium Chlorite is that at medicinal doses, it causes a lot of nausea.

Update 9/2/08: we first wrote about Sodium Chlorite some 8 years ago. Since then, it has taken on miraculous attributes. It is now referred to, on the web, as the Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS. We were going to write about this, except that there is so much hype on the web, we figured that everyone will sooner or later find it.

When you go below the hype, you'll find that what we tell you here is all you need to know. It won't stop your cold or flu, reverse cancer or heart disease, or polish your old coins. It's an important part of alkalizing your terrain, and in doing so, you'll see many great results, mostly in the form of a lower inflammation index.

Here is the MMS main web site:

I recommend downloading the first part to Jim Humble's book. It was interesting. Obviously, Humble is a genius, however, he is no writer.

We are on a mailing list to receive updates on testing of MMS, and so far no one has cured their cancer with it, and many who tried to use it in a cancer regimen did not stick to it because of the nausea. MMS is no great miracle, but it has had some great results.

Green Drinks and Superfoods

You can bet that we’re going to focus on foods here that will help. Wheat grass and your superfoods are chock full of minerals and enzymes. The enzymes are both antimycotoxic (clean of the mycotoxins released by the yeast/fungal infections) and antioxidant, while the minerals play an important role in keeping cellular communication channels open.

Essential Fatty Acids

The foods we need most are no longer found in our diets. Essential fatty acids are so volatile, they are removed from our foods to get a longer shelf life. So many people are avoiding fish because of mercury that we're no longer getting our fish oils properly.

My favorite form of Omega-3s come in a product called Omegasentials (google it at our site and you'll find hundreds of references). In fact, I just got another pack this very day as I'm writing this. The product is water soluble and stabilized. It will last longer than any other flax product and since it is water soluble, it will go to work faster. You can purchase it through Simply the Best.

Additionally, I still use Flax Oil, Chia Oil, and Udo's DHA blend in my home made mayo and salad dressings, and I take an extra EPA from NOW foods daily.

For those of you worried about your cholesterol, don't. Get your good fats right here. The better the good fats in your body, the less your chance of heart disease and that is the simple and plane truth that your doctor doesn't know because he's never been taught it.


Garlic is one of the best medicines in the world. It has natural germanium (see below) and is antifungal and antibacterial (just to name a few things). Naturopaths recommend up to seven cloves a day (depending on your stomach and your ability to withstand garlic). And as always, we must warn you that if you intend to cook using garlic, please crush it up and let it sit for ten minutes before adding it to your recipe. It has to sit so that the enzymes can create the wonderful healing phytochemicals you’ll be needing.

Germanium (Organic)Jarrow's Germanium 100mg Super Size 60Caps

We list germanium in our Alternative Cancer Therapies because it enhances the capabilities of oxygen in our bodies. Dr Young points out that it has to be an organic germanium, possibly because of the damage the inorganic kind has been responsible for. Again, I think this is something to be used only under a physician's care. But by all means, germanium is a healing element that will add to your negative electrical charge and increase interferon production (to fight off the parasites and bugs that are trying to clean up your system.

Potassium Broth Recipe

Fill a large pot with 25% potato peelings, 25% carrot peelings and whole chopped beets (half and half), 25% chopped onions and garlic (more onions than garlic), 25% celery and dark greens. Add hot peppers to taste (or cayenne pepper). Add enough distilled/purified water to cover vegetables and simmer at a very low temperature for a minimum of 2 hours. Strain and drink only the broth, put the veggies in a compost (I feed my chickens). Make enough for two days and refrigerate the leftover broth. Do not store for more than two days. 


Or N-acetyl Cystein; something I take daily. I love to barbecue. But barbecues have a tendency to fill your body with all sorts of carcinogens (acrolein is one). NAC is a powerful anticarcinogen, antimycotoxin and detoxifier. It pulls heavy metals from your body and supports production of glutathione, the body’s most powerful antioxidant. It is anti-aging also, and the one mycotoxin, acetaldehyde, that is responsible for so much collateral damage in our bodies, is totally wiped out by daily use of NAC. It is truly amazing stuff.

Measuring pH

First off, we must monitor our pH. In his book, Alkalize or Die, Dr Baroody tells us that there is no good way to measure our pH because it fluctuates all day long. However, according to Dr Cochrain, a St Paul, MN Naturopath and Chiropractor, recent studies have shown that if we take our pH first thing in the morning (before our breakfast or yoga or anything) and take the pH of both our urine and saliva, that this will give a the best indication of our pH.

Our pH can be taken by using pH strips. Dip them in your urine and saliva and compare the color against the chart.

Next, we must ask ourselves, what are the major causes of acidity in our society? The following are not listed in the most acidic to the least acidic, but rather, the most acidic to lesser because of their usage in our society. Listed at the top is our greatest addiction in America. Following that, you will see Dr Baroody’s take on the most acidic "things" within our personal sphere.

1. Caffeine (coffee). I know you’re all going to hate to know this. The drug of choice in this world today is coffee, but it is ruining our health. However, if you purchase organically raised, shade grown coffee, you will not acidify your body to the degree that your standard coffees will. If you have a coffee addiction, take a look at your general health and see if you need to get a grip on it.

2. Soda Pop. When I was a kid, pop was a treat. Today it is a staple. Most people have three or four cans of pop each day. First off, the sugar in a can of pop will cause your body to become acidic. Sugar is an acidifier. And if you’re drinking sugar free pop, you’re not much better off as the aspartame in it turns into formaldehyde and acid in your body.

3. Anything containing carbon dioxide, phosphoric acid, aspartame™. If you drink charged water, you are drinking a waste product. Our bodies give off CO2 as a waste product. Why would anyone want to drink a waste product (if they thought about it long enough)? Aspartame® turns into formaldehyde and acid in your body. When you are acidic, your metabolism gets clogged down. The drink might say "Diet" but you won’t lose weight with this stuff in your body.

4. Meat, poultry, and fish. All of these "cooked" proteins cause our bodies to become acidic. Eating them raw would be a better option but ONLY if the methods we raised them and processed them were healthier.

5. Sugar. Especially white sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Anything with sugar added will increase it’s acidifying properties immensely. Additionally, we learned from Dr Cochrain that just one teaspoon of sugar will lower your resistance by 50% for up to 24 hours. (Mountain Dew has 8 tablespoons of sugar in one can.) And don't think substituting sugar with Aspartame®, it's even more acidifying (see below).

So, there you have it. Can you drink coffee and maintain a healthy terrain, yes, but not if you drink to excess. Can you eat meat and stay alkaline, yes, if you don’t overdo it and balance your meat with alkalizing fruits and vegetables.

Most Alkaline and Most Acidic

Dr Baroody created a little chart that I wish you all had. We are going to ask the good doctor for permission to reprint the entire chart here at our web site, but until then, look at the graph below for a little hint. You can see his full chart in his book, Alkalize or Die. (See our book recommendations at the bottom of this article.)

Most Alkaline   Most Acidic
Artificial Sweeteners

Toxins Equal Acid

The first thing we must all do is DETOX our bodies. We start with the colon, then the liver, and then the other organs and our blood and skin. To learn how to detox, you can read Cleaning House – The Correct Way to Detox.

It took us over 4 years to write that original article, mainly because there are so many methods out there that purport to detox your body. There are little pills that guarantee to detox your colon, which don’t really do a thing but take your money and give you the runs.

In natural medicine we focus on two things: What goes in and what comes out.

Doesn’t what goes in always come out? Nope.

There are those who say that all disease begins in the colon. This is a pretty strong statement, but if you consider that the second step in the disease process is when the yeast (that lives in your colon) takes off, well, I think we’re on to something. Yeast’s purpose is to break up and soften the stool. If given a chance to flourish, well, we are going to cover the digestive tract in our next issue of this newsletter.

Yeast begins to flourish in your digestive tract the moment your digestive process is slowed. In other words, if you don’t have a bowel movement 24 hours after eating (on a regular basis), your digestive tract is slow. You have indigestion.

Because indigestion is one of the first steps downhill to a good number of degenerative diseases, you might wish to read our articles on digestion: Digestion Part I, and Digestion Part II.

Detoxing beings in the colon. Everything that has been gathered up by the liver and by your cholesterol is dumped into the colon and expelled through your bowel movements. If it stays too long in the colon, it is reabsorbed.

Also, check out Electrolyzed Water for a detoxication program. (link temporarily out of order). But we have found probably the best electrolyzing machine available. Most are just way overpriced. The Bawell™ Water Ionizer.

Our Mental Chatter

Here is an experiment. Measure the pH of your saliva when you are feeling fine. Then, if you get angry (have a fight with your boss or spouse or for you men, you lose the remote) take your pH then too. And compare!

I did this the other day. I measured my pH at 6.8. That’s a pretty good place to be, between 6.8 and 7.0. However, a few minutes later, my neighbor called with some sort of horse emergency and darned if I could find my keys! The moment I uttered my first fiery word, I saw a pack of pH strips on my desk. I grabbed one and measured my saliva. It was off the chart. I had battery acid in my mouth (nearly).

The pH of our saliva gives us our emotional state. The more alkaline the better our state; and the more acidic, the more emotionally troubled we are. This is a plain and simple fact. If you take care of your body, but ignore your emotions you will not maintain your terrain. Hence, we called this regimen an Holistic Approach. We are focusing now on caring for our entire person, the Holy Trinity, as it were, consisting of the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Did you know that attending a church service will raise your pH? Praying produces negative electrical charges within our bodies.

Let us take a look at the water molecule broken apart:

H+ OH-

The hydrogen ion on the left has a positive charge; the hydroxyl ion on the right has a negative charge. The left is acidic; the right is alkaline and has oxygen. In nature, opposites attract and these two form a water molecule consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This molecule is balanced, with no charge and is neither alkaline nor acidic, but is neutral. To maintain proper pH we have to be in balance like the water molecule.

Alkalinity and a negative electrical charge go together. This is where our magnetic therapies come in, our Yoga and Qigong and Reike and acupuncture also. This is where a trip to the mountains or the oceans or the Grand Canyon come in. Love and happiness and families unfettered by conflict build electrical charges in our bodies.

Oxygenated water (ozone), alkaline water, negatively charged water and beds giving off negative ions; these are new products being developed for the sole purpose of charging and alkalizing our bodies. They don’t cure any particular disease, they just make our terrains well again. And, as you will see in the article Electrolyzed Water (link temporarily not working) when you care for the terrain, you just get healthier, no matter what the problem.


I highly recommend the book Alkalize or Die, but it is presently out of print and hard to find, though I found a bunch of copies by searching the web. The author lists foods and their alkalizing (acidifying) potentials. Most fruits and vegetables (especially the dark green ones) are alkalizing. Exceptions are plums, blueberries, and cranberries. It is good to note that even something acidifying can still contain healthful nutrients. Meat contains CoQ10, which is needed for energy at the cellular level. Without it, your cells die. Blueberries contain phytochemicals that fight heart disease and cancer. Tomatoes are just a tiny bit alkalizing, but can fight all sorts of cancers and protect the prostate, that is, if they are not cooked all day long in aluminum pots.

Dr Revici, who developed a very unique cancer regimen, referred to foods as either anabolic (constructive) or catabolic (destructive); this was Revici’s way of categorizing foods that cause our bodies to turn alkaline or acidic. One thing he noted, along with a few other physicians (like Dr Albert Schweitzer), is that sugar and salt are catabolic. However, Revici was referring to white sugar and ordinary table salt (Celtic Sea Salt is anabolic because of all the minerals [colloids] it contains). See The Revici Method in an early newsletter.

Most sugars are acidifying. Honey is not. Sucanat™ is just a bit alkalizing. All products with sugar added are acidifying. Processed foods are definitely acidifying.

Here is something I just learned and really have to pass on to you. Take any pickle from your local supermarket. It is terribly acidifying. Now, take a pickle that you made at home, using Celtic Sea Salt, organic non-pasteurized apple cider vinegar, fresh organic cucumbers (and onions and garlic and peppers) and fresh organic spices, and you have the exact opposite of an acidifier. You have an alkalizer. Again, this is just one more reason to eat organic whole foods. Here are our Healthy Pickle Recipes.

And always keep in mind that just because something is alkaline or acidic IN ITSELF doesn’t mean that it will pass that property to your terrain. The author of Alkalize or Die did a lot of research for this book to show that you don’t know what something will do to your body till it is tested. So, pick up a copy of that book. Remember? Lemons are very acidic, but in your body they are a potent alkalizer.

Oh, and asparagus. Don’t forget the asparagus. Dr Baroody points out that any food that has been frozen, canned, etc. will lose a half a point in his alkalizing scale. Basically, the more processed a food is, the less alkalizing it is. His chart goes from 0 to 8, 8 being alkalizing to the fullest, and 0 being acidifying (to the fullest). But asparagus is one vegetable that is always alkalizing no matter what form it is in (though, yes, when canned it does drop that property slightly).

In fact, there is an asparagus cancer cure, in which all you eat is asparagus (a mono diet is a diet of one thing).

And don’t forget melons. All your melons are alkalizing.

Beets ─ A Special Note

Beets have been on everyone's mind because of heavy advertising. The reason for the hullabaloo is that beets, besides being very alkalizing, they provide the "miracle molecule," nitric oxide.  The importance of NO (nitric oxide) in the body is so great that the three scientists who described its actions in the body were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1988.

Nitric Oxide: prevents blood clots, relaxes blood vessels, enlarges blood vessels, regulates blood pressure, improves circulation reducing stress on the heart, reduces the accumulation of acidic plaque, and mediates inflammation and pain. [Nitric Oxide Pain and Inflammation]

Our article on beets is worth reading: Beet Juice ― Great Stuff or Latest Fad? And if you don't read this, you should know that Simply the Best has made available to our readers the most inexpensive, organic beet juice powder available, right here: Organic Beet Juice Powder.

Lemon Squash

And finally, let us jump back to the late 18 hundreds and Antoine Béchamp. He discovered that drinking Lemon Squash all day long was one of the healthiest things anyone could do. What is Lemon Squash? Originally it is water with a little lemon in it. In her book, The Fat Flush Plan, Ann Gittleman has you drink one half lemon in hot water daily during the first phase of her diet plan. After that, you drink water with lemon all day long. This keeps the kidneys working and helps to alkalize the body. It was good for you over a hundred years ago, and it’s still good for you.


In the heat of the summer, we see people drinking gallons and gallons of pop, ice tea, ice frapacinos, you name it. There is nothing like home made lemonade for alkalizing on a hot summer day.

Juice fresh lemons till you have a full cup of lemon juice (or a bit more if you like it strong). Then boil up water, and put between a quarter cup to a half cup of honey in a large bowl. The amount is up to you, the more the sweeter. Mix in the boiling water, just a little, to melt all the honey. Then in a large pitcher, pour the honey mixture and lemon juice. Add up to 64 ounces (a half gallon) of water.

You can avoid the boiling if you substitute Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar for the honey, however, honey is the only alkalizing sweetener (though just slightly).

Let's go over the ingredients ratios one more time:

½ Cup lemon juice to 32 oz of water, with ¼ to ½ cup honey (or substitute) depending on your taste.

Better still, ten scoops of Better Stevia (using the enclosed scooper).

To make this drink even better, you can thinly slice some lemons and add the slices. Then try this: slice up some fresh strawberries and add those.

Next, add the smallest pinch of pure Original Himalayan Crystal Salt ™, just to get a kick from it's inherent energy.

And now you've got something. Refreshing, alkalizing, and when you're through drinking, you still have some fresh strawberry slices to munch on. 

Remember, the fewer chemicals in your food, the more alkalizing it is. This is why your best lemonade will be made from organic lemons.

Vinegar & Honey (Elixir of Life)

Julius Caesar and George Washington gave it to their troops before battle. Hippocrates gave it to all his patients. In the Pharaohs tombs, they sealed it in large vases to take this into the next world. It helps to oxygenate the cells, improve circulation, balance your pH, normalize thyroid function and metabolism, rid the body of lactic acid and calcium deposits, increase circulation, absorption, and assimilation of vitamins and minerals. A simple mixture of Vinegar & Honey. But the vinegar must be raw, non-pasteurized, apple cider vinegar. All other vinegars are catabolic (acid forming).

Some people like to mix them full strength in the morning and drink it down: a shot of vinegar and a shot of honey together. However, we got this ancient formula and will present it here:

Mix 1 cup of the apple cider vinegar with ½ cup of honey (can use less or more honey, depending on your taste. You will take three tablespoons daily.

One way to drink this is by mixing 3 tablespoons with 2 to 36 oz (the more fluid will not lessen the potency, as long as you drink it all in the same day) of water, juice or tea and sip on it throughout the day.

Oxygen is Life

Have you ever heard of the Yogis who went into a trance and were buried for 30 days or more, and when they were dug up, they were in perfect health?

There are stories of Yogis who died, and their bodies did not start to rot for a month.

Their secret was oxygen. Yogis practice breathing exercises that charge their cells with oxygen. Practitioners of various modalities of meditations, yoga, and qigong live longer than people who do not practice these "internal" arts. This is because part of the practice is deep breathing and oxygen is alkalizing.

Oxygen is life.

Deep Breathing Exercises

First we must talk about the way we breathe, here in our society.

Next time you get a chance, watch a baby breathing. The baby never stops. Breathing is one continual movement. Watch a dog breathe. Same thing. One continual movement.

In our society, we stop breathing. In the middle of a crossword puzzle, hanging a frame, repairing a toaster, or untying a knot, most of us suddenly stop breathing to focus on our work.

We learned this young, the moment we got into trouble and heard our name yelled out at us. We stopped breathing.

Now, back to that baby. If the baby is lying supine, watch the baby’s tummy. With every breath, the tummy goes up and down.

Right now, close your eyes and observe how you breathe. Is your breath caught up in your chest or does it go deep down into your abdomen?

Adults have forgotten how to do these "baby breaths." Most of us breathe into our upper lungs and raise our shoulders. Only a portion of our lungs exist up there. The diaphragm is below our lungs where most of the air sacs exist.

Deep breathing means (besides learning to breathe all over again) thrusting the diaphragm downward pushing out our tummies (no one likes to appear in public with their tummy extended) first and then filling our chests afterwards. This is hard to practice at first, but believe me, you’ll get used to it.

Deep Breathing Exercise #1

You can do this in any position - lying, sitting or standing.

  • Quiet the room of distractions like turning off the television or closing the door.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose. Pretend you are sniffing a flower. When you inhale, your abdomen or stomach should rise and then your chest. Hold for a few seconds.
  • Exhale in reverse pattern through your mouth. Let your body relax and go limp. Do this over a few seconds.
  • As you inhale, you can say to yourself, "I am" and with exhaling saying "relaxed."
  • Repeat this as long as you need (a few to 10 minutes).

Notes: If you feel like you are short of breath, take a few regular breaths and when you feel better, continue the deep breathing.

When tense or anxious, your breathing becomes irregular and shallow. Deep breathing has long been known to have relaxing properties. Oxygen tends to revitalize, energize and relax.

Deep Breathing Exercise #2

  • Lie on the ground or sit in a position where your spine is straight.
  • Tense all the muscles in your body completely as you inhale. Concentrate on the tension and hold tight while slowly counting to ten.
  • Gradually let the muscles go as you exhale and feel the contrast. Try to let go and relax totally. Repeat two to three times. Exhale completely.

Notes: To check whether you are breathing into your lower abdomen, place one hand on your chest and the other on the abdomen over navel.

Inhale and feel which hand moves the most. If your breathing is efficient, the lower hand should move the most.

Once you’ve learned to breathe into your tummy, inhale very, very slowly, allowing the breath to enter effortlessly through your nose. At the same time, push out your abdomen as though you were blowing up a balloon in your belly. Move your chest as little as possible.

After your abdomen is stretched, expand your chest with air. This fills up the middle part of your lungs. Hold the breath for about five seconds and then slowly begin to exhale. As you do so, let your abdomen fall and relax. Repeat this for twenty breaths. Focus your attention on the movement of your abdomen as you inhale and exhale.

Simple Weight Loss

As touted above with the Vinegar & Honey mixture and the effect this solution has on the thyroid and metabolism, when we alkalize our bodies (add oxygen) our metabolism rises. If you don’t have a thyroid problem, just alkalizing your body will help you to lose a few pounds.

Now, I’m not about to leave you here hanging. Over the next few months, we’re going to focus on foods, products, supplements and methods of alkalizing our bodies. We want to review a variety of waters (many of you know that one of my greatest interests involves water). And if you have anything to add, please send it along!


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