Carla Albers
of Integrated Bodyworks

You would think that one healing in a day is enough, but no, not me. I want it all!

After my delightful session with Nancy Lindgren, I ran all the way to Excelsior to meet with Carla Albers. It was worth the time and effort and all the trafficulty getting there.

Carla is soft spoken, permanently smiling, and carries an angelic aura about her. I was intensely interested in her specific talent because it had sounded, at first, like she did a simple facial massage. However, as we spoke and as I learned more about Carla and this particular form of "healing," I began to realize that I was treading on new ground here.

She does what is called Facial Rejuvenation. It comes from a long history of healing, apparently dating back to ancient Egyptian times: 

Facial Rejuvenation is an ageless hands-on healing art of head reflexology and cellular rejuvenation. Using a carefully developed system of patterned strokes which activate the twelve major nerve centers on the head, the whole body is "reflexively" awakened. As emotional crystallizations in the cells are dissolved, there is a shift in the physical body, particularly in the face, which holds every pattern, every impact, every trauma one has ever experienced. Facial rejuvenation is a nurturing technique that ultimately helps to heal the body, mind, and spirit -- the very essence of who you are -- reawakening the beauty beneath the surface of your skin. 

Now the theory behind Rolfing is that we store our memories and traumas in our bodies and that realigning our bodies releases those memories and traumas.

This is what Carla does, except unlike psychological modalities that make you relive the trauma as it is released, Facial Rejuvenation releases them from the cellular memory and you do not have to deal with them, face them, or relive them.

Having been diagnosed with PTSD for some time now, this interested me.

But there is much more to the story. Carla smiled at me saying, "This is very sacred work."

That melted me. Iíve met so many gifted individuals in our healing community; so many who work from the heart. Yes, everyone should work from the heart, whether you stock shelves or dig ditches, but healing is truly heart centered work. And to raise it up even further as Nancy Lindgren and Mary St Michael and Carla Albers do lifts us all to a higher plane of existence. I giggled knowing I was about to experience a Sacred Facial Rejuvenation.

Youíre not going to believe this, but I was pampered for nearly an hour and a half. Carla, bless her heart, worked on me for as long as I needed it. I had no idea what I needed, but Carla did. I asked her later, "Were you praying over me?" and she responded matter-of-factly, "Why of course."

I slipped in and out of consciousness during Carlaís work. She pampered me from the top of my chest to the top of my head. She did a nice hot herbal wrap in the beginning. The oils she used on me were very special and hand made. I was literally in heaven.

The ambiance of her work space was softly lit. Soft, soothing music just right for meditation flowed about me and when she finished, she got up and played a crystal bowl and created a sound that seemed to open every cell in my body and fill them with grace. It was a real trip, as we said in the sixties. The ringing of that sound stayed with me for another fifteen minutes and vanished only once I was back in traffic.

This is a special treat. If you have the time, this is a must "try." But donít tell too many friends. Something that feels this good is bound to be prohibited if our government ever hears of it.

Carla has moved out of Minnesota to: 517 Barela Lane, Santa Fe, NM  87505, Telephone:  505-955-7897, email: [email protected]

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