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We recently lost Heidi (Heidi555). She fought a long, hard battle with cancer
and is an inspiration to everyone around her. Her family and all of us
will miss her dearly.

Jeanne H Schroers had no fight left in her when cancer struck for the
third time at the age of 81. She married a wonderful man with six kids of his
own (just 15 years ago) and is now dearly missed by kids and grandkids and
great-grandkids alike. You can visit her site by clicking on her picture.

Alton A Rask, the loving father of Onalee (
Onalee316) left us on August 15th, 2001.
Here he is at his favorite fishing hole.


Pat passed away after a long battle with colon cancer. She has left behind
a lot of friends who loved her, supported her, and prayed for her and her
family. Below are pictures of "roomies" visiting her.

Hardywoman's daughter writes: "Mom had cancer for 16 years. She fought so hard. They gave her 3 months to 3 years in 1985. I hope that younger people in the room feel inspired knowing that she lived that long with cancer. It had spread to her spine, her femur, and her liver. I took care of her since 1990. It got really hard at the end, because I didn't want her to give up, or give in to the disease. But I know that she is about to have the best Christmas of her life."

Hardywoman was an inspiration to all of us.


Arden (Rburde1209) left us on November 27, 2001. She became a cancer supporter while her husband battled with terminal cancer. She was a great friend to all.


Matt (Onagain89's brother in law) passed away on July 20th, 2001 after a long battle with cancer.

Arvena63's son lost his battle to cancer in 2001.

Sharon's (Srodgerslo) brother Ron passed away just four short months after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

Teresa Maria Arruda fought a valiant fight to stay just a little longer with her children. Our hearts go out to them.


We (
KPritch893) lost Jake on December 7. He left this world with just his Dad and I with him holding him, telling him we loved him and that it was ok to go. He's our sweet angel. Visit his web site:



When you see the say a little prayer,
think a healing thought.

Visit our prayer list page.


Barb (
BNorris000) and Pat (PJE IMAGE).

Darla Mohr (LifesJusAFantasy) has been fighting ovarian cancer since 1997.

Top Left to Bottom Right: Mary Ann (Wrrnhottub), Pat (PJE IMAGE), Ruthie (Roamer 318), Jackie (Pat's husband) and Barb (BNorris000)

Pat was taken from us 10-13-01

Here's Rick (suave826) and his vet. He says he's still rejecting (a year after his BMT), taking more drugs than he can count, but he's still here and there's always hope when you're still here.

Debra Ann (Debra in MN) beat her cervical cancer good.

Arvena63 lost her son to cancer.

Sweetbuns216 is trying to support a friend with a "terminal" cancer.

Dian, just diagnosed with breast cancer, needs prayers (and a new doctor). She's on over thirty medications, most of them prescribed before her cancer diagnosis (duh).

Belinda.(holding Jack of is a breast cancer survivor. I went the "conventional" therapy route and I am lucky to be alive 7 years later (though now I'm still fighting the side effects). My oncologist said mine was the worst path report she'd ever seen.

Bill and Mel (MelNBilloo7) wanted to update their picture here. So, this is them, happy (and probably sleepless) in Seattle.

Debbie (MRAT468) with her granddaughter Jadelyn is a one-year cancer survivor, taking each day, one day at a time.

Jenn (UtProsim1993) is beating her cancer every day.

Kathy (KathEVP) and her hubby checking in. She's still a survivor and is not going back.

Richard and Sandy. Just checking in with a new photo.

Rhonda (Sweetttthingg) and her daughter.

Kathy (KathPar) is finished with reconstruction and on the road to total recovery. She still needs our prayers.

Judi (HuggyBearLuv) writes: April 4, 2001 was a rather earth shattering day for me. That's when I was first diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The first words to my oncologist were "if you cant get me well so that I can see my 104th birthday then refer me to an oncologist who can."

Kathy (SunnyNbama) from Glenna's Garden Buddies and Cancer Support Room since 1996 when husband first got sick with colon cancer. He passed away in June 1998. Our precious grandson and our beautiful daughter are pictured here. I still hang out in the chat rooms promoting cancer awareness, praying for more research to protect our babies, and sharing our experience and support with all cancer patients and their loved ones.

Laurie (lagcat) and her husband Bob and a friend.

Angel50g2 has been in Glennas chat for over 6 years and is a survivor of ovarian cancer "This is my husband David and I on our 1st anniversary in 2000 in Las Vegas. I would love to receive email from anyone who needs a friend or a shoulder to cry on."

Annette (AMOLINA451) and her three children. She's been fighting lung cancer for a long time and isn't giving up.

Larry and Dotti (djeancody2); ovarian survivor in remission from 1972 until 1998, now the battle is on. Larry is a great supporter for me I don't know what I would do without him.