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Betty (AnglyLuvr) was taken from us on August 3, 2002.

We have lost a very good friend to the Cancer Support chat room. He was a friend of mine and a friend to all. He was always there for everyone. His heart was as big as Texas and he was a Desert Storm Veteran. His tour in that war left him with Leukemia. He fought a long hard battle and his last stand was his bone marrow transplant. It was not successful and the fact that he stuck around a year after just shows how much of a fighter he was...and how much he loved those around him. He attended many hug fests, was always there for people in pain, and was loved and respected by all. I know I will miss him. Please say a prayer for all of those who are suffering from his passing. 

Goodbye, Rick. I love you, my good friend.

James Michael McCready was taken from us on September 17th, 2002. 

We had to say goodbye to Sherry in November of 2002. She left behind two beautiful children and a man who loved her dearly. 

Betsy was taken from us in December of 2002. Betsy was very active in Cancer Support and was the one most responsible for the get-togethers we now call Hug Fests. She was a fighter, a supporter, and loved by all. She is sorely missed by all.

Mario passed away after a long battle with leukemia. If you would like to read about his legacy, just click on his picture.

DarlaE58  recently lost her sister, Deb who battled breast cancer for five years. She and family are all in our prayers. 


We lost Vinny (Angelo Ricci) in April of 2003. Everyone in Cancer Support Chat misses him.

Tammys758 lost her mom and best friend, Joy on February 3rd 2003. Tammy is in our prayers.

We just lost Bobbi (MyCove2007), April 19th, 2003. Everyone who knew her is in a lot of pain. 


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Jeff (DNTDKNIGHTJDV) lost his battle to cancer.

Jen (Smuckers1018) on the right at her prom. Jen's been coming into the Cancer Support Chat Room since 1998 after her aunt died from cancer.

Brian (MANOFTHEWORLD) is now two years into remission from Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Pam (PAMK149) and her husband (at their son's wedding). Pam tells us she's now 5 years in remission from breast cancer.

Jen (JenniWinters) with some friends. Someone please tell me Jen's new screen name.

Angel Hendrickson ( was diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomyo-sarcoma in 1973. She underwent chemo at the age of 16. "I wanted to die. I ran away from the hospital in Indiana and went to California until I had to return home from being so ill. If I had stayed in my hometown in Indiana to be treated they were going to remove all my insides that were not vital to survival. My parents took me to the Mayo Clinic where they saved my life and also have allowed me to have children ( 5 kids-3 grands). I had cervical cancer in 1986...and survived that also. The docs at Mayo did not think I would survive either but I proved everyone wrong. I would like to communicate with other long term survivors of Rhabdomyosarcoma."

Kelly and Dan vacationing in Florida. See the picture on the right.

Kelly (Bimboken) was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in march of 2000, one day before her 20th wedding anniversary. She had two stem cell transplants using her own stem cells and is in remission now. "I couldn't have done it without God and the love of my life, my husband Dan."

Here she is with her miniature horse: Zip.

MAMhall4 is a nursing student and has  been coming to AOL's Cancer Support Chat Room for a long, long time. Her father has Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. beat her cervical cancer and is now an ordained minister.

Chad (CR749) and Kathy. Chad just underwent surgery for testicular cancer and says he'll beat this stuff for sure.

Rich (Rich40241) has stage 3B adenocarcinoma and has the greatest attitude on earth.






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Paula ( suffers from poor medical care since the age of 4 and writes to us stating: "Thank you for your great work in the newsletter. People need to know the things that doctors do are not always the best or even the right thing."

Patti (AH SIN) from NY is now beating her breast cancer and we all want to pray it doesn't come back. She's got a boy in the army who will be going to Korea Jan, 2003. 


Connie (
Thisishername) is a friend of James Michael McCready who passed away in September of 2002. She is now a regular in AOL's Cancer Support chat room. 
On the Right is me,....Justin (akatito847) a few weeks ago.  I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in November 2002.  I am in school at Lake Forest College and studying to be a Youth Pastor.

Nick is Justin's (to the left) brother. They both have cancer. They were diagnosed just days away from each other.

He asks for prayers for his brother, Justin, who is in the hospital right now (1/12/03) with heart problems.




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FairGina seint us an updated picture. She's on Page 13.

Bob (Bobster2u) was diagnosed with Hodgkins' Lymphoma.1985
He goes back to MD Anderson every two years.  "As of 1996, they pronounced me 'Cancer Free', which I'm assuming means - remission - and
I'm free to go about my normal life.  Cancer changed my life, but I would have to say it was for the better.  I'm more interested in people and experiences now, and less concerned with the 'materialistic' world so many people focus on."

He started a new chat 
On AOL: Friends - Make Cancer History

Theresa (TerriMariexoxo)  Breast cancer, stroke (blood clot to the brain) & Car Wreck all in the year 2000.  Now fighting a spot in her lung.

Barb (TiggerLiIIie) says that her daughter Vanessa (left, her brother Tommy is on the right) had a brain tumor removed on Jan. 30,2002. It was called a medulloblastoma. They did remove all the tumor and she under went 31 treatments of radiation and now in 8 cycles of chemotherapy. each cycles takes about 6-8 weeks to complete. she would like to receive any letters from anyone or even i would like to here from you all. and thank you very much for the prayers that you send this way.


Sallie (MrsJay521) was a visitor to Glenna's Garden back in 1996 when her late husband had cancer. She is an angel who works with special kids.