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People are like snowflakes: no two are alike. What works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another and can, at times, do damage. This information is presented to you as information only and is not designed for self-assessment or self-treatment. Never go it alone. Find a professional to help you on your way to perfect health.

Because I'm spending most of my time (nearly ALL my time) trying to finish up the Third Edition of Wellness Directory of Minnesota, the Cardiovascular Edition, this newsletter is going to focus on a lot of the research that is going into that publication. You will meet more of the people who are in the directory. Some have helped us with our research and one is a particularly important cancer clinic that uses nontoxic methods and has had some remarkable results--much better than any conventional clinic in this country.

Additionally, as in the past, we'll have lots of fun facts, only this time, they are coming from the Bathroom Reader's Institute. Yup, we've formed an agreement with Uncle John and his collection of Bathroom Readers to reprint some of his "amazing/fun" facts as long as we link you to a site where you can purchase his wonderful books. I personally get a real kick out of his stuff. The chapters are short, most of them just one page, every page has a fun fact on the bottom margin, and they remind me of the Ripley's Believe it or Not series I grew up with, except that Uncle John actually checks into the accuracy of his materials. Ripley, being the showman he was, never did and reported a lot of bunk. So, now, with our links to this series at Barnes & Noble, if you purchase a book there, you will be supporting our efforts here cuz we get a small percentage. How's that? And remember, the Bathroom Readers Institute creates fun reading for people on the go!

Someone sent one of our readers a picture she'd taken of the Twin Towers. I thought I'd share it with you. Click on it to enlarge it. 

And the other day, I received a quick email about a wonderful coincidence/synchronicity for you numerologists. I went online and found a European digital clock, loaded it on my desktop, and here's what I captured at 8:02 in the evening:

And I know we have stated on our opening page ( that we don't use any java script or CGI programming so that ALL browsers, even those that don't do graphics, will be able to read everything at this site, but someone sent me the "clock" that follows your cursor and it was just too cute not to use here. So, enjoy...but if you don't want the clock bothering you, just place the mouse cursor outside of this newsletter.  

On a more personal note, there is a movie in the theaters (released March 1st) called We Were Soldiers that, if you can stomach it, I encourage you all to see. I've read the reviews fellow vets (who were invited to the premier) and they say that it's pretty darn close to real with just a few complaints about how the gunships flew (apparently no one's crazy enough to fly that way for Hollywood). It's about Vietnam. It's about one of the most savage battles in the history of American warfare, when 400 American troops from the 1st Cav were dropped into Landing Zone X-ray. They quickly discovered that they were surrounded by 2000 North Vietnamese Regulars.  

Keep a look out for a pilot by the name of Ed Freeman in the movie. He's the pilot who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in July of 2001 for his actions on that day in November of 1965. He flew in and out of that hell some 21 times bringing in water and ammunition and pulling out the dead and wounded. 

david_nam.jpg (60551 bytes)Vietnam produced more cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than any other war in history and there are many theories for this such as, there was no support at home, returning vets were spit upon, no one spoke of it afterwards (like it had never happened), and of course there's always the simple fact that we were fighting a war that could not be won. The list goes on. (That guy on the right is yours truly, age 19.)

If you can't take the gore (again, the reviews I've read thus far claim the movie is true to both subject matter and the reality of warfare), then perhaps you would like to visit the official movie site which is superbly done and contains many links you'll want to check out:

When I see the faces of the actors in this movie, it's hard to believe we were once that young, that crazy, that scared and that brave.  And to my brothers reading this newsletter, I just want to say, Welcome Home, and I'm proud to have served alongside of every single one of you. 


1. Meet the Aidan Clinic in Tempe, Arizona (they've developed [and patented] two new weapons in our battle against cancer)

2. Time Magazine's 2001 Wrap-Up on Alternative Medicine- Ten Foods That Pack A Wallop

3. Epidemics - My Favorite Five

4. Meet Dr Garry Gordon

5. Why I Don't Hate Doctors (You'll love this story!)

6. Letters

7. Fluoride 

8. Meet Flint River Ranch Pet Foods

9. Meet Carolyn Sheets - Healing Ways in Duluth

10. Diet Scams

11. Herpes Therapy - Physician in charge of this double-blind study says it's the most effective treatment he's ever seen.

12. Wobenzym Update - It's Baaaaaack! 

13. For Your Inflammation - New product designed by Dr Gordon

14. Fever - The Body's Way to Heal Infections



This Just In...
just as I'm sending out links...

The medical world is beginning to admit that regular screening using mammograms is just not producing the results they thought they would, and are probably doing more harm than good. Dr McDougall (who has a wonderful newsletter at has a great article here:

Not to brag, but we pointed out some of the drawbacks to mammograms about a year ago: Mammography Versus Thermography

Meet the Aidan Clinic
Special note: The Aidan Clinic has closed and all the wonderful people there have moved to the Bahamas where they now run ITL (Immuno-Technologies Cancer Clinic) formerly known as the Immunology Research Centre.

ITL Cancer Clinic
East Atlantic Drive
Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
[email protected]
Fax: (242) 352-3201
(877) 785-7460

The folks at Aidan Clinic found us before we found them. Like many people practicing medicine on the cutting edge, they liked what we had to say and asked to be listed. Since listing them, I've had the good fortune to read more about them and listen to a lecture by their founder and chief researcher, Neil Riordan. 

Neil is not a physician, but rather a physician's assistant. His father ran an oncology clinic in Oklahoma and this is where Neil got his interest in fighting cancer. He is a consummate researcher, has published in all the big medical journals, and he holds 5 US and International patents and has 7 patents pending.  

Currently he is the president and CEO of Aidan clinic and is responsible for the research and development of protocols and therapies used there. 

Aidan clinic is a research-based facility providing comprehensive care for people with cancer. Their care includes dietary supplements C-Statin, Imm-Kine, and IVC-Max.

IVC-Max is a form of intravenous vitamin C. Taking vitamin C orally can produce diarrhea. Intravenously we don't get the same side effects. IV vitamin C is one of the alternative cancer therapies, but is rarely used by itself, alone. 

Of note: Norman Cousins beat a terminal illness (his doctor told him there was no hope) by laughing it away. He purchased Marx Brother movies, old black and white movies from Candid Camera, anything he found funny, he watched and laughed and healed his disease. He wrote a book of his experience. However, what is not well known is that he also underwent IV vitamin C treatments.  

C-Statin and Imm-Kine are two formulas created by Neil Riordan. We've added them to our list of alternative cancer therapies but if you want to view them separately, here they are:

C-Statin: an antiangiogenesis drug from a very common plant.

Imm-Kine: an immunostimulant that both provides passive immunity (general) and specific immunity attacking cancer cells. 

And how effective are these therapies? How effective is Aidan Clinic? 

In 2000 there were 26,744 cases of pancreatic cancer. That same year there were 26,720 deaths due to pancreatic cancer. Normally, if you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer you have between 3 to 5 months to live. At the Aidan Clinic (keep in mind that most people go to alternative clinics AFTER they've been through everything conventional medicine has to offer, and their bodies are now not only ravaged by the cancer but by the effects of those therapies they've undergone) they are currently applying their methods to a small group of 5 people with pancreatic cancer. Three are still alive; two have no signs of any disease. 

They have even more success stories and if you wish to inquire further or use their services, they are more than willing to be open and thorough with you concerning their rates of success and failures. Each individual is treated as an individual. Though they tend to focus on these three therapies listed above, each patient gets her/his own program to follow. Their therapies are aimed at each individual's needs, each individual's dis-ease, and desires; the way all medicine should be administered. 

C-STATIN™, Imm-Kine™ and IVC-Max™ are all trademarks of Aidan Incorporated.

Found on an ancient Egyptian Tomb: 
One-quarter of what you eat keeps you alive.
The other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive."


Time Magazine's 2001 Wrap-Up
on Alternative Medicine

Ten Foods That Pack a Wallop

Maybe it's the Reader's Digest Syndrome. Maybe it's the Cosmo Syndrome. But whatever you call this need for "Neat and Tidy" packaging of information, you can bet it's gonna sell magazines. 

The universe doesn't come in neat and tidy packaging, at least not like the covers of our magazines: 7 Ways to Drive Your Lover Bonkers, 12 Steps to Better Abs, 10 Ways to Choose A New Mortgage, 3 Ways To Pick Your Nose (if you're Michael Jackson). 

Precisely packaged for easy swallowing. 

Well, Time Magazine wrapped up the year in Alternative Medicine pointing out that more and more people are spending more and more money choosing alternatives and that we have to be very careful so we don't miss the "medicine we need." 

They focused heavily on the ten healthiest foods, in their opinion, yet nowhere throughout the article did they mention anything about organically raised foods. I think we're supposed to believe that our food supply isn't poisoned, that years of fertilizing with leftover bombs from WWII (you didn't know that nitrogen is nitrogen?) produces the same nutritious foods that are grown in rich composted soils. 

The simple truth is, every "independent" study to date has shown that organic foods contain more nutrition (and taste) than conventionally grown foods, not to mention that conventionally grown foods contain tons of chemicals our bodies were never meant to consume. Personally, having raised my chickens on both commercially grown foods and organically grown foods, I witnessed a drop in mortality due to bacterial infection drop from 15% to 1%, this being the only change. While feeding them organically raised foods, I never once had to put them on antibiotics either. Along this same line, you will meet someone (in this newsletter) from the Wellness Directory of Minnesota who, not being able to afford medical insurance, opted to walk her talk and live a healthy lifestyle which included organic, healthy foods. So far, in twenty-some years, she's not needed medical insurance. So as that oil commercial says, "You can pay me now, or pay me later." 

Back to Time: the first food focused on is the Tomato. They point to lycopene as the key ingredient to the benefits of the tomato. One thing they highlighted is that we absorb more of the lycopene when we add a bit of oil (olive oil) to our tomatoes. Then they go on to tell all you pizza lovers that you are battling prostate cancer and cancers of the digestive system. They don't tell you that most pizza places cook their tomatoes all day long in aluminum and that tomatoes, being a bit acidic, grab that aluminum and carry it into your system too.

They didn't seem to know that the Israelis have developed a super tomato that has ten times the amount of lycopene found in your ordinary garden varieties. 

Next came Spinach; they praised it for containing folic acid and iron (see below on iron overload). Interestingly enough, as much as we pitch eating food rather than taking supplements at this site, the honest to goodness truth is we absorb folic acid better when it's added to foods, like breakfast cereal, or when taking a vitamin. I wish someone would prove me wrong, but this seems to be true from all our research.

They do point out that lutein and zeaxanthin, chemicals found in dark green veggies, help prevent macular degeneration. They forget to mention that your liver loves dark green bitter veggies. Your liver is one of the organs that has to stay in tip-top shape to fight cancer. 

Next came the belly laughs. First they open with: "How is it that the French can eat a diet rich in cheese and buttery sauces and still suffer less heart disease than Americans?" This had me cracking up. You see, as we finish up the final touches on our 3rd Edition of our Directory, the Cardiovascular Edition, we know something that most people apparently don't (even though this can be found in the Framingham Report), and that is: cheese and buttery sauces DON'T CAUSE CARDIOVASCULAR  DISEASE. The polyunsaturated fats and partially hydrogenated oils our distinguished American Heart Association has been pushing for 50 years do cause cardiovascular disease. 

This third "food" (I use the term loosely) is Wine; Wine from grapes. Grape skins, as we've noted at this site, contain antioxidants, bioflavanoids, and ellagic acid. The antioxidants and bioflavanoids fight heart disease and the ellagic acid fights cancer. 

But wine? Healthy? Ok, did I ever tell you about the person I met in the Cancer Support Chatroom? He said that his doctor told him that he could have two glasses of wine per day. My response? "You might as well ask your postman. He's had as much training in nutrition."

If you have cancer, alcohol of any kind is off limits. No cheating. Why? Your liver is fighting the cancer. If you are on chemotherapy, it is also fighting the chemotherapy. 

A healthy liver fights cancer. If you have cancer, odds are your liver isn't all that healthy to begin with, even if your "numbers" are all in the "healthy range." 

Then there's always the simple statistic (from the BRI) that ten percent of people picking up a drink will go on to be alcoholics. 

You can get all the benefits of grapes from grape juice -- without ever having to drink a glass of wine. Additionally, tossing in a raw egg and taking your B vitamins with this concoction will, we are told by one of our advisors, equal a B vitamin injection from your physician. Make sure the egg is organic and free range. The chemicals in the grape juice should take care of anything in the egg. But if you are worried, three drops of food- grade hydrogen peroxide in the drink will surely kill any nasty microbes. 

However, note that Dr Mercola now has a warning concerning raw eggs. Simply summarized: raw egg whites contain a chemical that can use up your biotin. If you eat raw egg whites, you need to take a LOT of biotin. So, perhaps it's best that you separate the yokes and eat only that.

Then the Time article hit upon Nuts, and like our research, they too discovered that eating nuts after dinner will help to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Next came Broccoli. This is something I have at least three times a week. But there are other "cruciferous" veggies that are just as potent cancer preventatives: bok choy, Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, and red and green cabbages too. These contain the phytochemicals sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol that seem to turn harmful carcinogens into harmless chemicals. In women, apparently the indole-3-carbinol turns estrogen into something more benign, though they didn't go on to tell me what that would be. 

Next they focused on Oats. They admit, according to the recent studies, that the fiber in oats doesn't prevent colon cancer (however it does prevent diverticulitis). Oats do contain tocotrienols which are part of the E vitamin complex, and they mention that oats seem to help lower high blood pressure (not so amazing since vitamin E does too). 

I love this next food: Salmon. I love it raw, baked, burnt, barbecued, smoked (all the ways that are no good for us!) They focused on the omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids found in Salmon, which we have been focusing on here for years. Salmon is brain food, heart food, and, something Time didn't seem to know, salmon contains a very powerful antioxidant: Astaxanthin. The Japanese eat the stuff all the time, raw mostly, and they have the longest life span of any developed nation.

Neat Fact: From a study in Florida, a physician went over 55,000 charts (of people who had died) and discovered that people with type A blood died at an average age of 61 years and people with type O blood died at an average of 86 years. If you are type A and wish to live as long as a type O what can you do? Move to Japan. The Japanese people are mostly type A blood and they have the longest life expectancy among the developed nations. What is their secret? They eat less wheat and less meat than Americans. According to Eat Right 4 Your Type, by Peter J. D'AdamoCatherine Whitney, people with type A blood should eat less meat and less wheat and more fish. The Japanese diet is very high in fish. 

Next they focused on Garlic (click to see how it fights cancer), which got a slightly different focus in our previous newsletter: Garlic Revisited. I try to make garlic an everyday thing.  

Then Time went on to acknowledge Green Tea, which just a few years ago they pooh-poohed as quack medicine. Today they admit: "Green tea is loaded with polyphenols, a class of phytochemicals with 100 times the antioxidant punch of vitamin C. Laboratory experiments suggest that one group of polyphenols in green tea called catechins may inhibit the growth of new blood vessels, which some scientists think may help prevent cancer by depriving early tumors of nourishment. (Catechins may also prevent DNA damage caused by carcinogens from occurring in the first place.) Indeed, population studies in China link drinking green tea daily with a lowered risk of stomach, esophageal and liver cancers." 

Bout time.

Coming in at number 10 were Blueberries. We have a Success Story on blueberries at this site: Frank's Story. The phytochemicals in blueberries, like grapes, help to fight cancer, heart disease, and just keep you young. Personally, I could not list blueberries without listing raspberries, strawberries, and grapes. They all are potent cancer killers and will help to prevent and reverse atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). 

Nope, you just can't fit all the information you need into neat little packages (heck, they forgot the greatest food of the twenty-first century: Mushrooms). Notice how we had to bring in related foods? More information? There might be seven wonders of the ancient world and only 6 ways to meet the perfect man (if there is such a thing), but really, we Americans just love a good package. So with this in mind, I will introduce you to..

My Top Five Favorite Epidemics

1. B Vitamin Deficiency: Approximately 40% of Americans suffer from a B vitamin deficiency. Now, don't run off to your doctor for a blood test to determine if you are one of these people. A blood test won't do it. From one of the healers helping us with our next publication (Dr Garry Gordon - you'll meet him further on) I learned about "Functional Medicine." Your condition is assessed by those functions that are dysfunctional. You are asked a battery of questions -- the answers can be put into a computer program though a good functional physician will spot trends--and Voila! you are diagnosed by your answers.

Here are (just a few) questions to ask yourself:

1. Are you of Scandinavian, English, and Irish descent? (These nationalities lack, for the most part, the "intrinsic factor" of digestion that bond with B vitamins for absorption).

2. Do you regularly take antacids? (Stomach acid is NEEDED for absorption of B vitamins, and calcium, by the way.)

3. Are you over 40? (In middle age we start producing less stomach acid, needed for absorption of B vitamins.)

4. Do you suffer from depression? (This is one of the functions a "functional physician" will focus on since B vitamin deficiency causes depression.)

5. Are you having memory difficulties? Alzheimer's like symptoms? (Memory, brain function, depression; all have been linked to B vitamin deficiency.)

This is not a complete list of questions, but you get the point. A B vitamin deficiency can lead to: (besides depression and mental fatigue) Heart Attacks, Asthma, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and there might (emphasis on MIGHT) be a connection between this deficiency and MS and some forms of neuropathy.   

Vegetarians are most likely to be deficient here because most of our B vitamins come from animal products. (Yes, there are B vitamin analogues in sea weed and other plant products, but no one has shown me convincing evidence that analogues are the same as the original ... and I wish some one would.)

If you are on blood pressure medicine you are not only B vitamin deficient, it's getting worse every day. Blood pressure medicine depletes B vitamin stores, (which will eventually lead to Congestive Heart Failure, but that's just one more reason to read our next edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota). 

What most people don't realize is that the inside of your intestines is the outside of your body. Taking this one step further, just because something is inside your gut does not mean it is inside your body. There is this process called absorption, and only a properly working, healthy digestive tract can absorb the nutrition from your food (if there is any). 

The best B vitamin on the market, bar none, was developed by our good friend Dr Garry Gordon. You can see it here at Longevity Plus and take advantage of their current two for one special. It is a sublingual form (absorbed under the tongue) and consists of the best ingredients known. The methylcobalamin (the B-12) used is very powerful and can help to reverse neuropathy (which in diabetes patients can lead to amputations and blindness).

2. Iron Overload: So like clockwork you're taking a one a day multiple vitamin with iron everyday. Do you give blood? Are you anemic? Are you a male? If you don't give blood regularly (or have a menstrual period) and you are not anemic, did you know you've dramatically increased your chances of a heart attack or stroke by overloading your system with iron?

Greater than 50% of us suffer from iron overload. If we cut the iron overload in our society, we'd get rid of one third of all diabetes. 

You can visit for more information, or click here to see their 16 Facts You Should Know

Keep in mind that today's minimum requirements for vitamin C are up because of the toxins in our environment and because of the iron overloading our system. We should all be taking vitamin C in quantities just below our bowel tolerance level. Taking an esterfied C allows you to get more into your system, and Dr Gordon designed a Beyond C for Longevity Plus that has MSM in it, something we all need daily too. Vitamin C BONDS WITH IRON. Additionally, Dr Gordon used to recommend Wobenzym because the Rutin (a bioflavanoid) in it pulls iron from the body. Wobenzym cannot be found in America anymore because it contained animal products (Mad Cow Disease) from Europe. So the makers have designed a vegetarian form that is available at or you can call them at 800.899.4499 and ask where you can purchase Rutozym. (It is so new on the market that you will not find any retail outlets online carrying it.)

3. Enzyme Deficiency: Do you cook? Microwave? Eat out? A lot?

Enzymes are the sparks of life. Not a single process in our bodies happens without enzymes. From our immune system to our digestive system to our respiratory and cardiovascular system, enzymes exist in every cell and are a part of every action. Then how can we be deficient?

Some actions will have to suffer at the expense of others. You see, our bodies manufacture the enzymes we need, but there was a time when we got many of the enzymes we needed from our diets. We ate more raw foods. Cooking kills enzymes. Our bodies still make enzymes, but there is a point at which production just cannot keep up with demand. 

If we are creating digestive enzymes for a huge meal we just ate, then the other systems, immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, hormonal system, all of these have to wait their turn and take a rest. 

Digestion is probably the largest system in our bodies. It uses up the most energy and uses the most enzymes. What is the first symptom of an animal that is sick? They stop eating. Why? Dunno. Luck, I guess. The body needs to build enzymes to fight the disease and eating would slow this process. So instinctively, the animal stops eating. 

As Americans, greater than 75% of us eat one fast food meal a day. Now let's not even focus on the poisons in that food (we'll talk about that after I finish the book Fast Food Nation), but let's focus on the enzymes we're not getting which, at the same time, are required to digest that food.

Did you know that each vegetable comes complete with the enzymes needed to digest it? 

There is a great site online (The Doctor Within) by a nutritionist named Dr Tom O'Shea. He's a wonderful writer and speaker. 

"Most modern food which the American diet comprises, is poison. Why do I say that? A good poison will: Later he explains what enzymes do: "A dog buries a bone. It was too hard. Two weeks later he digs it up. Nice and soft. Yum-yum. That's enzymes at work."

I recommend reading Dr Tom. If you don't have the time to look at his site just read his section on Enzymes

Again, we need digestive enzymes after we eat and systemic enzymes during the day and pancreatic enzymes (they eat cancers) once a day too. Our systems need them. If you have cancer or heart disease, you really need your enzymes. When the Cancer Centers of America began using Wobenzym they immediately saw their patients live 30% longer. You can find out where to order Rutozym at the site mentioned above (to take the place of Wobenzym). You can find digestive enzymes everywhere. I like Afterglow of Sedona (for my digestive enzymes and papaya enzymes (chewables, stop bad breath from a sour stomach) and Longevity Plus has some good systemic enzymes we'll point out later in this newsletter.

4. Chlamydia: This will knock your sox off: up to 95% of us have been exposed to Chlamydia in our life time and we never get rid of it. It hides in our devitalized tissues (plaques) and when we are exhausted or overstressed and the immune system is at a low point, it comes out and parties. What can we do? Keep our immune systems up and use (again, you're hearing it again) systemic enzymes to uncover these little buggers and knock em out. 

Oh, yes, and for a quick peek at the research that has gone into our next edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota: it is the infections in our blood (like chlamydia, though there are more) that will kill one million individuals next year with a massive stroke or heart attack even though they might have no symptoms whatsoever of cardiovascular illness. (I will send out a notice when we go to print so that you may order a copy. The people on my mailing list will get first shot at purchasing it -- my thanx to you because so far we've gotten just under 2,000 orders, mostly from you folks!)

5. Hypercoagulability: This one is related to numbers 2 thru 4, in that, this is what happens when you put all that together. You want to avoid a stroke? Avoid a heart attack? Are you on blood thinners? If you are, will you be one of the 27,000 people to die this year due to the blood thinners you are taking? 

When I mentioned iron above, that was just the tip of the iceberg. We are finding 1000 times more lead in our bones than in the bones of the first Americans three hundred years ago. People with congestive heart failure are reported to have 22,000 times more mercury and 14,000 times more antimony in their hearts than people with healthy hearts. All these metals also lead to hypercoagulability. 

The food we eat causes a hypercoagulable state also. Microwaving our food causes this. Not eating enough raw veggies causes this. Not getting our enzymes causes this. And if you think an aspirin a day will get rid of it, you're wrong. There are three pathways to lowering coagulability, and aspirin covers just one. 

Again, systemic enzymes are a good place to start. Next there are formulas that pull heavy metals from our bodies. These are called Chelation formulas, however, since Chelation is a misnomer to begin with (wrong word) there are two meanings of Chelation you will run across online. One oral chelation formula is for pulling metals from your body, and another is meant to improve your arteries. Both might do the same thing, but from one person who's been researching this stuff for nearly 8 years now, I'm somewhat confused by all the claims. I know what individual supplements do and I know what we want to do, but these formulas, they all work in synergy so sometimes I just have to visit with the people I trust. Therefore, I would like you to...


Meet Dr Garry Gordon, MD, DO, MD(HOM)

Dr Gordon is a physician who is based in Payson, Arizona. He is an Osteopath, a Homeopath, and a Medical Doctor. In fact, Dr Gordon holds an "honorary" medical degree. He's the first honorary medical doctor I've ever met. You won't find many. To earn an honorary medical degree you have to know more about medicine than a medical school. 

Dr Gordon is one of the founders of the American College for the Advancement for Medicine. He is a board member or founder of so many organizations that we're not going to even try to list them here.

He is NOT a primary care physician, but he will do consultations and give recommendations. Dr Gordon charges $300/hour for an office or telephone consultation. If he charged $1000/hour, he'd get it because he is worth it. He is an orthomolecular and functional physician. In other words, he doesn't treat symptoms, he gets to the root cause of your disease.

"Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body. The term "orthomolecular" was first used by Linus Pauling in a paper he wrote in the journal Science in 1968. This paper first described the theoretical foundations for what was later to become a specialty within complementary medicine."

Perhaps I should let you in on one reason Dr Gordon practices the medicine he practices. 

He did his Radiology residency at Mt Zion Hospital in San Francisco. He suffered from acute angina and therefore was very interested in the therapies his hospital had to offer. He watched diligently the patients coming to his hospital for treatment. Finally he realized that for every two heart patients to walk through the entrance to the hospital, only one of them left through the exit. Not good odds.

Today, Dr Gordon travels the world over lecturing. His main focus is cardiovascular care and bypassing bypass surgery. He is a leading expert on Chelation Therapy (both IV and oral) and he is the one who established the protocols that most physicians use when performing Intravenous EDTA Chelation Therapy. Chelation therapy is intended to pull heavy metals from our bodies. His web site is

He tells us that he hasn't sent a patient to bypass surgery in over ten years. He's even taken patients who were waiting for a heart transplant and helped them to heal so that the awaiting heart could go to someone who really needed it.

Just the other day when I called him with some questions, one of his people related to me a story of a woman who had just been there that morning. She had stage four breast cancer. One of her physicians told her that they had to operate and operate soon. Another told her that they could not possibly operate because her cancer had gone too far. So she went to Dr Garry Gordon for a consultation. She exited the consultation room with a big smile on her face and said: "Best $300 I've ever spent."

I've recently talked with an oncology nurse who has cancer who told me she paid $200 to see a cancer specialist for an initial consultation. This physician did not ask her one question. He spent the entire time telling her what he could do for her. She realized that she'd just spent $200 on an infomercial.

Dr Gordon, on the other side of the coin, will make sure he gets all your symptoms; he asks and he listens. Amazing, eh? a physician who will listen? He will then tell you which tests he wants you to take and later he will interpret the results and, if need be, he'll recommend further testing. Every consultation is recorded and you take the tape home and listen to it (he'll mail it to you for phone consultations). Then, after all the testing is done, he will recommend nutritional supplements, therapies, and/or a clinic (he knows all the best clinics in the world and all they have to offer).

Dr Gordon is 67 years old and says he feels younger every day. He began his professional career as a researcher and today he still enjoys research, as he is a consultant to vitamin and supplement companies. He is a full time consultant for Longevity Plus. He designs most of their product line, getting, as he puts it, the biggest bang for the buck. Dr Gordon is a physician's physician. 

In a recent interview with Dr Gordon, I asked him how much he felt that lifestyle without supplements (since he designs supplements) fit into his equation of wellness. (Let me fill you in on something: in the many chatrooms I visit I often hear from people that there is NOTHING you can do to avoid cancer. It's just a matter of time; a matter of luck.) Dr Gordon answered me by pointing to an ongoing study in Japan that he's overseeing. It consists of 15,000 participants and is now in its 18th year. The people take no supplements, but follow a pretty rigorous routine: organic foods, exercise (tai chi, yoga, etc.), and meditation. So far, in this 18 year study, not one person has been diagnosed with cancer.  

Does this mean Dr Gordon will stop using his supplements? "I will not. The environment has exceeded the human body's capacity to handle it." Daily he takes his Beyond C, Wobenzym, Maca from Peru, Inuflora (a basic sugar our intestinal flora needs and has a side effect of thinning the blood), and a basic chelation formula (pulls heavy metals from the body) with EDTA. All of these products he's helped to design (except Wobenzym) and are available at

I asked Dr Gordon his view on the Quackbusters and Nay Sayers in this world. He's actually glad they exist because, "What would happen if suddenly everyone realized they were in charge of their health and began eating organic food?" He states, admittedly selfishly, that "there wouldn't be enough left for me." 

I've had some time to think about this and it dawned on me that the consequences of everyone in America abruptly changing their lifestyles would cause a complete breakdown of society: supermarkets would close, cattle would die of old age, agribusiness would collapse, the food industry would collapse, millions would be unemployed, doctors would be homeless, banks would collapse; civilization as we know it might end. "Be glad that people come to healthier lifestyles slowly," he said. "The nay sayers have a place in society."

Dr Gordon can be reached a good number of ways, but here is his main location:

Gordon Research Institute
708 E Hwy 260 Suite C-1F
Payson, AZ 85541

Additionally, you can contact Longevity Plus at: 

Longevity Plus 
708 E. Hwy 260, Bldg. C-2 
Payson, AZ 85541

The people at Longevity Plus will be glad to send you a tape on Bypassing Bypass Surgery and/or Longevity (Dr Gordon is a pioneer in longevity medicine). There are also many tapes for sale from Dr Gordon's lectures. I have a bunch of them and they are filled with fascinating facts and wonderful advice. 

What is the most dangerous sport?
Well, that's not the best way to ask it, how bout:
"During which sport do most deaths occur
 to the participants each and every year?"
Is that better? Or how about: 
"Can you name the sport that kills 
more people yearly than any other?"

Answer to be found at the end.


Why I Don't Hate Doctors
(Hey, there are a million reasons! but you'll love this story.)

Hopefully, this will be the last in this series, as most of you are catching on that we here at the International Wellness Directory don't hate anyone, though we certainly do eschew (neat word, eh?) bad medicine. What is bad medicine? It is medicine that treats symptoms. It is medicine that injures the patient in the long run. It is medicine that is designed to keep the rich rich and the sick sick. Further on in this newsletter we will introduce to you a dietary supplement that actually helps to reverse arthritis (and a host of other things) without causing any negative side effects or depleting your bank account.

But first, I must tell you, that I grew up in a medical family. I read all about Dr Albert Schweitzer as a kid and I wanted to grow up and save lives too someday. My father was a doctor. He was considered by many to be the best doctor they'd ever attended. All of his associates were doctors. One of his associates was the amazing Dr Milton Erickson, who is often referred to as the Father of Hypnotherapy (there are many, many web sites dedicated to his memory and work). I had some great role models from my early life and from history, but my favorite? Who is my favorite doctor of all?

Let me tell you about my favorite doctor (who we will call Dr B). 

Dr B went into private practice in 1900, but a year later applied for, and got, the job of medical inspector for the Department of Health in New York City. Dr B focused on the infant mortality rate and disease prevention. Dr B went from house to house with an entourage of nurses, teaching mothers about nutrition, cleanliness, and ventilation. Babies in those days wore cumbersome clothing and died from the oppressive heat and accidental suffocation; so Dr B designed baby clothing that was light and roomy and opened down the front. Dr B established standardized inspections of schoolchildren for contagious diseases; insisted that schools needed their own doctors and nurses on staff, set up a system for licensing midwives, invented a simple baby formula mothers could mix up at home, and, basically, set up a health care system that focused on maintaining health rather than fixing diseases.

Dr B, because of the high rate of infant mortality in orphanages, was the first to theorize that babies who received no cuddling and attention simply died from loneliness. Dr B established the Foster Mother system and the death rates dropped. 

When WWI broke out, it put a strain on the American economy and the poor got poorer. Dr B pointed out that it was safer to be in the trenches in France than to be born in New York, as the former (the soldiers) were dying at a rate of 4% while the babies were dying at a rate of 12%. Because of Dr B's efforts, infant mortality rates in New York dropped lower than any other city in the US and Europe. Even the school lunch program was started up due to Dr B's efforts. By 1923, the year Dr B retired, it is estimated that the good doctor had saved over 82,000 lives. 

But Dr B didn't stop there. In retirement Dr B helped to establish child hygiene departments in every state in the union; served on 25 medical societies, wrote over 250 articles and five books; served as a consultant to the NY Dept of Health, oversaw the creation of what we now know as the Dept of Health and Human Services; and represented the US on the Health Committee of the League of Nations. Dr B even helped to apprehend Typhoid Mary (twice).

Who is this wonderful doctor? Why haven't you heard of this doctor before? Well, for one reason, our history usually discounts the merits and accomplishments of this type of person. What type of person? you ask.

Dr B was Dr Sara Josephine Baker, a woman--a brilliant woman with few, if any, contemporaries. She was a true healer. And it's about time you all knew of her and her accomplishments. (Now where the heck is Paul Harvey to tell us, "And now you know the REST of the story?)

More stories such as these can be found here: BRI

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate
It seems that 61% of all new cancer patients are found to
have a virus, a suspected cancer virus, that came from our 
polio vaccinations in the fifties.

Read more about this (and more on Rife's work) at:  


I received a letter from someone asking me to take her off my mailing list. She said that my newsletter makes her feel like she's causing her cancer. That if she's not getting better its her fault. That I'm making her feel guilty for not eating the right things. And so on.

This newsletter was never intended to make anyone feel guilty for their disorder. Taking responsibility for ones health is not taking blame for ones disease.

As I was cleaning up here, putting together my notes (to create a cogent and coherent book on Cardiovascular Wellness), I came across a letter that I'd printed out. I'm glad I did because AOL crashed on me and I lost all my old emails (first time I forgot to back it up). I'm also glad I had printed this out because the author passed away less than two weeks after writing to me:

Dear Dave
I want to thank you for all you've done for me. My condition is not good, my liver is nearly gone. I guess this letter is just to say goodbye and thank you. I really don't want to second guess my actions over the past few years, but when I look back, I really wonder if my chemotherapy decision was right. It did land in my liver just like you said it would But you were always there for me and you always gave me hope and I feel that I am alive today because of the support I've gotten from my friends and  family and the support and information I got from you. I truly believe that the body can heal itself if just given a chance. Don't ever stop what you are doing. Someone will hear your message and that's the one you're doing all this for. I wasn't supposed to make it this long, so in a way, you and everyone else did help me stick around long enough to be with my family and to say our goodbyes. Thank you! Keep up this work! Love and prayers, Chatty.

Kathy O'Brien Franks died one week into the year 2000. Her last message to all of us: "I would like to send all of my love, Christmas wishes and a happy New Year to all who have enriched my life since the day I was born. You are all gifts that I cherish."

I also got a letter from someone who sent me a link to a cancer site in Canada, the British Columbia Cancer Agency. They said that one of the therapies at my site was considered to be worthless and had a big write up at this site: 

So I went and took a look. I really want to believe that the people responsible for sites like this are truly thinking of the welfare of cancer patients. I read about a few things I've doubted too, lets face it there's hype on both sides of the medical fence, but then I read about antineoplastons. They said they were worthless, no study has ever shown they did any good, that people wasted their money and died. Then I went to the FDA's site and read how they're conducting trials using antineoplastons. Apparently, they've shown some progress, or the FDA certainly wouldn't attempt to test them. Every time the originator of this therapy was dragged to court and charged with quackery, it was the people whose lives were saved by him who came forward to give testimony and keep him from being convicted. Over and over and over again, Dr Burzynski was saved by the lives he saved. 

Then they attacked mushrooms saying no study has ever determined them to be an effective cancer therapy. That is an outright lie. I felt sad for the people who buy into this stuff, but, growing smart is a painful procedure. 

As one of our readers wrote, "When money is to be gained, the truth goes out the window." It is a sad commentary on our society, but perhaps this next little piece is even a sadder commentary: 

(What is it good for?)

Chief chemist of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Dean Burk after going over mountains of data, stated before Congress: “In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical.” [Congressional Record 21 July 1976]

Dr. William Hirzy, an officer in the EPA explains: “Fluoride is a broad-spectrum mutagen. It can cause genetic damage in both plant and animal cells.”

Where does the fluoride found in your toothpaste or in the water come from? I'm told it comes from industrial waste. Rumor has it that it might fight cavities. Rumor also has it that a few dentists were paid off and they made claims that were absolutely false and that we now have fluoride in our water supply because its a way these companies can actually make money by dumping it into our water supply (rather than being forced to pay for disposal in another fashion).

I don't know. Maybe it's all rumor. But the simple fact that the stuff is a known carcinogen makes me wonder.

Something Special for Our Readers

In the last newsletter there was a link to
a very amusing site for an "insanity test."

Trouble is, the site went down. 

But, good news, I found the animation file
in my temporary internet files, and
I've recreated the site for all of you
and I sure hope you get a kick out of it 
(but you'll need Flash installed in your browser). 

Insanity Test


Meet Flint River Ranch Pet Foods

One section of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota is Animal Wellness. We even have an article at this site on Animal Wellness. I ran across this company in the Wellness Directory of Minnesota and wanted to find out more about them, so click here: Flint River Ranch Pet Foods.

Meet Carolyn Sheets
of Healing Ways in Duluth

 Carolyn is a massage therapist and Kofutu healer. I had a wonderful session with this lady and you can read about it by clicking here: Carolyn Sheets

I'm currently reading a book on Kofutu healing that she gave me, and I will write this up in the future. However, till then, always remember that healing takes place on many, many levels. The Chinese say it takes seven years for a disease (like cancer or MS) to show up. That it begins in our outer energy layers. Or our spirit, as some call it. Whereever it begins, never forget that it can heal. Our body/mind/soul selves are self healing machines and there are just too many examples in nature and in history to believe otherwise. 

Diet Scams Revealed

I am tired of listening to the Diet Scams on the radio and television and even on the web. There are two diet scams that are just not worth your time to even acknowledge. 

First there's the Hollywood Diet: Lose up to ten pounds this weekend. 

The Hollywood Diet is a liquid fast. Doesn't matter what liquid they give you to drink, if that is all you drank all weekend you're going to "poop out" up to ten pounds (of poop) and not take in any food and wow, "I dropped two dress sizes (in the toilet) in one weekend!"

The next is Body Solutions. The key here is you stop eating at 6:00 in the evening, take their formula, and burn off calories as you sleep. They caution you that the weight loss is slow and natural, a few pounds a month.

Well, I've got news for you: if you quit eating at 6:00 every evening and that's all you did, you would lose a few pounds a month. 

One of the reasons we are so fat is that we don't stop eating after 6:00. We whip out the chips and popcorn and snuggle up in front of the tube. And how bout that cookie and milk before we go to sleep. Mmmmmmmm. 

Hey, don't let these people take your money. If you want to diet and want to diet sensibly, take a look at this: Nutritional Weight Loss.

A single, isolated heart cell will "beat" 
for as long as it has a fresh supply of blood.

Thanx BRI.

Herpes Therapy

At a lecture right after we'd published our first edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota, I heard a doctor state, "Energy medicine is the medicine of the future."

He demonstrated Kinesiology for us all, talked about "CHI" (it was the first time I'd heard the term and today I practice qigong [pronounced "chi GUNG"] and I do qigong healings). 

I've run across some amazing machines on line (through the guidance of some of our advisors) and I'm absolutely astounded by all they "proclaim" to help [yes, Quackwatch is attacking them heavily because they would end medicine as we know it if they should actually prove to work]. I will be introducing you to them over the next few months. 

But for now, let us consider this:

Everything is energy. Einstein told us this. Mass has energy. Mass is converted to energy and nothing is lost in this conversion: the energy produced is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. If we could gather all that energy and create a mass from it, yes, it would work backwards and leave us with no loss in the system. 

There is a theory that all energy is the same, but that is still a theory (the Grand Unifying Theory) so for now, we have different kinds of energy: gravitational, magnetic, the bond that holds atoms together. 

In the qigong article, Medical Qigong, we learned that: "Scientific investigation has discovered four types of energy emitted from the hands of a Qigong master: infra-red, magnetic, electrical, and acoustical."

Medicines are energy too. They give off acoustical energy. We can, if the acoustical energy is amplified, hear this energy. 

So let's say that someone captures the acoustical energy from a medicine. Let us say that this medicine has terrible side effects. And let us say that the acoustical energy is played back over and over to the patient. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the patient can get the benefits of the "energy" of the medicine without getting the side effects of the drug?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone could capture the energy of the medicines and create a way for us to "listen" to our medicines and in doing so, heal ourselves?

Well, guess what folks: someone did. And then this someone went out and found a physician willing to do a small trial -- a double-blind study in which neither the doctor nor his patients knew which one was getting the experimental therapy. How did the trial go?

Patients were recruited (you can read the entire study here: Herpes Study) who were generally in good health except that they suffered from frequent (more than six per year), recurring herpes (both simplex-1 and simplex-2). 

They were all given a tape marked with either an M or a K (after the developer's name Michael Kelly). The two tapes were the exact same except on one tape, in the background, was the acoustical energy of some homeopathic remedies for herpes. The patients were instructed to listen to the tape once a day for three days, then once a month (at the clinic) for two months. 

The results, according to the doctor in charge, were astounding. The doctor even went on to state that it was the most successful herpes treatment he'd ever seen. You can view the graph of the results here: Graph. Note that the tape alone helped to lower the incident of outbreaks. Call it the placebo effect, if you want. Michael Kelly is a hypnotherapist and the tape is very relaxing; great for stress busting.

The company that makes these tapes (is in the Wellness Directory of Minnesota) is called ThoughtForms Corporation. Their mission statement states that they are: "dedicated to creating new and effective methods of successfully treating viruses and bacteria using bio-energetic frequencies that do no harm to the individual being treated."

You can reach them to order this tape or a catalog of other tapes:

ThoughtForms Corporation
6121 Excelsior Blvd. Suite 104
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416 
Telephone: 952.920.0044
[email protected]

Wobenzym Update

Good News! There is a big warehouse full of Wobenzym just waiting to be distributed. Apparently there was a mix-up as to agreements and how things had to be handled and the like. Let's face it, you cannot get Mad Cow disease from eating a steak from a mad get it from eating the brains of a mad cow. 

So, expect Wobenzym to be back on the shelves shortly. There is a vegetarian equivalent, Rutozym. All made by the same company, Naturally Vitamins, at or visit, or go to and find out when they expect to get them in. the meanwhile, let me show you Dr Garry Gordon's latest achievement in food supplements:

For Your Inflammation

You've already been introduced to Lyprinol, which comes from the Green Lipped Mussel and is 300 times more powerful than Ibuprofen, but did you order it? Hmmmm? Still taking Lonely Tylenol (which backwards is Lonely Tylenol)? Or are you on those new COX-2 inhibitors?

Well, this new one (FYI) was designed by a physician (Dr Garry Gordon) who wants to help people heal. You see, according to the American Arthritis Society, the term "arthritis" actually refers to more than 100 separate conditions. One in six Americans (more than 40 million) suffer from inflammatory conditions (this is a very low estimate) and the CDC projects that by 2020 that 20% of us will have arthritis. Now you can continue to use your NSAIDs or prescription meds, but keep in mind two things: 1. they don't fix the problem and 2. NSAIDs and Aspirin actually accelerate joint deterioration and worsen arthritis and inflammatory conditions. 

Here are just some of the conditions involving high levels of inflammation: Back Pain; Sports Injuries; Fibromyalgia; Osteoarthritis; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Bursitis; Scleroderma; Asthma; Allergies; Lupus; Psoriasis; Crohn's and Colitis. 

Oh, and one more thing (from some 8 years of research): 85 % OF ALL HEART ATTACKS AND STROKES.

So, let's take a look at this product (which, by the way, Dr Gordon says is not a substitute for Wobenzym, Rutozym, or anything else he's designed or that he uses; he made it perfectly clear that this is just one more weapon in our arsenal; that no two people respond the same to anything; that we need to use and test and test and use.)

Ok, now we can see what's in it.

There is a Protease Blend, a blend of 5 different protein digesting enzymes. These can uncover the plaque that is hiding a microbe and at the same time, they are anti-inflammatory agents. There are two more protein digesting enzymes that are anti-inflammatory agents which help with the swelling and tissue irritation.

Note: the protein digesting enzymes are included in this formula for two reasons. The first is to digest and eliminate C-reactive protein (which, in conjunction with the inflammations in our blood stream, is why a million people will die of a stroke or heart attack next year -- another reason to get our Cardiovascular Wellness Edition), and to digest proteins associated with autoimmune diseases. 

Next there is Lipase, Amylase, and Cellulase: fat digesting enzyme, carbohydrate digesting enzyme, and a plant fiber digesting enzyme for chronic inflammatory conditions, joint immobility, and alleviating chronic pain (in that order). 

Together, these are very much like the enzymes in Wobenzym (but no rutin). 

Next comes Chicken Collagen Type II. Somewhere at this site I think we mention a Harvard study in which people w/ arthritis ate chicken cartilage (from the ends of the bones). The cartilage worked so well, that by the end of the write-up they were calling this "food" a medicine. Chicken Collagen Type II contains the ingredients chondroiton and glucosamine PLUS all of the cofactors needed to rebuild your own cartilage. 

This next one is really special: Wild Oregano Concentrate. This stuff is amazing. (It contains 31 known anti-inflammatories, 28 antioxidants, and 4 potent COX-2 inhibitors. No pharmaceutical company will ever be able to top this one.

Next we have Ginger Extract which also has many constituents that inhibit COX-2 inflammation and go even further to balance production of inflammatory prostaglandins. Ginger also does what aspirin does: it restores healthy platelet function by inhibiting the formation of thromboxanes (that lead to clotting) and is a natural pain reliever. It also contains more protein digesting enzymes than papaya. 

From Peru we have Cat's Claw extract, used historically for asthma, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatism, and bone pain. Recent studies show that it can inhibit inflammation from 46% to 69%.

Turmeric Extract, from Ayurvedic medicine is next. It is a spice from India, a powerful antioxidant and a potent anti-inflammatory. It also stimulates the liver and relieves digestive inflammation. 

Alfalfa Extract provides FYI with 90 biologically active minerals and eight unique enzymes. Alfalfa helps to alkalize the body and reduces the acidic deposits commonly associated with inflammatory conditions.

Next is something we put into our Alternative Cancer Therapies, Rhododendron Caucasicum Extract. The antioxidants in this "snow rose" are greater than the OPCs in pycnogenol and grape seed extract. For heart patients, the Rhododendron caucasicum eliminates capillary fragility and hemorrhoid bleeding and regulates blood pressure. It has also proved itself to relieve painful symptoms associated with gout in just a few hours.

The next two, Laminaria and Ulva extract come from edible brown and green sea vegetables and contain polysaccharides associated with heart health. They contain Glucuronic Acid, an important component in chondroitin sulfate. Finally, they contain proline and ascorbic acid which, together, provide collagen support (giving you healthy arteries).

Bayberry Bark Extract is next and has been used for centuries to relieve dysentery. It also contains large amounts of myricetin, a potent antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, not to mention a COX-1, COX-2 AND 5-LOX inhibitor.

Finally, Dr Gordon used Phytosterols to modulate the immune response (in autoimmune conditions such as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis). Plant sterols have also been shown to positively affect allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, and asthma.

What can you expect from this product? First off, there are no known side effects. Secondly, you get cardiovascular protection from those inflammations in the blood that heart specialists are just beginning to recognize as being responsible for up to 85% of all heart attacks and strokes. Finally, you get relief from arthritis pain, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and cartilage support. 

To order or inquire about FYI (we don't make anything off of your orders, but if you do order this product, please update us on your progress):

Longevity Plus 
708 E. Hwy 260, Bldg. C-2 
Payson, AZ 85541

The Body's Way to Heal Infections

Speaking of inflammation...

For our research we use everything at our disposal, even the Encarta Encyclopedia. With the advent of DVD technology, encyclopedias in the book form are nearly obsolete. They take up way too much space, are very bulky, and finding something has never been easier using the computer. If my Encyclopaedia Britannica wasn't covered with fine, black leather, I'd toss it out.

Well, getting back on the subject, here's an article I found in Encarta while looking up things. I want you to read it and then join in with me at the end.

Fever, also known as pyrexia, rise in the body’s temperature, as measured in the mouth, above 37° C (98.6° F). Fever is a symptom of many disorders, such as infection by a virus or a bacterium, and it is not itself a disease. The term fever is also used to name certain diseases, such as relapsing fever, rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, undulant fever, and yellow fever, in which high fever is a major symptom. The first signs of fever may be chilly sensations, with associated periods of flushed or warm feelings. The temperature may rise slowly or rapidly and may fluctuate. A rise in temperature may be accompanied by shaking chills. A falling temperature may bring on heavy sweating.

Although people have survived temperatures over 43° C (110° F), a fever higher than 41° C (106° F) typically results in convulsions, particularly in babies or the elderly.

The normal healthy body constantly produces heat as cells burn food for energy. At the same time, the body loses heat through the skin and through breathing. The temperature of the body is a measure of the balance between heat produced and heat lost. Under normal circumstances the heat produced is balanced by the heat lost, keeping the body temperature at the best level for the cells to carry out their chemical processes. This system of temperature regulation can be upset by bacterial or viral infections, such as tonsilitis [sic] or influenza. In these cases, proteins called pyrogens are released when the white blood cells of the body’s defense system fight the microorganisms responsible for the illness. In some cases the pyrogens are released by the microorganisms themselves. The pyrogens act on the hypothalamus, a small area of the brain that functions as a thermometer, causing it to raise the body’s temperature. While the temperature is rising, the tiny vessels supplying the skin with blood can narrow, sharply reducing sweating, which is a way for body heat to escape. The body will thus produce more heat than it can lose, and fever will result. At the same time, this mechanism helps the body to fight off infection, and in some cases a very high fever may actually kill the bacteria causing the infection.

Fever can be reproduced artificially to relieve the symptoms of such diseases as arthritis and various brain and skin disorders. Artificial fever was once used for the treatment of syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease. In 1917 the Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Julius Wagner-Jauregg observed that patients suffering from this disease were greatly improved after an attack of malaria, which had caused high fever. Malarial fever was used in the treatment of syphilis until the discovery of penicillin.

Although fever is basically a protective mechanism, it often produces weakness and fatigue. During a fever the body loses large amounts of salts and water through sweating, and the patient’s desire for food or water is greatly reduced. Prolonged fever may result in the destruction of body protein and fat, which can lead to serious weight loss.

Fever is generally treated by lowering the body’s temperature with aspirin, and by applying cool compresses or alcohol sponges. To replace the fluids lost from the body by sweating, patients are usually given large quantities of liquids to drink. In the case of very high fever, cold baths and ice packs on the body can be effective.

Contributed By:
Herbert R. Morgan
["Fever."Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2001. © 1993-2000 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.]

Did you spot the spelling error? Boy, it makes me feel a lot better to know that the editors at Encarta® let one slip through once in a while. 

Ok, now for the serious stuff. After reading this article can someone please tell me what the last paragraph is doing there? We're told how important a fever is and all of its benefits, and then suddenly we're told how to "cure" it. Why cure it? If a fever is a disease, perhaps pregnancy is a disease too. Ya think? 

For every degree rise in temperature, the lymphatic system flows twice as fast.

In Natural Medicine we NEVER reduce a fever artificially. We keep the patient comfortable and hydrated. If the patient goes into a coma we can still hydrate the patient thru IVs or, as in the old days, using enemas. We even help the fever by turning up the thermostat in the room, add more blankets, and give the patient hot teas (raspberry leaf tea is a good one). 


The most deadly sport in the world? Golf, of course! More people die each year playing golf than participating in any other sport. The reason? Heart attacks and strokes. (Thanx, BRI.) So, if you play golf, you REALLY NEED the Third Edition of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota, the Cardiovascular Wellness Edition.  


Bless you all,

My thanx to Janet, LeAnn, Terry, and Wendi for proofing my ramblings.

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