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Weight Loss Recipes  

If you are dieting, these are basic recipes that can make a real difference. Some of the recipes here are perfect for cheating. Let's face it, we all cheat. So, why not cheat on something nutritious that won't blow your diet (unless by cheat, you mean "pig out").

Barbecue Sauce Spicy and tasty; low glycemic and low calories.
Banana Chocolate Chip Omega Muffins This version has fewer eggs and Konjac flour in place of gluten or eggs. It also is low carb with options for three different sugar substitutes: erythritol, Better Stevia, and NuStevia.
Better Than Alfredo Made with Miracle Noodles Fettuccini, Italian hard cheeses and mushrooms.
Blueberry Pomegranate Vinaigrette This is tasty, tangy, and comes with versions of fewer calories.  New
Cheesy Cauliflower Patties Still a work in progress, but very, very tasty. Low carb, high protein, and cauliflower is a great anti-inflammatory.
Chocolate Brownies No wheat or gluten, low carb, high protein.
Chocolate Protein Bars Low carb, high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, with some omega-3s.
Creamy Curried Chicken Or pork or beef; a real bachelor recipe that's fun to make, so very, VERY healthy, and just too delicious you'll forget how healthy it is.
Creamy French Dressing Contains very little fat, and no sugar!
Creamy French Dressing #2 This is a takeoff on Johanna Budwig's flax oil and cottage cheese recipe.
Creamy French Dressing #3 Low Cal, Low Fat, Low Carb.
Crustless Squash Pie Great desert; even a great breakfast. Healthy, low glycemic, and charged with antioxidants.  New
Eggs Benedict Over a bed of spinach resting on wild salmon.
Eggs Benedict II A great fat burning recipe.
Fajitas Another bachelor recipe. You decide the amounts.
Fish Oil Mayo This took me six tries to get it right. You now have one of the healthiest mayonnaise on planet earth.
Fudge Healthy fudge; very filling, and no sugar.
Ketchup Made with Organic Zero.
Mashed Potato Salad Surprise Only 50 calories per cup; regular mashed potato salad has over 350 calories per cup. And the surprise is: no potatoes. We've used cauliflower and NO ONE has detected the substitution yet.
 Mayo LITE Half the oil. Yes, we miss the oil, but this is one mayo that is still tasty, no carbs whatsoever, and half the oil.  New
This is our best, tastiest mayo ever!
Mocha Latte One really healthy cup of coffee.
Mayo (good fats) Another Mock Miracle Whip (with instructions for making regular mayo), but this one has just one half cup of flax oil and no other oils except for a bit of fat in the coconut cream. This recipe has calories from carbs if use choose to use the coconut cream instead of coconut oil.
Pizza (Gluten Free & Low Carb Crust) Pizza crust made from Cauliflower. 
Pomegranate Dijon Salad Dressing Our first recipe to use MCT Oils.   New
Pumpkin Omega Muffin Low carb, low calorie, and good for you. There are optional raisins, but beware: raisins raise the calories. 
Raspberry Jelly Raw and good! 
Raspberry Vinaigrette A very tasty, light salad dressing. Options for using less oil.
Rhubarb Deserts These are very healthy, low in carbs, and a great way to treat yourself during a diet.
Sloppy Joes Served open faced on Julian Bakery's Net Zero Carb Bread.
Tartar Sauce Made from our Healthy Pickles and Diet Mayo.
Thousand Island Salad Dressing This is low carb if you use the low carb ketchup above.  New
Tuna Pasta Salad Low calories, low carb, but high in Omega-3s.



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